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Asunto:PAN- Amnesty International: Racism, Xenophobia, Intimidation, Harassment / "War on Terrorism" to Introduce Draconian Measures to Limit Civil Liberties // A Message from Operation PLANET LOVE -OPA
Fecha:Jueves, 27 de Septiembre, 2001  12:44:45 (-0700)
Autor:Ricardo Ocampo-Anahuak Networks <anahuak>

* News Release Issued by the 
International Secretariat of Amnesty International * 
26 September 2001 
ACT 30/023/2001 
The attacks in the USA on 11 September 2001 amounted to an international 
tragedy. The victims included US citizens as well as Asians, Latin Americans 
and Europeans, Muslims as well as Christians and Jews. The identity of the 
perpetrators has yet to be fully determined but there is evidence to suggest 
that they come from several different countries. Grief and outrage at the 
atrocity have affected people all over the world. This global tragedy 
demands a global response - based on global values of human rights and 
As the world braces itself for a "robust reaction", world leaders are 
speaking the language of war. It is at times like these that we must be 
alert to the risks posed to human rights. The voice of the defenders of 
human rights must not be drowned out by the clarion call to arms.  We insist 
that states respect human rights and international humanitarian law at all 
times, under all circumstances. 
Already we have seen a wave of  racist attacks directed at people because of 
their appearance or religion. The threat perception is encouraging an 
environment of racism and xenophobia. In north America, Europe and 
elsewhere, Muslims, Arabs and Sikhs have been shot, stabbed and beaten. 
Mosques have been firebombed. Shops have been looted. Schools have been 
forced to close because of intimidation and harassment. 
Governments must take strong action against racist attacks directed at the 
Muslim, Asian and Middle Eastern populations in their countries, whether 
they are citizens or foreigners. You cannot claim to speak in the name of 
freedom if all those on your territory do not feel equally protected. 
Governments are using the "war on terrorism" to introduce draconian measures 
to limit civil liberties. The US and EU governments are considering 
provisions that would allow them to detain immigrants indefinitely, even if 
they have not been charged with any offence. Such measures are unlikely to 
deter attacks but they are likely to stifle dissent and curtail basic 
freedoms. For this reason, they must be resisted. 
In reaching a balance between security and individual freedom, the 
internationally recognized safeguards to protect human rights must not be 
sacrificed. Even in the most extreme crisis, Governments do not have a 
completely free hand. Even if they are at war, they must abide by the basic 
rules that protect civilians' lives. 
The human toll of this crisis must not fall on those who are the most 
vulnerable - refugees and asylum seekers who are themselves fleeing 
repression and terror. Some governments are exploiting the climate of public 
fear to tighten up asylum laws and policies. Australia and the European 
Union are rushing through measures that will undermine the rights of 
refugees and cause more human misery. 
A humanitarian crisis of epic proportions is developing on the borders of 
Afghanistan as Iran and Pakistan turn away famine-stricken Afghan women, 
children and men fleeing in fear of military attacks. We need to act now to 
prevent a repeat of the calamity we saw at Blace as refugees fled Kosovo. 
The international community must insist that Afghan refugees are allowed to 
enter neighbouring countries. The international community must also share 
the cost and responsibility of hosting them. 
The victims of the 11 September attacks, like all victims, deserve justice, 
not revenge. But how should that justice be delivered?Governments are fast 
defining their options in terms of force. Our concern as human rights 
activists must be to insist that justice is rendered according to the rule 
of law. Both the pursuit and any subsequent trial of the suspects must be in 
accordance with internationally recognized standards governing the use of 
force and fair trial procedures. The death penalty should not be imposed. 
The 11 September attacks highlight once again the need for a system of 
international justice. Some atrocities demand international accountability. 
In some circumstances, international cooperation to bring suspected 
perpetrators to justice can be more easily forthcoming through an 
international tribunal. Unfortunately, many governments including the USA 
have not ratified the International Criminal Court  and resisted, during the 
drafting of the Rome Statute, broadening its jurisdiction. As the need for 
international cooperation to address transnational crimes become evident, 
the US Government should consider supporting the establishment of the court. 
All victims, whether they are killed under the eyes of the world's media or 
perish in a remote conflict, have the right to justice. The response to the 
11 September tragedy must not create new victims or be used as a pretext for 
an attack on human rights. Instead, it should lead governments to build an 
effective system of international justice that could end impunity for all 
perpetrators of gross human rights abuses, whether committed in the USA or 
the Middle East, in Chechnya or Sierra Leone. 
Irene Khan 
Amnesty International Secretary General 
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International Secretariat of Amnesty International. 
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Free Planetary Meditation Calendar & Program 2001-2002 
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Light: 
This is an upmost urgent call to join us in a true Planetary Operation of 
Having seen an outrageous event that had moved our foundations all round the 
world; this is the precise moment to act. 
Due to the tragic events that brought death to many innocents; darkness has 
filtered into our hearts claiming for revenge. As we all know this might 
provoke the outbreak of the third world war, never seen before. In this war 
many innocents could die and this, brothers and sisters, cannot be 
If what we want, long for, dream for, and pray for is peace and love among 
all men and women, there is no other means than hoisting the banner of Peace 
and Love. 
We, the warriors of Light, Love and Peace are never to support any war under 
any circumstance, flag or excuse. Therefore we must act and hold in our 
hands the power we are invested of for being the daughters and sons of the 
ONE WHO IS, and for also being citizens of our beloved planet Earth. 
Together with all the ones that think and act like us, we will demand: 
No more violence, no more revenge, no more hate, no more war! 
We will urge: that darkness ceases and leaves our planet. 
Time has come, time is now; let the Spiritual Government ­Love and Peace ­ 
command the planet, and may the Light, Love and Power restore Peace on 
The communion of Oneness and Prayer set in motion demonstrated us during the 
last war of the Persian Gulf that we can do it! And this time is more 
powerful because we are majority now and much more enlightened! 
Let us join everyday until we stop this. 
Let us join with all our hearts. Spread this letter widely to the biggest 
possible number of people. 
Spread the message to all the networks to whom you can reach. 
May the Light, Love and Power, restore the Divine Plan on Earth! 
Your brothers in soul. 
Operacion Planeta Amor 
Operation Planet Love 
You're lovingly invited to join us... 
9-11 November 2001  
Iztaru, San Jose, COSTA RICA --Central America 
300+ groups attending! 
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