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desde Tushita Tushita
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Asunto:[budismotibetano] desde Tushita
Fecha:Martes, 11 de Septiembre, 2001  15:50:01 (+0200)
Autor:Tushita <tushitaes>

Desde el Centro Tushita me han mandado este mensaje que os envio a

Hemos recibido un correo de la oficina central de la FPMT pidiéndonos
que recitemos esta oración cada día para clarificar ciertos obstáculos
que atañen a Lama Zopa Rimpoché. Os envío la oración. ¡Hasta pronto!

Prayer for the Flourishing of Je Tsong Khapa's Teachings

Lo-sang Gyal-tan-ma (blo bzang rgyal bstan ma)

By Gung-tang tan-pai Dron-me

Though he's the father, producer of all conquerors,
As a conqueror's son, he produced the thought of upholding
The conqueror's Dharma in infinite worlds. Through this truth
May the conqueror Losang's teachings flourish!

When of yore before [Buddha] Indraketu
He made his vow, the conqueror and his sons
Praised his powerful courage. Through this truth
May the conqueror Losang's teaching flourish!

That the lineage of pure view and conduct might spread,
He offered a white crystal rosary to the Sage,
Who gave him a conch and prophesied. Through this truth
May the conqueror Losang's teaching flourish!

His pure view of free of eternity or destruction;
His pure meditation cleansed of dark fading and fog;
His pure conduct practiced according to conqueror's orders:
May the conqueror Losang's teaching flourishing!

Learned, since he extensively sought out learning;
Reverend, rightly applying it to himself;
Good, dedicating all for beings and doctrine:
May the conqueror Losang's teaching flourish!

Through being sure that all scriptures, definitive and
Interpretative, were, without contradiction,
Advice for the one person's practice, he stopped all misconduct:
May the conqueror Losang's teaching flourish!

Listening to explanations of the three pitakas,
Realized teachings, practice of the three trainings -
His skilled and accomplished life story is amazing.
May the conqueror Losang's teaching flourish!

Outwardly calmed and subdued by the hearer's conduct,
Inwardly trusting in the two stages' practice,
He allied without clash the good paths of sutra and tantra:
May the conqueror Losang's teaching flourish!

Combining voidness, explained as the casual vehicle,
With great bliss, achieved by method, the effect vehicle,
Heart-essence of eighty thousand Dharma bundles -
May the conqueror Losang's teaching flourish!

By the power of the ocean of oath-bound doctrine protectors,
Like the main guardians of the three beings' paths -
The quick-acting lord, Vaishravana, Karma-yama -
May the conqueror Losang's teaching flourish!

In short, by the lasting of glorious gurus' lives,
By the earth being full of good, learned, reverend holders
Of the teaching, and by the increase of power of its patrons,
May the conqueror Losang's teaching flourish!

Translated by Martin Willson, Nalanda Monastery, August 1985. Taken from
Rites and Prayers, Wisdom Publications, London, 1985.

Claire Isitt
Centre Services Director
FPMT International Office
Email: claire@... 
ext. 127 

First keep sentient beings in the heart,
Then comes the centre.

Lama Zopa Rinpoch

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