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Asunto:RE: [debunker] Rumores
Fecha:Sabado, 29 de Septiembre, 2001  10:09:00 (+0200)
Autor:GREGORIO <gregor>

Creo que USA  atraviesa una etapa de moralidad y derechismo ideologico que
nada tiene que ver con la època de  imagine de J. Lennon .
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From: Victor Quiros-Vargas <victorcr@...>
To: <debunker@...>
Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2001 4:15 PM
Subject: [debunker] Rumores

> "...Porque miente cuando se levanta como adalid de la defensa de las
>        libertades cuando
>        hoy en día no se puede oir la canción Imagine de John Lennon en
> sus radios..."
> [V.Q.]
> Más allá de la cuestión política...
> Al parecer Neil Young interpretó "Imagine" en la teletón del pasado
> viernes en los EE.UU. Si es así entonces no existiría tal prohibición.
> <>;
> Se ha hablado mucho en varias partes (y listas) sobre una supuesta
> "prohibición" de interpretar o programar una serie de canciones en los
> EE.UU., sin embargo eso no es totalmente cierto, hay matices (no sería
> una prohibición sino un asunto de "sentido común"). El rumor se ha
> esparcido muy rápido por Internet y los cazadores de fraudes ya han dado
> su posición al respecto. Por ejemplo, en
> <>; se halla un artículo
> al respecto. Algunas partes de éste dicen:
> "...Strangely enough, "Imagine" isn't just potentially inappropriate,
> it's multifariously appropriate: Neil Young performed it on last
> Friday's   celebrity telethon, and at least one Midwestern station has
> been airing Lennon's recording peppered with bits of Bush's first
> post-attack speech.
> The electronic panic over the Clear Channel list shows the need
> Americans do have for catharsis-the need to experience art about fire
> and death and jumping and Tuesdays, especially now. It's also a
> distraction from the real threat to liberty at hand. "Enter Sandman" and
> "Spirit in the Sky" grab people's attention in a way that technical talk
> about wiretapping and search-and-seizure laws doesn't. The idea of the
> government monitoring your e-mail somehow isn't as immediately
> upsetting as the thought of Rage banned from the radio. The rights we
> may be about to lose are a lot subtler than the songs we never lost
> anyway..."
> Sobre el rumor en sí...
> "...The same is true of the widespread rumor concerning Clear Channel
> Communications, the biggest American radio conglomerate (with well over
> 1100 U.S. radio stations). The word was that after the attack,
> higher-ups at Clear Channel distributed a list of about 150 songs banned
> from airplay-everything from "Walk Like an Egyptian" to "Peace Train" to
> "Knockin' on Heaven's Door," not to mention the entire catalog of Rage
> Against the Machine. "Clearly, Corporate Amerika does not believe in
> catharsis," wrote one indignant friend above the copy she forwarded.
> Corporate Amerika, as it turns out, doesn't care much one way or the
> other about catharsis. A Clear Channel press release denied there was a
> ban; as The New York Times reported on the 19th, the list did originate
> within the company, but as a more or less casual suggestion on its
> internal e-mail network, not as a formal edict. And it doesn't seem to
> have affected actual programming much, even on New York's Clear
> Channel stations. Wayne Mayo, music director of WTJM ("Jammin' 105"),
> says he never actually saw the list; the station didn't play "You
> Dropped a Bomb on Me" or "Another One Bites the Dust" for a few days,
> but that was it. WLTW ("Lite FM") program director Jim Ryan says he told
> DJs to use their common sense: "Do you play 'Only the Good Die Young'?
> No!
> But the song was never banned, and we're playing it again now, because
> it tests popular with our audience." ..."
> Víctor Q.V.
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