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Asunto:[nuevaconsciencia] Re: Buy Nothing Day Update
Fecha:Domingo, 27 de Octubre, 2002  08:52:11 (-0800)
Autor:X <t7st>

 Culture Jammers Network <jammers@...> wrote:


Our last email gave you all the Buy Nothing Day news you needed - except the date. Glad you asked: this year, the big day falls on November 29. (A few locations outside North America use a different date.) Check the BND
website links:

Website voters are still in the throes of picking the official TV spot for Buy Nothing Day 2002. Will it be the Big Pig or the Wild West? Check them out and vote online for your favorite.

Meanwhile, we're working to get on the airwaves. In past years, you've helped get BND spots on CNN's Headline News and Wolf Blitzer Reports. This year, we aim to wake up the viewers of Larry King Live. If you can help put the Buy Nothing Bandit or the swine on primetime, please make a pledge.

One last thing: listen to radio? Work for radio? We have a 30-second PSA ready for download. Why not make some noise on your campus and community stations?

And yes, keep sending us your reports of anti-consumerism events you've got in the works. Buy Nothing Day 2002 is getting bigger by the minute; we're hearing about films, fairs, jams and concerts. But there's plenty of time for fresh ideas. Remember, there's always a new way to buy. . . nothing!

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