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Asunto:PAN- II Iberamerican Web Of Light Gathering / Costa Rica 2001 / Summon to Unity / PLEASE FORWARD!
Fecha:Jueves, 14 de Junio, 2001  05:43:48 (-0700)
Autor:Ricardo Ocampo-Anahuak Networks <chicanos>



November 9-11th, 2001
Iztaru, San Jose
Central America

* * * * * * * * * *

Kwan Yin
(Received in Mexico)

Today Humanity is in great need of the Light of UNITY, a word of
encouragement, a message of Light rendered at the right moment to those sad
hearts in search of wisdom scattered all over the world. This Light is to be
transformed into a high voltage ray capable of pulling down barriers and
changing fragile spirits into powerful catalysts of change. You are just the
instruments of an energy realizing miracles in expansion through the streets
of the world, passing through each mind, each heart, each voice that hears
this message and is not the same thereafter. It is a river of life that
touches the innermost of all human beings. These words are truths that fall
like fresh dew in exhausted bodies and spirits.

Few are the ones willing to show solidarity and much less capable of handing
a glass of water to those unable to walk any longer. So, let it become your
task to carry this Light and take it to places it has never been taken
before. Hold the torch high above your heads so that the world is able to
see it and realise the Light is here. A Light that is passed on from one to
another by action and words. A Light that has not lost its form/presence in
abstract concepts and promises of a future that never arrives. Today is the
moment for taking action, the moment for work. Today is the moment of LOVE
IN ACTION.       

* * * * * * * * * *


For the last 3 years a new network has developed in Latinamerica to
transmit via internet news and information on the great transformations
taking place at planetary level. Different initiatives throughout North
America and Latin America included Spain were adopted to establish the
foundations for an Iberamerican network of networks whose principal goal was
to offer good news and messages of hope to the first participants. The main
idea was to fight back disappointment, provide strategic info unavailable in
mass media and consolidate union among all participating groups, traditions
and philosophical perspectives in the region.

The main task, therefore, was mutual recognition and the establishment of
communication channels in the different organisations, tendencies, schools,
religions and new trends of thought.

From the original single-handed internet list in Spanish of this new
consciousness, the introduction of new techno resources had to be developed.
Also, teams were integrated to translate from English into Spanish the
abundant material and teachings incoming from different sources. In this
way, this technology of Light integrated and allowed all participating
groups to exchange their knowledge and materials.

Today a great number of websites handle all kinds of topics and thousands
are connected to the this new web of solidarity and Love. During 2000, the
Latinamerican Web held its first meetings rounded up in the FIRST
IBERAMERICAN GATHERING held at Monterrey, Mexico, with the participation of
fellow spiritual leaders from Spain just after their Third Congress. At
present, more than 300 organisations and around 20,000 participants are
interconnected in the web at worldwide level.

One of the most relevant agreements reached at this historical
intercontinental gathering in Monterrey was the proposal of a SECOND
GATHERING in 2001 which will take place in Costa Rica. The main idea will be
to open up and broaden participation among existing organisations to produce
more cooperation and physicality in order to transcend the limited union of
'essences' during the realisation of synchronised meditations.


During the last 10 years humanity has transcended knowledge, structures and
atavisms of the past very rapidly. It is obvious that at present society
should take action to compromise free will in favor of peace and work in

This reality can be transformed through everybody's joint efforts in
reaching cooperation and new synergies together with the common core
evidence of all hearts and intentions. No longer must there exist a
separation between emotions and thoughts among an 'apparently' reduced
number of people.

The creation of critical mass to transform reality emerging from collective
thought is a fact at scientific level. Day by day more consensus is reached
about the envisioned welfare still considered by some impossible to achieve.
The way to reach it is through people's self conscious  appeasement of
ancestral fear. It is an unquestionable fact that we all establish the
reality we choose to live in.

The modification of collective consciousness defined by electromagnetic
reticulae is feasible not only to a small amount of people but also to the
whole unified planetary conscience. This no longer stands as fantasy but as
well-known reality.

It is time to move forward and take action towards our new reality: The myth
of global racial brotherhood.

Costa Rica, with its sacred tradition, is called at this time to be once
more a protagonist in the construction of this new virtual reality: the
network of networks. It is the one chosen to encourage the design of our
imaginary future with the union of all trends, groups, traditions,
philosophies, perspectives, religions, organisations and ways to render
Nature tribute in its process to transform reality shortly. This future
network may transform itself into the nervous welcome and conscious layer of
our planet - a new perspective for Mother Earth to transform Herself  into a
powerful Being summoning all sensitive Beings to awaken to this new
lifestyle and become millions in the present decade.


