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Asunto:PAN- The Greater Family / Shadow does not mean evil / Not wanting war is a way to create it / Message from Akshmil, a Sirian Entity / Alex Slucki
Fecha:Martes, 25 de Septiembre, 2001  13:11:11 (-0700)
Autor:Ricardo Ocampo-Anahuak Networks <anahuak>

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From: Alex Slucki <elangel@...> 
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 23:32:50 -0500 
Please Reply to: <elangel@...> 
To: Ricardo Ocampo-Anahuak Networks <anahuak@...> 
Subject: Mensaje de Akshmil 
Querido Ricardo, 
Además de la esperanza de verte pronto, te envío mi más reciente 
transmisión. Akshmil ya quiere conocerte!!! Por si tienes dudas, es la 
entidad de Sirius, con la que llevo trabajando casi tres años. A ver qué te 
Un abrazote, 
A Sirian Entity 
Channeled through Alex Slucki 
19 Set. 2001 
We welcome you all to the awareness that all is one within you and outside 
of you. We welcome you. You may not know ourselves,  what is called "the 
entities" upon this planet, but we know you very well. We know many of the 
questions that have arisen from your recent what you call "past" and we also 
know that you have many questions that are arising concerning tomorrow. 
We have a message for you today. This is a message of love. It is also a 
message of light, for a light being, if you are listening to this, you are. 
You are part of the family  that you have so desired, that which goes beyond 
the links of blood, that which goes beyond the links of flesh. You are the 
family of light, and if you are listening to what is called "this recording" 
we are grateful to you for bringing this knowledge upon yourself. Being one 
with you allows for us to transmit to you the frequencies that you have 
always been ready for. 
Here, now, is a moment when you can actually listen to this message.  You 
are no longer in preparation youıre ready for expansion. You are no longer 
in process, although you are in transition. And thus, you are ready to 
understand dimensions of reality as you have dreamed them to be, perhaps 
over eons in time, or maybe most recently. Let us speak of five to six years 
ago. Some of you, who have desired this reality to manifest much longer ago 
concerning your time, understanding of time.  But most of you have undergone 
transformation for the past five to seven years perhaps in what you will 
call linear time. And you have seen in what is called a future vision a 
grand transition in real reality and perhaps you have been receptive enough 
to know that you are in what is called a family gathering. 
This family gathering, going beyond what is called the blood and flesh, your 
family relations which are your immediate background, the one that assisted 
you in developing some programs to understand reality and that are now 
assisting you through what is called understanding forgiveness and 
compassion to relinquish those programs.  You are finally coming to the 
conclusion that your family of light  that which you are, a warrior or a 
healer, a mystic or a creator, or a teacher of the light, your family is 
much greater than you might have expected. It is a family where humans, 
angels, ascended masters, but also the family of what you will call "dark", 
are participating in . 
This may be a shock to you as a listener, but this is our message for you. 
In your gathering as family of light, you also need to acknowledge a 
gathering of the family of shadow, or of dark. Let us warn you, light does 
not mean good, and shadow does not mean evil. It just means light and dark. 
Otherwise, if we take this with a little humor, you would consider that day 
is good and night is bad. Are they? 
Depending on where you are in the process, you might be able or not to 
understand the information of the need to understand the participation of 
both families in one single scenario. And this scenario is called, my dears, 
planet earth. If you vanquish the family of dark, or the family of the 
shadow, you will also vanquish yourselves, for one cannot exist without the 
other, such as day cannot exist without the night, or can they? And you who 
are family of dark and may not be yet aware of it, there are gifts within 
the womb of darkness which are yet to be produced for the light in order to 
continue the play of existence which we call life. 
You, family of light, you who are listening to this, and you, family of 
dark, you who are listening to this, you must both produce your gifts. You 
must merge one within the other as a yin and yang symbol that you have so 
may times seen. You must merge in order to understand that you both hold 
gifts to existence or for existence that are available to all. And you both, 
light and dark, have your positive or creative qualities, but you also have 
your imbalance, your anti- qualities, let us call the. 
Let us speak a little of these qualities for you to understand what is going 
on in this plane. We have ways to give this message for eons in time. 
Family of light, you are here to share some basic qualities called love, 
wisdom, truth, and even what is called justice. What would be your 
imbalances, then? One of them is looking over the shoulder. Judgement, is 
one of the imbalances of the family of light. Saying I am "better than". You 
might call it in English, "holier than thou".  And light is not holier than 
dark, it just is. Pride is one of the imbalances of the family of light, and 
pride in judgement most certainly bring an imbalance to your present 
reality. This is when you are imbalance. 
Family of dark, the qualities are: The capacity to bring forth into the 
illusion of this plane of existence, what you call earthıs reality, in 
manifest form, the illusion. Meaning that from the shadow, illusion is 
brought forth. And anything that you are experiencing upon this plane of 
reality first went through what you call "shadow". If you examine even what 
you call the myth of genesis, first there was chaos and then there was 
order.   So first there was shadow and then there was light. 
