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Asunto:[nuevaconsciencia] FW: VS: Greenpeace: Momentum Builds for New UN Peace Resolution
Fecha:Martes, 25 de Marzo, 2003  09:14:28 (-0600)
Autor:Sonsoles Ussia <jirafita>

------ Forwarded Message
> From: "Annie Sadule" <ANNIESADULE@...>
> Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 13:58:23 +0100
> Subject: VS: Greenpeace: Momentum Builds for New UN Peace Resolution
> Greenpeace: Momentum Builds for New UN Peace Resolution
> Demands for a UN emergency session are on the rise! 32,015 of you have
> written to UN Ambassadors around the world. You've sent 29,700 E-cards to
> friends, colleagues, fellow students, and family members. This is an
> extraordinary response in a very short time, and what do we want??? MORE!
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> Why? This is a crucial week. No nation has yet stepped forth to get the ball
> rolling, though many have expressed their support for the Uniting for Peace
> resolution, which would bring all nations of the General Assembly together
> to demand an end to the war. You can read more in the following story about
> how the Uniting for Peace resolution has stopped wars in progress in the
> past:
> But the resolution needs even more support NOW, because the US has begun an
> active lobbying campaign against it.
> According to Reuters, "The United States has launched a worldwide diplomatic
> drive to head off the calling of an emergency session..." The US has
> circulated angry letters to many countries stating that "Given the current
> highly charged atmosphere, the United States would regard a General Assembly
> session on Iraq as unhelpful and as directed against the United States."
> If they're worried about this, it's a good sign.
> Over the last week, the Russian Duma, the President of Indonesia, several
> European countries and the vast majority of African, Asian, and Latin
> American countries have expressed support for an emergency session.
> UN General Assembly President Jan Kavan of the Czech Republic said he
> thought it "very likely" that a special session would be called.
> But we can't just leave this to "likely."
> It's important that a Uniting for Peace resolution passes to show the
> overwhelming opposition of the world's countries to this war. and to make
> abundantly clear its illegality.
> We're part of what the New York Times has called the "new second
> superpower": world opinion, and it is time our voices were listened to.
> Urge your UN Ambassador to support an emergency session under the Uniting
> for Peace resolution:
> Send an E-card to your friends, colleagues, fellow students, and family
> asking them to take action too:
> Please don't forget to visit the Greenpeace Cyberactivist Community at:
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