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Asunto:[debunker] Sondeo de experiencias y creencias de lo paranormal (para los que sepan Inglés ;-)
Fecha: 21 de Febrero, 2001  05:05:20 (+0100)
Autor:El Ciberescéptico <El>

El psicólogo estadounidense Dr. Chris Wetzel está llevando a cabo un estudio
acerca de las creencias en lo paranormal. Todo aquél que sepa Inglés puede
participar (lo siento, pero es indispensable saber Inglés, ya que todas las
preguntas están en ese idioma). Aquí van todos los detalles (y participen, no se
hagan patos):

Paranormal Belief Survey

Your help in a survery on paranormal beliefs in being requested by:

 Dr. Chris Wetzel
 Associate Professor of Psychology
 Rhodes College
 email: wetzel@...

 My name is Chris Wetzel, and I am a psychology professor who is
 seeking your help in assessing people's beliefs in and experiences    with the
 paranormal. I have developed two surveys to which I would like you to


 Having a good measure of beliefs and experiences will facilitate
 studying the paranormal.  Second, once you have done the surveys, you
 can find out how other people like yourself have responded.


 In order to interpret the data, I will need to know from which type of
 internet group you were recruited. The name I have given your group is
 "CSICOP". You will need to input that name when the survey program
 you to.

 You will need either Netscape or Explorer (3.0 or higher) as browsers,
 and you will need to install a (free) Authorware plug-in to them in
 order to run the survey program.  Please go to the following website
 where there is a hotlink to the Macromedia webplayer download site: Click on the"Download the
 Authorware Web Player now" to be sent to the Macromedia download site.
 It may take a while for the Macromedia download page to show the
 "download" button. Then follow their easy 3-step procedure. The
 download/installation is seamless for PC's-- less so for MACs (see
 instructions below).  With a reasonably fast internet connection, the
 download/install takes only a few minutes.

 Once you have the plug-in installed, go to this URL to do the
 After the general window opens, the paranormal survey experiment will
 open in a smaller window, so be patient for it to fully load.

 EUROPEANS: There is mirror site at the University of Edinburgh that
 be faster than the States connection.
 The link to the plugin is:
 The actual survey experiment is at:


 Your data will become part of a scientific study.  It will not be used
 for commercial purposes, nor can your individual responses be linked
 you or your computer.  Your data will become part of a large dataset
 that survey participants can access to find out how others (in
 respond.  If you remember your UserId, you can log in at later dates
 repeat the surveys to see how your beliefs have changed and to see how
 your data compares to other people as the database grows.


 I am putting out this request to a variety of groups on the web, so
 may get this request from more than one source.  If so, use whatever
 webgroup you most closely align yourself with as your recruitment


 Please use Netscape as your internet browser-Explorer does not work
 properly with Authorware. You can download Netscape Navigator from  .  Please follow these instructions after you
 the Authorware plugin; they will take less than a minute to do.
 1) The plugin is downloaded as a compressed file. You will need to
 uncompress it with something like Stuffit. When Stuffit Expander,
 automatically extracts, it may say falsely that the file is corrupted.
 Say "No" about continuing the extraction.
 2) Then look on your desktop (or to wherever you downloaded).  Ignore
 the file called "AW webplayer...hqx" and instead open the file called:
 "AW webplayer....sea".
 3) Proceed through the screens, thereby creating a file called: "AW
 webplayer...full install."
 4) Open this file and follow the instructions to install the software.

 Thanks so much for your help

 Chris Wetzel
 Associate Professor of Psychology
 Rhodes College
 email: wetzel@...


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