Why do we say this? There is a power in shadow that brings forth the power 
of the  light, and you must acknowledge this before your judgements take 
over, before what you call "ego" takes over. Light and shadow must dance 
together, they must merge, each with their own qualities. 
Family of light, you came to teach shadow that they can create illusion with 
love, with wisdom, with truth and with justice. They will not understand 
this initially, this is your contribution to the family of shadow. 
Family of shadow, you have come to teach those who are the family of light 
the power of illusion and not to judge illusion as something negative. For 
light always will dissolve illusion, or truth always dissolves illusion, 
materialistic illusion, for instance. You may not understand half of what is 
being said here, but you will in due time. 
Light and shadow must merge. 
What are the anti-qualities of  shadow? Cruelty is one of them, selfishness 
is one of the, and creating duality beyond repair. 
Now mix these two qualities together, mix these two anti-qualities together 
and you will understand the sort of game that we are playing. Stop judging, 
family of light. You are not here to judge, you are here to share your 
knowledge, to bring forth truth, to bring forth the justice, to bring forth 
the love and the wisdom that you are. 
Stop destroying, family of shadow. Your are here to understand that illusion 
is magnificent, but it can be channeled to more creative experiences that 
can also be shared. Do not be selfish, family of shadow. Youıre not here to 
feel lonely in the  illusion that you have created. And sometimes power can 
bring forth a most isolated illusion. 
Dance together and many problems will be solved. Youıre not here to 
separate, youıre not here to feel "better than", youıre not here to judge. 
We know, as entities, that many of you will not like what you are listening 
to here, and we all accept you, just the same. We are not asking you to 
judge us, much less judge your own selves. We are only asking you to 
understand. Why would you have, otherwise, a symbol such as the yin and 
yang, where the light contains a dot of dark, and the dark contains a  dot 
of light. It is so simple, so basic, donıt find it in the books, find it 
within your own selves. 
And one more thing, whether you are a family of light or family of shadow, 
you will contain both aspects in one single human form, which is you. There 
will be a higher percentage, small, but a little higher, perhaps one 
percentage of one or the other. But if you chose carefully to which family 
you belong and you do not judge yourself or judge others. If you do not 
become selfish, if you do not question your abilities to create illusion or 
to dissolve it, you will bring forth a grand manifestation upon this plane, 
upon this time. 
This is a time of no time. History, my dears, is being rewritten. By whom? 
By yourselves. Each one of you is choosing, most grandly, the sort of path 
that you want to take. There is also a duality in this path that you must 
choose from. And we will make an invitation to chose love. Love for light, 
and love for shadow.  Understanding once again that they are not good and 
evil, they just are what they are. If you chose love, from  the light or 
the shadow, whatever you create will be grandly appreciated by all of us, 
for it is a shared celebration. You must choose love over fear, fear being 
illusion.  Not the kind that shadow family brings, but an illusion that does 
not allow for the principle of evolution to take place, not in a flowing map 
(?) , at least.  
You must understand  that you have no longer time. You cannot waste past or 
future, you can only be here and now in the present moment. This is where we 
would like you to be, for this is where you will love yourself the most, 
free of the bonds and chains of illusion both of past and future, of the 
need to forgive something or someone instead of simply letting go. Or the 
anguish of what is to come, that which you will create by your choices of 
the here and now. 
And let us tell you something: Many people are thinking of war, and many 
people are thinking of peace. So, by thinking and believing in what you 
think you will create your own reality. 
Have you ever heard of books called choose your own adventure? Erica has, 
sheıs laughing now, good moment to break some ice, because some of you are 
already quite tense, I can see it here, now. I can understand why. But you 
are choosing your own adventure. How many endings were there to one little 
book. Twenty-seven? Do you know how many endings there are to the story you 
are calling world history. There are too many. There are too many. You must 
focus on let us call it, quote "the ending" unquote, that you wish. You are 
rewriting history. Each of you has been given a few pages to write whatever 
you want. And the collectivity of these pages will determine the course of 
history, or what you call the new history upon this planet. 
Let us give you a little exercise, friend. What would you write on the 
following three to five pages.  A little essay on how you want your planet 
earth to look here and now. And let us ask you if you believe this as 
something you can actually manifest, even if you are the grain of sand upon 
the beach. If you are able to write down, or to meditate upon, or write 
those blank pages of history in your mind, or imprint them in your heart, 
whatever it doesnıt matter, however you want to do the exercise. If you can 
do it and believe in it you have already sent the frequency to the 
collectiveness, you have already contributed your little grain of sand to 
the collective reality and this will, indeed, impact the collective reality. 
