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Asunto:[debunker] Gravity Dimension
Fecha:Domingo, 4 de Noviembre, 2001  21:55:55 (-0500)
Autor:illu minati <illu03>

"Gravity Dimension"
by Charles A. Yost
Proceedings of the
Denver, Colorado, USA
April 16–18,1993



No one has measured the speed of gravity. Tom Van Flandem, Ph.D., (astronomy), wrote
an article "On the Speed of Gravity," that appeared in Galilean Electrodynamics.
Dr. Flandem reminds us that in order to satisfy classic orbital mechanics and to
assure the stability of the solar system, that the speed of gravity must be at
least 10 billion times faster than the speed of light! If the speed of gravity
were any slower, the solar system would be unstable. He also cites Eddington
(1920), who was of similar mind. Peter Beckmann, in Einstein Plus Two, notes
that LaPlace in 1785 calculated that gravity had to be at least 100 million
times faster than the speed of light (page 165). In short, gravity is instantaneous.
This raises some interesting questions about atoms.

At the atomic level, gravity is minuscule. In the atom, gravity is 40 orders
of magnitude smaller than the electrical force. It is impossible to say under
this circumstance if gravity exists as a separate entity at the atomic level,
or if it is a resulting, innate part caused by charge separation. Classically,
gravity is always associated with mass. The subatomic particle has a measure
of mass, although it is measured using its own electric and magnetic properties.
The gravity factor is assumed to exist with the charges and their mass. This
sets up the suspicion of a connection between electricity and gravity.

If gravity has a nearly infinite velocity, and if it is a constituent of every
atom, we can hypothesize that every atom has instant communication with every
other atom. The communication would be through a dimension in the atom that
we can only recognize as, and call, "gravity." If this is so, then gravity
needs to be recognized as a fundamental dimension with properties of zero time,
and having instant spatial connection with all other atoms in our three-dimensional
world. In effect, this is a kind of structural coordinate to any part of the
universe. Perhaps someone with the necessary physics and mathematical background
can evaluate this hypothesis.

It seems that "gravity" may be a legitimate dimension in the same sense as we
consider length, time, mass, and charge as dimensions. "Gravity" is at the seat
of every atomic mass and thereby exists only in association with electric and
magnetic forces. If gravity is one of instant information transfer in another
dimension, its relationship to electric charge in our 3-dimensional space-time
world is going to be much different than gravity field distortion.


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