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Asunto:[nuevaconsciencia] South Koreans Hold Anti - U.S. Protest (New York Times)
Fecha:Martes, 31 de Diciembre, 2002  08:53:11 (-0800)
Autor:Roy Guadalupe <roy_gs>

South Koreans Hold Anti - U.S. Protest (New York Times)

Filed at 8:10 a.m. ET

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- In the latest of a series of rallies,
22,000 South Koreans holding candles gathered in downtown Seoul on
New Year's Eve to protest the deaths of two teenage girls killed by a
U.S. armored military vehicle.


Anti-U.S. sentiment has risen sharply in South Korea, a key U.S.
ally, since the two U.S. soldiers whose vehicle killed the girls in
June were cleared of negligent homicide charges in U.S. military
courts last month.

South Korean political leaders, including President Kim Dae-jung,
have appealed for an end to the protests, saying they could hurt
Seoul's long-standing friendship with the United States.


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