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Armonica España
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Autor:Milton Blanco <danielilay>






I've got a cool surprise for you, you'll love it for sure, please take a look read more


Later, Milton Blanco


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Sent: Monday, May 08, 2017 4:14 PM
Subject: Shiiiiiiiiiiet


The moment superman gets into range of Zabaniya or Gae Bolg he's done no matter what he does. Gae Bolg hits no matter what by reversing the effects of causality, it doesnt matter if it "cant" pierce the skin, there is no "cant" for Gae Bolg because its concept means the world will find some way to make it so that Gae Bolg hits. For it to not hit would create a paradox, and I think the world would just erase Superman at that point lol.



As for Zabaniya Delusional heartbeat it can go past anything to get to the heart without even touching the target.


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