To organise a three-day International Meeting in Iztaru, San Jose, Costa
Rica in order to launch an international non-governmental civil organisation
(NGO) that will grant personality status to an ample union of  Latinamerican
and Iberic Light Networks its priority goals being the preliminary
instances and mechanisms for communication, synergy and service.


To create new worldwide level horizontal centers as CEO's, free of
representatives and leaders within a non-governmental organisation (NGO) -
namely, the Iberamerican Web of Light..


* Cellular, self-governed and guided internally;

* Free of religious creed, schooling, social status, position, racial
discrimination and gender;

* Ecumenical, plural, all inclusive, tolerant and universal;

* Supplier of the necessary tools for the awakening of consciousness to
whoever in need and  knowing that cosmos energy is based on solidarity;

* Truthful in not promising or compromising anything

* Efficient and a dreamer of the human being as example of justice, equality
and harmony;

* Devoted to impersonality and immateriality as the invisible ideal of 3D

* Spokesman from the center of what all Masters and Big Brothers serve:
Unconditional Love;

* Free of rules, regulations and laws and yet training new Instructors to
become living examples  of pedagogic strategies to re-educate Mankind.
* * * * * * * * * *

By The Planters

This statement is addressed not only to those present physically but to
those who have transcended time and space and have access to the same ideas
at any given moment or place. This message will always be valid when
repeated at worldwide level.

Our purpose is to make an urgent call. To those who are on the road it is a
call for unity and work. To others, who are still waiting for the
announcement that the moment for action has arrived, it will be the
beginning of what they were expecting. And, to the rest of humanity to whom
the seed of spiritual self-recognition has not yet been fruitful, these
words will sound as empty as the message expressed here.

The present moment we are living is important and decisive in the evolution
of humanity as mankind's seeds of collective consciousness are beginning to
blossom in human consciences. This is a great event and our purpose is to
draw the attention of those receiving flashes of past memories and the
presence of a conscience you may recognise as your own but had never
previously experienced.

Some of these words seem to be born within you. Be conscious of this flow of
energy coming from some external/far away place from you, transmitted from
one conscience to another, interrelating all mankind. Be aware of this
inbred lifeform present at internal level in your chakras, throughout all
your energy channels and connecting them intimately to the rest of your
brothers. While keeping your mind focused in this connection, ask
yourselves: Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going to?

Every time you meet another brother who shares your same ideas and is
performing unity, feel the empathy of this flow of energy not only by
bringing together your bodies but also by linking your will and your
conscience. Besides those minor external feelings your mind is busy in, also
be aware of the forms you have created to honor the Spiritual Being, those
preconceived or inherited ideas taken from others in search of Truth, of the
spiritual union we all participate of unconsciously.

Today we summon your Being, the ONE hiding behind all your masks and names,
the one that does not differentiate Itself from other men - the ONE who
knows and IS with the rest of Mankind. We speak to that ONE and say the
following:  If our words sound true in your heart and you feel that
something lights up in your mind as part of that unity, if you are able to
look beyond your own experiences, your knowledge and your most profound
wishes, then perceive this call as focusing on your center and not on your
personal conscience extended to all mankind. At that moment, ANSWER THE

Let us know you are ONE with us when your determination moves forward and
manifests your intention towards unity. When the LIGHT penetrates you and
lights up the flame that makes you a unique Being and puts you together with
the flames of all other human beings, at that moment, accept our words. You
will then know you have taken a great step forward along the evolution path
with the rest of mankind.

If any questions arise in your mind about the purpose of this call, its
implications, responsibilities or any other future uncertainties your
childish mind captures, call these thoughts off and just live the present
moment. Our call has no second intentions. It is not in search of
affiliations that may be added to our numerical lists to improve our image
or make our name or philosophy popular. Our call is for unity. It is for you
to feel and experience that state of consciousness called UNITY, which joins
all beings under the same conscience where no barriers, physical or time
frontiers exist.

We are the planters and are not restrained by language, time, space or
consciousness. Respond to our call and please do it from the bottom of your
heart and mind. Let your performances and actions be inspired by this flow
of energy that will reach you when you experience unity. Let your voice
speak, your hands move and your feet take you to wherever UNITY takes you.
We shall be there waiting for you.

* * * * * * * * * *


Iberamerican Web of Light
For programme and details write to:

$US 350 per person
- Includes 3 days and 3 nights
- Transportation Airport-Hotel-Iztaru-Hotel-Airport
- Lodging in double ocuppancy in four stars hotel.
- 3 lunchs, 4 snacks, 3 breakfasts and 2 dinners.
- Use of instalations and materials.
- Conference fee. 
- Simultaneous translation into english.
- Taxes and transportation insurances.

* * * * * * * * * *

Translation by Diana Englebert Moody
Iberamerican Web of Light Virtual  Editing Room

* * * * * * * * * *

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