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Asunto:RE: [fcoc] seguit per 2 wonderful 2 days in Caylar_3 beautiful competitions this summer in the South of France...
Fecha:Lunes, 3 de Abril, 2006  21:22:19 (+0200)
Autor:Guilhem <guilhem.sant>
18 et 19 juillet 2006
LE BAL DES ROCHERS - Le Caylar (Herault, 34)
2eme Edition

> *Subject:* 3 beautiful competitions this summer in the South of France...
> [image:] <>
> The *Drome Orienteering Comity* invites you to take part in a week end of
> high quality orienteering in *Hautes Baronnies*, country of lavender, olive
> and lime trees in Drome Provencale. The race center is located in the
> typical village of *Montbrun les Bains*, face to the magnificent *Mont
> Ventoux** *which is 2000 meters at his highest point.
> The overall competition will include three individual races: a
> sprint<http://stage1.htm>; (Friday
> 14th July), a longue distance (French Cup Event)
> <http://stage2.htm>;(Saturday 15th July) and a
> middle <http://stage3.htm>; distance with chasing start
> <http://stage3.htm>; (Sunday
> 16th July)
> More information:

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