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Asunto:[linuxcentres] [Fwd: [LPI] [LPI-News] Linux Professional Institute Certification adopted by Public Schools in Spain]
Fecha:Viernes, 8 de Octubre, 2010  07:25:44 (+0200)
Autor:Sergi Tur Badenas <sergi.tur>

Sergi Tur

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[Adjunto no mostrado: [LPI] [LPI-News] Linux Professional Institute Certification adopted by PublicSchools in Spain.eml (message/rfc822) ]
Asunto:[LPI] [LPI-News] Linux Professional Institute Certification adopted by Public Schools in Spain
Fecha:Jueves, 7 de Octubre, 2010  11:51:56 (-0400)
Autor:Scott Lamberton <slamberton>

Linux Professional Institute Certification adopted by Public Schools in 

(Sacramento, CA, USA: September 7, 2010) The Linux Professional 
Institute (LPI), the world's premier Linux certification organization 
(, announced with its affiliate organization 
LPI-Spain ( that a program in public schools in 
Spain to promote Linux education and certification has achieved 
successful results in its first six months of operation. This public 
education initiative with Proyecto Universidad Empresa (PUE) has 
recruited close to 20 training partners. PUE is Spain's leading agency 
in the development of IT training and certification and provides 
academic programs for such major IT organizations as Microsoft, Cisco 
and Sun.

For more information on PUE's initiative with LPI please see:

"This impressive result early in this program initiative with PUE 
demonstrates the growing recognition of the need for professional Linux 
skills and knowledge within the IT sector in Spain. LPI continues to 
support the workforce development of Linux professionals in regions 
throughout the world. In this instance, we are pleased to work with 
academic organizations and government agencies which undertake the 
important work of developing IT curriculum to meet this need," said Jim 
Lacey, president and CEO of LPI.

Under this initiative PUE and LPI-Spain have recruited a number of LPI 
Approved Academic Partners (LPI-AAP) to deliver Linux training and 
certification. The program has been embraced by educators in both the 
Spanish and Catalan language.

"In our education department we promote the use of Free 
Software--particularly the use of Linux. We believe it is important that 
our students at CFGS Management Computer Systems and Networks learn to 
manage Linux and Free and Open Source Software. LPI certification 
provides our students with a path to develop their knowledge and an 
understanding of this type of software environment. As well LPI 
certification is a recognized educational standard that is being 
increasingly requested by employers," said Josefa Gonzalez Perales, INS 
La Ferreria, Montcada i Reixac, Barcelona, Spain 

"For the information technology students of the Institut de l'Ebre, the 
ability to demonstrate their knowledge of the Linux operating system 
through a recognized training and certification program, as with LPI, is 
an opportunity for a well-paid job--in particular where, at least in 
Spain, and especially in Catalonia, there is an increasing demand and 
few qualified professionals for such positions," said Sergi Tur Badenas 
of the Institut de l'Ebre, Tarragona, Spain ( 
Sergi Tur Badenas added: "The PUE/LPI-Spain initiative owes its 
remarkable success, specifically in Catalan, to the creation of an 
online documentation base about the LPIC-1 certification. This tool has 
been useful both for teachers and students in order to clearly verify 
educational goals and skills development students have gained during 
their training towards the LPIC program."

For more information on LPI's Approved Academic Partner program please 

The Linux Professional Institute is globally supported by the IT 
industry, enterprise customers, community professionals, government 
entities and the educational community. LPI's certification program is 
supported by an affiliate network spanning five continents and is 
distributed worldwide in multiple languages at more than 7,000 testing 
locations. Since 1999, LPI has delivered over 260,000 exams and 87,000 
LPIC certifications around the world.

# # #

About the Linux Professional Institute:

The Linux Professional Institute promotes and certifies essential skills 
on Linux and Open Source technologies through the global delivery of 
comprehensive, top-quality, vendor-independent exams. Established as an 
international non-profit organization in September 1999 by the Linux 
community, the Linux Professional Institute continues to demonstrate 
recognized global leadership in the certification of Linux 
professionals. LPI advances the Linux and Open Source movement through 
strategic partners, sponsorships, innovative programs and community 
development activities. LPI's major financial sponsors are Platinum 
Sponsors IBM, Linux Journal, Linux Magazine, Novell, SGI, and TurboLinux 
as well as Gold Sponsors, HP and IDG.

Media Contact:

Scott Lamberton
Director of Communications
Linux Professional Institute
Linux Professional Institute
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Email: slamberton@...
Telephone: +1-905-269-0862

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