We are very honored to speak to you today. You donıt have to be here with us 
in this moment in time where this is being recorded for you to be here and 
now with us. You may have already perceived that you thought or you felt 
that you would listen to this message before it was delivered to you. And 
this is why we are even now, validating for you that precise intuition. 
Know that we love you as we love our selves. Know that beyond these words 
there is a power of a transmission that  you are bringing forth for 
yourselves. Know that everything that you have believed about what is called 
enlightenment has two sides to the same coin. Do not be trapped by the 
illusion of enlightenment. It is not a road to walk upon. It is an 
experience you either have or you donıt. You will not be enlightened by the 
books you read, you will be more enlightened by the love you produce for 
yourself from the celebration that you can create, from the reality that is 
ever yours to have, to create, to hold. You are the dance of creation. 
Oh, Ericaıs really getting drunk from this energy. You can perceive it from 
Erica: Is that what it is? Iım so tired. 
Yes, weıre really enjoying ourselves now, this is a celebration. You are 
part of the cosmic celebration. You know this would happen, didnıt you, the 
ones who are listening to this recording. Donıt listen to our words, be 
aware of the frequency. For a frequency there will be when you listen to 
this. Itıs already happening. This is just a validation. You  who are 
listening, you asked for this.  Weıre here just to enjoy  your  own 
reflection. You are ourselves. It doesnıt matter where we come from, it all 
comes from source anyway. You know, in cosmic reality there are no 
countries, there are only regions, dimensions, multiple layers of reality. 
You are the ones who give names to things. Sometimes these names produce 
love, sometimes these names produce fear.  To be part of a country which is 
endangered by itsı own self might produce fear, for it is illusion, do you 
understand? But if you are simply in a region of a planet which is a unity, 
such as yourself, youıre not divided into this little finger is a country, 
these lips are a waterfall thatıs named like this or that. Do you understand 
this? Stop giving so many names and labels to things, and you will be free 
even of your own self. Stop saying I am this or not, or I am not this or not 
that. You donıt know. Did you know about the towers before it happened? Some 
people prophesized. Do you know how you will feel tomorrow? Do you know what 
will expand your experience of yourself tomorrow? You probably donıt, so you 
donıt know if tomorrow you will be more expanded than you are now.  Did you 
know you would be here listening to this today and feeling what you are 
feeling, yesterday?  Probably not. So you donıt know who you are, and thatıs 
really good. Stop knowing so much who you are. 
Stop knowing so much who you are. Because the moment you know exactly who 
you are you are condemning yourself to change and evolution, which is a very 
appropriate experience. But if you know too well who you are you might 
bring suffering to experience  by resisting the experience of expansion. 
Why do we say all this? Words, words. Simply to free yourself. We are saying 
this for you to enjoy the prospect of liberation. For you to enjoy the 
celebration of being a co-creator of existence.  Dream love into reality my 
dears, you can definitely do it. Dream greater illusions than you have ever 
imagined. And war, as you consider it, will be vanquished from the reality 
of this plane.  
Not wanting war is a way to create it, because you are still focused on war, 
do you see? Do you? Just focus on what you want, not on what you donıt want. 
Focus on what you want. 
We love you, weıre not focusing on not hating you, weıre focusing on loving 
you. Right, Erica? Sheıs our hostess tonight. We entities are a little 
crazy, we like to break the ice. 
We wish for you to have questions so we could answer and enjoy the sound of 
your voice, and celebrate even that which you do not know in yourself. But 
this is what is called a recording. If you do have what is called questions 
you can always send them through what you call your internet to Erica, who 
weıll make responsible for this little celebration. 
We are thankful to you who are a listener, we are thankful to you who are 
our hostess. And we are thankful to ourselves, for we are all mirrors of the 
same and one reality, the reality of source. 
Find your hearts, my dears. Find your hearts and your minds will make peace. 
Find yourselves and you will create new experience of what this plane is. 
Know that you have never been alone, for you cannot be alone when you are 
one with all. You are responsible for your creations, you are, such as we. 
And we love you for the reality you are allowing in this planet here and now 
to be experienced. 
You may not be aware of what I am speaking of, but itıs there and it is a 
treasure, and it is available for anyone of you, for any mind. The pearl 
that you are seeking, some of you, is attainable, but the shell is within 
your heart. Break the shell and find the pearl. Find it, donıt look for it 
anymore, find it. You know where it is. You know where it is. 
Alright, we thank you for this transmission.  Bless you, bless you unto 
forever.  And we shall remain through you and to you connected, for you have 
manifested this, yes. 
* * * * * * * 
Alex Slucki is a young and well known bilingual mexican channel, healer, 
writer and poet. He often contributes to the Iberamerican Web of Light. He 
lives in Amatlan, state of Morelos, near Mexico City, were Quetzalcoatl, the 
main mesoamerican ancient symbol, was born.   
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