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5 años con cáncer Paco
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Kiro gruñendo Paco
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Tranvia Barcelona Paco
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Funicular Paco
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FGC UT-112 S2 Vía Paco
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Acopladas Paco
Metro de Barcelona Paco
FGC - UT 113 Barce Paco
Tren tranvia Valen Paco
La Cucafera Paco
Tren de carga de m Paco
Mercancías RENFE i Paco
belen Paco
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Fecha:Martes, 9 de Mayo, 2017  04:13:02 (-0500)
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Later, albtranslation


From: budismotibetano []
Sent: Tuesday, May 09, 2017 5:13 AM
Subject: Holy shit


Some teachers really don?t care about students with "bad" grades -anything less than perfect is awful in their eyes- I remember having a few classmates with dyslexia and one teacher had taken action with the principal to discourage them from continuing or getting certain privileges at exams and the such.


Anyways, proud of you man, glad you didn?t listen to him and kept working hard!


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