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Asunto:[mysteryplanet] ALGO muy Brillante cayo en Parque Nacional Australiano - Brisbane - Adolfo Araya
Fecha:Lunes, 2 de Junio, 2008  02:30:22 (+1000)
Autor:Adolfo Araya <adolfoaraya>


La Noticia dice que :
Dos lectores de Unknown Country informaron que observaron caer un objeto en las area montanosas donde ellos viven al Sur de Brisbane, en el Estado (del Norte de Sydney) de Queensland.

El objeto cayo en una parte desierta del Parque nacional, donde no hay habitantes y tampoco lugares militares de testeo. Anoche (29 de Mayo) , notaron que el area donde cayo el objeto es tan brillante ahora que "se puede jurar que ha habido alli como un juego de futbol (rudby aca en Australia) alli" Tambien observaronun rayo de Luz que salia del area, tan intenso que iluminaba las nubes de arriba.



UFO News: Explosion Over Houston, Crash in Vietnam

UPDATE: UFO landing in Australia? -

UPDATE: First, it was a UFO that remained on the ground for 30 hours in an isolated area of southern Mexico. Then, a series of mysterious object crashes, including most recently an event in Needles, California that Unknowncountry continues to investigate.

Now two readers report that they observed a falling object in the mountainous area where they live south of Brisbane, in Australia's Queensland State.

The object fell into an isolated part of a national park, where there are no inhabitants and no military testing areas. Last night, they noticed that the area where the object fell is now so bright that "you could have sworn that there was a football game going on there." They have also observed a beam of light coming from the area, so intense that it illuminated the clouds above.

A Continental Airlines flight heading for Cleveland was flying over Houston when the pilot radioed the control tower to report a UFO "trailing smoke" that was heading into his airspace. And a UFO exploded over a southern island in Vietnam, leaving chunks of gray metal along the coastline, one of them over a yard long!

The FBI and FAA are investigating the Houston incident, which occurred about 10:30am on Memorial Day morning. On the Tom's Guide website, Jane McEntegart quotes FBI spokeswoman Shauna Dunlap as saying, "We don’t know if it was a rocket or what. We will interview everyone and determine the validity of what was seen."

Adolfo Araya - Australia - Junio 2 - 2008

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