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Asunto:PAN- Earthdance 2001 / Saturday 13th October / 100 Cities Worldwide / Dancing for Global Peace and Healing
Fecha:Viernes, 12 de Octubre, 2001  12:40:57 (-0700)
Autor:Ricardo Ocampo-Anahuak Networks <anahuak>

Find your local party & details 
See world map of all locations 
Check out the latest news 
You can now read about the Earthdance Vision, 
Roots and Causes in French - see menu 
What is Earthdance? 
Earthdance is a collective of international party promoters, artists, 
musicians and supporters of electronic dance music. Every year on the same 
day the collective hold parties around the world to raise awareness and 
funds for world peace. The climax of the event is a synchronized dancefloor 
linkup when every DJ in every city plays the same track - the "Prayer for 
Peace" at the same time. 
In 2001 the fifth annual Earthdance will be held on Saturday 13 October, 
with 100 cities in 45 countries uniting as one global dancefloor. 
Contact Us    Mission Statement 
Our mission is to unite the positive force of the emerging global electronic 
music movement. The aim of the Earthdance 
annual event is to provide the focal point 
for sustaining a dedicated global 
community. The aim of the wider 
Earthdance initiative is to provide 
creative platforms for international youth 
in music, art and technology. As a community, we actively support world 
peace by raising awareness for selected causes. 
Earthdance 2001: All Your Questions Answered 
What is Earthdance? 
The Vision 
The Global Netcast 
Facts & Figures 
Latest News 
Contact Us  
Past Articles  
with a message from His Holiness the Dalai Lama 
Earthdance Radio 
with BBC WorldService features 
Getting Involved  
Press Release 2001 
Press Contact 
Global Events List 2000 
Flyer Gallery 2000 
Country Report 2000 
More Information  
Prayer for Peace  : Flash animation 
The Global Link-Up: The Power of Ritual 
Free Music DownLoads :including the Prayer for Peace 
Tadra Project : an Earthdance supported Orphanage 
 * * * 
EarthDance is a global collective of international party promoters, 
visionary artists, musicians and supporters of electronic dance music who 
feel strongly about world peace and healing. The concept is to create as 
many parties around the world on one day, creating a united global 
dancefloor where we join as a one-world community to dance for peace and 
earth transformation. The climax of the event is a simultaneous dancefloor 
link-up where at a specific moment, (12 midnight London time (Daylight 
Savings Time - please check your local time zones)), every DJ in every 
country plays a specially-created track for world peace at the same time. 
For three years since its conception in 1997 until 1999, Earthdance focused 
on the plight of the Tibetan people and was described by the Dalai Lama's 
London secretary as "the most successful global event of its kind aimed at 
Tibet". In the year 2000, Earthdance expanded its focus to include other 
important global causes with the Earthdance mission of peace remaining the 
spearhead of the campaign. 
The new Earthdance Urban initiative, launched in 2001, has taken the 
Earthdance message to an even wider audience attracting promoters from other 
music scenes who are closely associated with the urban electronic genres 
such as hip hop and drum and bass. 
This year's EarthDance will take place on Saturday, 13th October, when the 
global dance community will once again dance for global peace and healing. 
With parties spanning the earth, and a live worldwide webcast on the night 
of the event, EarthDance 2001 promises to surpass last year's success, 
uniting people of all races as we dance together for a common cause. 
We invite you to join us! 
United as One ... 
... We Dance 
* * * 
Party for Tibet at Earthdance at the Academy 
published in Time Out 
written by Dave Swindells 
Amsterdam, Cape Town, Moscow, Mexico City, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo... 
Clubbing has been an international pastime for decades, but on Saturday club 
culture goes global as it never has before. At the Earthdance party in the 
Brixton Academy and at 24 Earthdance events in 16 countries around the 
world, the same record will be played at precisely the same moment. It's an 
ambient track, a "guided meditation" carrying a message for peace in Tibet 
and across the world which has been specially recorded with this moment in 
"You're gonna know that all around the world, all your brothers and sisters 
are listening and sharing positive feelings at that same time," says Chris 
Deckker, who conceived Earthdance. Ideas and idealism are his strong suits. 
He's also the producer of the hugely popular Return to the Source (RTTS) 
events, full-on trance parties which always foster the spiritual side of 
dance culture, because "people don't just dance because they want to get out 
of their faces." Earthdance at the Brixton Academy will be the biggest RTTS 
production to date; a 12-hour session of psychedelic techno, breakbeat 
trance and cosmic house. 
