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Asunto:[armonica] Fw: [Harp n!] UPDATE # 3 - The Disc
Fecha:Domingo, 14 de Diciembre, 2003  12:21:08 (-0200)
Autor:Garcia <rockiche>


----- Original Message -----
From: "Scorcher" <>
To: "! [HARP-ON]" <>
Sent: Thursday, December 11, 2003 1:39 PM
Subject: [Harp On!] UPDATE # 3 - The Disc

> IMPORTANT: Please keep all communication with Scorcher regarding "The
> Disc" OFFLIST - let's watch the bandwidth.
> -------------------------------
> Our Harmonica Online Community Disc is moving right along!
> Here's the game plan:
> We'll post through the end of the year to insure
> we have all the pledges for contributions to the disc we can get, BUT
> we're going to cap it at 200 submissions.
> Then, in early January, the real work begins - we'll start collecting
> the musical contributions. For the purpose of collecting musical
> contributions and pre-payment, we'll use a P.O. box, so we can post
> the address on a public forum.
> For those of you who can send music in different formats, here's what
> we prefer:
> MP3 - high bit-rate, with ID3 Tag.
> OR, Audio CD with a note
> OR, Audio tape (least preferred method, and least reliable - I have
> NOT yet determined how to convert it to MP3.
> NOTE: We want NO MORE THAN 2 submissions per contributor - sorry, but
> we have to set a limit somewhere, and this is what the "executive
> commitee" came up with. Please don't put us in the position of having
> to select for you - you know what you're most proud of - just send
> that. If you only want to send one, that's fine. Please don't send
> more than 2.
> It would really be outstanding if we could
> have some tremolo, chord, bass, harmonetta, chordomonica, classical,
> klezmer, country, gospel, jazz, old-time, celtic, cajun, french
> canajun...don't let your selection be limited by these suggestions.
> Have fun with it - you get the point. You're making music for
> harmonica lovers - try to surprise them, if that's your thang!
> We'd really like to have a note from you about your submission
> (preferably in some electronic format - you could email it, for
> instance) describing the
> song(s), your back-up accompanist(s) if any, your rig - anything you
> want to include (NOTE: this is the ONLY part of your contribution we
> reserve the right to edit).
> We'll allow about 3-6 weeks for everyone to get their groove on, then
> we'll "close the door" on submissions.
> Once re-formatting & burning the first disc is complete, we'll solicit
> pre-payment for all the copies that will be made (hey, you're just
> gonna have to trust me - where am I gonna go?), then once all
> pre-payments are made (2-3 weeks from solicitation) we'll post a
> notice that no more requests will be accepted, and within 2 weeks from
> THAT notice, your disc will be mailed.
> By the way:
> The Disc will be MP3, HTML and text files only. No jpegs, video, or
> wave
> files.
> The Disc will be produced on the cheap - no cover art (no cover!).
> The Disc will be mailed via USPS, in a cardboard mailer.
> We're doing everything we can to keep costs down, to make this little
> page of history accessible.
> Continue to talk it up through the holidays.
> Early Jan: Post the PO box for submissions.
> Late Feb (or earlier, if we get overwhelmed) close the window for
> submissions (We'll give you a little warning).
> Early Mar - request pre-payment for all those interested in discs.
> April 15th? Ship discs.
> Why ask for submissions on a different schedule than pre-payment?
> 'Cause we don't want to keep your money longer than we have to!
> I don't know how we can accelerate this schedule - we want everone
> interested to have a chance to participate, and this is a "side job",
> so please try to be patient, and thanks!
> -Scorcher
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