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Asunto:[fedicaria] [SEDHE] History of Education
Fecha:Martes, 13 de Septiembre, 2005  12:57:07 (+0200)
Autor:Alberto Luis Gomez <luisal>

-----Mensaje original----- 
De: Historia de la Educacion [mailto:SEDHE@...] En nombre de 
Pauli Davila 
Enviado el: martes, 13 de septiembre de 2005 9:43 
Para: SEDHE@... 
Asunto: [SEDHE] History of Education 
Queridos/as colegas: 
Adjunto os remito los índices de la revista History of Education (números 4 
y 5 correspondientes a julio y septiembre de 2005) y Paedagogica Historica ( 
números 4-5 de agosto 2005) por si fueran de vuestro interés.  
Paulí Dávila 
Volume 34 Number 5/September 2005 of History of Education is now available 
on the Taylor & Francis web site at 
<>; . 
Forgive  <>; us 
our transgressions … insiders and outsiders in the history of education: 
papers from the 2004 Conference of the History of Education Society (UK) 
p. 467	 
David Limond	 
Apostle  <>; of 
freedom: Alfred Adler and his British disciples   p. 473	 
Pam Hirsch	 
Teaching  <>; 
as a woman’s job: the impact of the admission of women to elementary 
teaching in England and France in the late nineteenth and early twentieth 
centuries       p. 483	 
Susan Trouvé-Finding	 
The  <>; 
movement for the higher education of women in Ireland: gender equality or 
denominational rivalry?        p. 497	 
Judith Harford	 
Martina  <>; 
Bergman-Osterberg (1849–1915): creating a professional role for women in 
physical training       p. 517	 
Anne Bloomfield	 
Ellen  <>; 
Pinsent: including the ‘feebleminded’ in Birmingham, 1900–19131        p. 
Anna Brown	 
The  <>; 
educational narrativity in the first period of Oliveira Salazar’s 
government. Women’s voices in the National Assembly (1935–1945)      p. 547 
Áurea Adão, Maria José Remédios	 
‘More  <>; 
writing than welding’: learning in worker writer groups   p. 561         
Tom Woodin	 
History of Education 
Volume 34, Number 4 (July 2005) 
Building culture from the bottom up: the educational origins of the 
Federation of Worker Writers and Community Publishers 
Tom Woodin* 
pp. 345-363 
Community space and cultural transmission: formation and schooling in 
English enclosed convents in the seventeenth century 
Caroline Bowden 
pp. 365-386 
'Special strengths for their own special duties': women, higher education 
and gender conservatism in late Victorian Britain 
Julia Bush 
pp. 387-405 
A maternal identity? The family lives of British women graduates pre- and 
Sarah Aiston 
pp. 407-426 
Reconsidering the roots of current perceptions: Saint Pierre, Helvetius and 
Rousseau on education and the individual 
Tal Gilead 
pp. 427-439 
The historiography of British Imperial education policy, Part II: Africa and 
the rest of the colonial empire 
Clive Whitehead 
pp. 441-454 
Book Reviews 
pp. 455-466 
Paedagogica Historica 
Volume 41, Numbers 4-5 (August 2005) 
Containing the School Child: Architectures and Pedagogies1 
Catherine Burke 
pp. 489-494 
The Panopticon of Childhood: Harold E. Jones Child Study Center, Berkeley, 
California, 1946-1960 
Ning de Coninck-Smith 
pp. 495-506 
'The Art of Seeing': Promoting Design in Education in 1930s England1 
Ian Grosvenor 
pp. 507-534 
The Influence of School Architecture and Design on the Outdoor Play 
Experience within the Primary School 
Marc Armitage 
pp. 535-553 
School Walls as Battle Grounds: Technologies of Power, Space and Identity 
Annegret Staiger 
pp. 555-569 
Contested Desires: The Edible Landscape of School 
Catherine Burke 
pp. 571-587 
A Cloistered Ethos? Landscapes of Learning and English Secondary Schools for 
Girls: an Historical Perspective 
Joyce Goodman 
pp. 589-603 
Schulbau jenseits der Norm: Hans Scharouns Mädchengymnasium in Lünen 
Heidemarie Kemnitz 
pp. 605-625 
Towards a Social Ecology of the Modern School: Reflections on Histories of 
the Governmental Environment of Schooling 
Nick Peim 
pp. 627-639 
Notes on Contributors 
pp. 641-643 
Archivos de SEDHE: 
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