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Asunto:[CeHuNews] 51/06 - Condolence & Memorial: Prof. Adalberto Vallega
Fecha:Jueves, 28 de Diciembre, 2006  15:20:00 (-0300)
Autor:CeHu News <cehunews>

CeHuNews 51/06

Condolence & Memorial: Prof. Adalberto Vallega


We all have been shocked with grieve and personal loss to know the sad demise of our dear friend and a great inspirer of interdisciplinary path in geography, Prof. Adalberto Vallega, who left this mortal world on 22nd November 2006. All the Indian delegates in the 30th International Geographical Congress at Glasgow on 20th August 2004 have been inspired by his appeal in the noble task to move geography on the path of human values and services ― the heritage which nourishes our actions, and the essential resources. He has been sympathetic and devoted himself to help the regions suffering by poverty, disease, armed conflicts, and intolerance that altogether result to crush intelligence, spirit, vitality and creativity. His great contributions in the diverse areas of geography include themes like maritime, time, culture, economy, heritage, region and territory, sea management, nature and culture, and other topics. Though his writings, interactions and personal discourses in several international conferences his messages encouraged our colleagues, and we promise to carry his tradition.

We all 24 faculty members of the Department of Geography, Banaras Hindu University , Varanasi ( India ), convey our tribute and pray the Almighty to provide peace to the departed soul.

----------------------- Prof. Rana P.B. Singh (B.H.U. India)

25 November 2006.


To know his contributions, see:
§  In unknown territory look for a compass, not a map.
Prof. Dr. RANA P. B. SINGH
Professor of Cultural Geography, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, UP 221005. I N D I A.
[ Founding President: Society of Heritage Planning and Environmental Health; & Founding President:
Society of Pilgrimage Studies; & Founding President: Indo-Nordic Cultural Association, INCA ]
Member: European Association of South Asian Studies, EASAS (IIAS, Leiden, the Netherlands)
Member, South Asia, IGU Initiative CCHD: Cultures and Civilizations for Human Development
Member, UNESCO Networking Indian Cities of Living Heritage (; myself representing Varanasi)
Chief Advisor & Member: INTACH, Indian National Trust for Art, Culture and Heritage (site: Varanasi)
# New F - 7 Jodhpur Colony,
Banaras Hindu University,
Varanasi, UP 221005. I N D I A
Tel. (Res.): +091-542-2575 843.   Fax: c/o Geography, B.H.U.: +091-542-2368 174.