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Asunto:[BBSPeople] Promoting your BBS
Fecha:Martes, 26 de Noviembre, 2002  21:00:45
Autor:Komunero <komunero>

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* De   : Albano De Manuel, 2:341/14.91 (Martes 26 Noviembre 2002 20:58)
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* Tema : Promoting your BBS
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* Tema : FidoNews 19:47 [02/06]: General Articles
                        GENERAL ARTICLES

                    Promoting your BBS (revisited)
                            By Frank Vest

 I've written articles on this before. I think it's important for
those of us that still run a BBS.

 You've got your BBS set up. Your Fidonet address is in place. The
mailer is configured. You've areafixed the message echos, set up the
door games and such. The mail is flowing and your mail tosser is
tossing. What's left to do?..... Oh yeah! You need Users on your BBS
to play the games, read and write the mail and stuff like that. :-)

 First, let's look at the Fidonet, and "Other Net", BBS ads echos.
These are fine and I'm not saying that you shouldn't place your BBS ad
in them... but really, who sees these ads?


Mostly, it is other BBS Users and Sysops. These ads are mainly to
"lure" Users from other BBSs to your BBS. What you need is to get
Users from the "real world" to try your BBS or find out what a BBS is.

 Ok. So how can you get your BBS advertised to the "general public"?

 The Internet can be our friend here. Many towns, cities and such have
web pages. Some of these pages are operated by individuals, not by the
city or town. Some have "message forums" available to the people that
access the site. They sometimes call them a BBS, but we know better.

 Anyway.... A bit of search engine "finger work" on your part can
locate these sites. Once you find one, or some, of these site(s), look
them over to see if they have a message forum. If they do, check the
message forum out to see if there is a place to advertise. Place your
BBS ad there. Leave an internet method (e-mail or web page) of contact
for those that just can't figure out the "how-to" of accessing a BBS.
You can "hide" your e-mail address with the "name (at) somewhere (dot)
com" method if you want to prevent spamming of your e-mail by the
"bots".  Check the site(s) regularly for replies, comments and
questions. You'll probably get a few. :)

 Be prepared for questions. I placed such an ad at such a site not too
long ago and was really surprised at one comment. It went something
like this;

 `I called your BBS, but I don't want to give my personal information
out. Is there a way to get around this?'

 I mean, really!.. These people give all of their personal information
!!PLUS!! their credit card number to a perfect stranger at some ISP
for the privilege to access the Internet. :)  I don't think many of
us ask a User for their credit card for access to our BBS.

 Anyway, be prepared for stuff like this. These people are worried,
and rightly so, about illegal use of their information. Many have no
idea of what a BBS is, how it operates or anything else. Inform them
in your ad that you do not give out any of their personal information.

 When placing your ad in these message forums, DO NOT use ansi or high
ascii characters. Many of these forums can't handle them and your ad
will look bad. A simple written message telling about your BBS is
enough. Keep it short and to the point without being rude. Make it an
invitation rather than a "sales pitch" or flashy advertisement. People
seem to respond more if they feel you are talking to them rather than
at them, IE: don't try to sell.

 Another idea for getting the word out about your BBS is the
aforementioned web pages that /ARE/ operated by the cities and towns.
Some of these have places for links to business, civic and other
organizations. There's generally an e-mail address to the "webmaster"
to request link addition. Send an e-mail asking for a link to be
placed on their site. Give a general description of what your BBS is
for and such. Of course, be sure you live in the town, city, county or
province that the web site represents. :)

 I've done this on a few sites in my area. One such site is
"";. There you will find a link to my web
page. Since I am a resident of McKinney, Texas, the Webmaster was
happy to add a link to my web page.  ALSO, be sure to keep the url
handy for the sites that you have links on so you can inform the
Webmaster if the url to your page changes. A "dead link" is no good to
you or the page it is on.

 Another method of advertising is through other Fidonet and BBS web
pages. Ask the Sysop, Webmaster or whoever maintains the site to add a
link to your Fidonet/BBS page. Of course, you will want to add a link
to that person's page in return.

Last in this list, but not least, is to send in an advertisement to
the Fidonews Editor for the next edition of the Fidonews. :-) Yes, I
know that the Fidonews is generally not read by the general public,
but... it is placed on the Internet each week and can be accessed by
the general public.

Now you have some ideas. Please feel free to write an article telling
how you advertise your BBS. Maybe you have a unique idea or way to get
the word out. Let the rest of us in on the secret, please. :-)

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¡Hola Todos!

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