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Asunto:[debunker] Lo que se dice en Sci-Fi
Fecha:Sabado, 1 de Septiembre, 2001  01:27:00 (+0100)
Autor:Frajalo <frajalo>

Apart from the obvious size inconsistancies, there are other clues that this "UFO" was added to the film in post production.

Firstly, while the "UFO" is supposed partially obscured by the WTC, if you step through the clip frame by frame, you can see several times when it overlaps the edge of the building. So unless the "UFO" was jumping back and forth in front of and behind the building, which would have necessitated it passing through the building, it is not actually a real world object.

Secondly, when the "UFO" darts off to the right of the helicopter, it does so at such speed that only twelve frames elapse between the first hint of movement and the point at which the womans arm becomes visible in the frame.
So this movement from stationary to when the arm becomes visible takes less than a second. Yet by the time the arm becomes visible, it is already pointing at the new location. This means that this woman not only tracked the entire motion but was able to raise her arm to point at it in less time than human reactions allow.

It would have taken at least a second to register the sudden movement, react to it, and move the eyes to follow it. In fact it happens so fast that the camera person doesn't even begin to follow with the camera. Yet by the time the camera pans back, here is this woman already pointing and saying "its over there". The only way this would be possible is if the woman already knew where the "UFO" would go. If this was real, a dialog more like "Where did it go?... There it is!" would have been likely. Who ever wrote the script shouldn't give up their day job.

Finally, any solid object (even one with some kind of force field!) moving at the speeds shown would have set up a 'bow wave' (like a boat) of high pressure air in front of it and spreading out behind it. This would have severely buffeted a helicopter (not the most stable of aircraft) and possibly knocked it out of the sky, as the "UFO" passed so close by.

Passenger jet aircraft moving at relatively sedate speeds compared to this "UFO" leave the air so roiled and turbulent that they must be seperated by enough time to allow the air to settle before another aircraft can take off or land. This is called wake turbulence, and any aircraft causes it. Remember the movie Top Gun where they show a fighter crossing the wake of another and being knocked out of the sky? This happens. Yet whoever faked this footage did not take it into account.

I guess we can consider the case closed.


Perdón por no traducirlo pero es que ya me da mala gana. Si este OVNI es real voy a empezar a tener que pedirle perdón al duende verde que vive en mi nevera.

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