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Re: Fw: QUIEREN JU Ricardo
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Recordad el 4 de a josgar .
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Fecha:Sabado, 15 de Julio, 2017  04:38:17 (-0500)
Autor:Gayle Stevenson <mauronov>



Dear friend!



Please take a look at all that stuff and tell me what you think about it, the info is here open link


Gayle Stevenson


From: cafecitoamigos []
Sent: Saturday, July 15, 2017 4:38 AM
Subject: This is awesome.


Thanks man appreciated. I still get compliments on it and it's definitely one of the better looking cars Acura made. Fellow TLers always tend to ask about it too. Fellow owners of my last car (a beige avalon) were not as friendly haha. The design ages very well.


On the 7 series, yeah I've heard they can be headaches to keep on the road. The new one that I drove was a 750il. The way it drove was just amazing though. I felt like a partner at a big 4 accounting firm just driving it around and I was dressed like such a scrub lol. The whole time I kept thinking "nobody's stopping me!!!"


Happy new year bro!!


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