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Asunto:[hebrewspress] Re: Address by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon at theState Remembrance Day ceremony for the fallen inIsrael's campaigns
Fecha:Martes, 16 de Abril, 2002  15:57:15 (+0200)
Autor:HEBREWS <hebrews>

imra@... wrote:

> Address by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon at the State Remembrance Day ceremony
> for the fallen in Israel's campaigns
> (Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)
> Jerusalem Tuesday, April 16, 2002
> Prime Minister Ariel Sharon spoke today (Tuesday), 16.April.2002, at Mt.
> Herzl in Jerusalem, at the State Remembrance Day ceremony for the fallen
> in Israel's campaigns.  Following is the text of his address:
> President of the State of Israel,
> Bereaved Families,
> Honored Guests,
> On my way here I passed the graves of many friends, members of the
> moshav on which I was born, studied and grew up.  There is not a single
> cemetery section on this mountain that does not hold acquaintances,
> friends, commanders, and subordinates of mine.  Buried with them on this
> mountain are the memories of my childhood, my youth, all the campaigns
> of Israel in which I partook, the joy of victory and the pain and deep
> sorrow of failure, which always returns and hits me over the loss of
> friends, the talent and dreams that have disappeared.
> This lofty mountain that looks out over our eternal capital, Jerusalem,
> holds our heroes buried in its soil.  Here, and in all the military
> cemeteries across the country, and the depths of the sea, far away and
> in places that are unknown, their final resting place.
> Today the whole nation commemorates together, one great bereaved family,
> the memory of its sons and daughters who have fallen in Israel's
> campaigns.  At the end of the day, our flags will be raised again to
> full mast, and the miracle of our independence will be celebrated.  But
> we will know and will remember the cost, and we will cherish the freedom
> bought for us with the blood of the fallen, the heavy grief of the
> bereaved families and the pain of the wounded and the disabled who bear
> the scars of war on their bodies.
> The parachutist Hannah Senesh, who parachuted into the heart of the Nazi
> inferno in occupied Europe in order to save her brethren from the
> flames, wrote in such beautiful poetic simplicity:
> "A voice called. I went.
> I went, for it called.
> I went, less I fall."
> This clear and pure internal voice is a call from the heart.  A call for
> the mission to resurrect a nation.  A call to protect the home, to build
> a defensive shield against enemy and distress.  This is a call from the
> heart that motivates fighters to volunteer, to serve, to charge in to
> the fire, to sacrifice oneself in order to defend and protect the State
> of Israel.  This call is the basis of our national existence and can not
> be undermined.  Without it we would not have had a resurrection and
> existence against those who rose up against us.  It is the eternal flame
> of the bravery of Israel that can stand up to any storm from without and
> any errant winds from within, and never be extinguished.
> Regular people who left their homes, their jobs, their children.
> Regular people, who are leading the campaign to protect their homes to
> fight terror, even now on alert, on guard, regular people, commanders
> and soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces in the regular army and
> reserves, officers of the Israeli Police and Border Police, members of
> the Israel Security Agency and the Mossad, Magen David Adom medics,
> doctors and nurses in the hospitals, firefighters, civil guard and
> victim identification volunteers, all volunteers.
> Regular people, from the country and from the city, wearers of kippot
> and members of Kibbutzim, Jews, Druze, Beduin, Circassians, new
> immigrants and native born, regular people who are the strong and heart
> touching proof for all those who have forgotten how great this nation
> is, how mighty we are.  Regular people, but so special.
> Today, together with them, we will call a halt to the routine turmoil in
> deference to the remembrance, and listen to the quiet, turn an ear
> towards the silence.  And the memories of our fallen comrades will be
> clear and clean of any arguments and disputes, virtuous and holy as the
> honor of their sacrifice.  We will commemorate, we will remember and we
> will promise to keep a good, united, strong and righteous State of
> Israel, and we will commit to doing everything in order to drive out war
> from our country and to implant security and peace.
> The fallen of Israel's campaigns will be sealed in our hearts forever.
> Their memories and their sacrifices will be an example to us of the
> spirit of courage and faith in the eternity of Israel.
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