The five-minute "Peace In Tibet" track will be played at midnight in London, 
halfway through the event. Time-zone differences mean that Earthdancers 
everywhere else will hear it at all hours. In Golden Gate Park, San 
Francisco, it'll be four o'clock in the afternoon, while at Manali, a 
renowned festival site in the mountains of northern India, it'll be 5am. On 
the other side of the planet, in Byron Bay, New South Wales, it'll be past 
breakfast time. Deckker is Australian, and knows Byron Bay well. "They'll 
have danced all night out in the open in a beautiful rainforest region," he 
says wistfully, almost as though he'd rather be there than in Brixton. 
The events are linked by more than synchronised music. Proceeds from all 24 
parties go to charities supporting the freedom of the people of Tibet, and 
in particular towards raising awareness of the cultural, religious and 
physical genocide which has torn Tibet apart since the Chinese occupation in 
1950; the strength of the pro-Tibet lobby in America explains why there are 
nine parties across the USA. Money raised in London will be channelled 
through the Tibet House Trust, the Dalai Lama's official charity, to schools 
in Dharmsala in northern India, where so many Tibetan refugees now live. 
Tibet House Trust and the Free Tibet Campaign will have stalls at the 
Brixton Academy and party organisers around the world have contacted local 
Tibetan support groups. "It's funny," comments Deckker, "because a lot of 
countries haven't even got Tibet offices, yet they're having parties there, 
which is really brilliant for the Tibet campaign." 
The Earthdance parties could be likened to Live Aid with dance music. 
They're the result of international links the RTTS crew already had, backed 
up by "networking like crazy for months" on the telephone. Deckker 
originally planned a major concert that would have attracted mainstream 
coverage. Last summer he sent a "really juicy proposal" to TV companies and 
bands like the Prodigy and Orbital. "But they were busy and nobody really 
came back to me. So we went to the underground level, and the underground 
bands all said, 'No problem'." At the Academy, ten live acts, including 
System 7, Eat Static, Banco de Gaia, Earthtribe, Astralasia and Deckker's 
own Medicine Drum play in the main auditorium, while DJs like Radio 1's 
Danny Rampling (a solid supporter of the Free Tibet Campaign) and ex-Killing 
Joke(r) Youth join Source trance-specialists like Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Mark 
Allen, Sid Shanti and Han Solo on the decks. 
Rather than being passive viewers of a made-for-TV spectacular, Earthdance 
is an event people can be a part of, whether on the dancefloor or on-line. 
An audio broadcast of the Academy party will go out live on the Internet via 
the Virgin website, which will also host a live "chat room" for net-surfers 
to talk with participating DJs and bands. Meanwhile, RTTS's own site will 
display images from all the parties around the world. 
Deckker is already looking ahead and planning future Earthdance projects. 
"We're going to try and do it again next year and get more bands interested, 
maybe for a different cause. We could have an annual Earthdance Day," he 
suggests. And Earthdance is already drawing attention from unlikely sources. 
"Even the 'Guinness Book of Records' are interested," laughed Deckker. 
"Apparently, it's the most parties around the world that have ever linked up 
at one particular time. I don't think there is a previous record for that." 
* * * 
In Aid of Tibet 
published in Essence Magazine 
written by Pierre Marcar 
A massive project of global proportions is coming your way... 
Imagine one September night‹120,000 inspired individuals moving to the same 
rhythm, on dance floors in 22 countries all over the world. People are 
dancing for peace‹a night when "we feel the power of united consciousness 
and compassion," a night where there's the recognition of "one world 
community, a tribe united in its dedicated and profound hope for peace and 
world transformation." 
These are the inspired words of Chris Deckker, creator of "Return to the 
Source," and driving force behind the huge global project "Earthdance" which 
is planned for Saturday, September 20th. 
The idea was conceived in order to raise awareness world-wide of the 
cultural genocide currently taking place in Tibet. It was also sparked by 
the heavy 18 year jail sentence passed on Ngawang Choephel. His crime was to 
go around the country of his birth, making a documentary about traditional 
Tibetan music and dance, trying to preserve a culture now facing extinction. 
He was accused of "spying"‹basically a euphemism for any activity contrary 
to the enforcement of the Chinese language and culture upon Tibet. 
The aim of "Earthdance" is to have two main parties for 15,000 people in 
London and New York; five 10,000 people parties in Tokyo, Sydney, Berlin, 
Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro; and fourteen smaller parties for up to 3,000 
in Paris, Athens, Amsterdam, Zurich, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver, 
Bali, Dharamsala, Barcelona, St. Petersburg, Prague, Auckland and Milan. 
Yes, that's right! a truly Global Party happening all around the world at 
the same time with everyone dancing for the same reason. 
All the venues will be linked up by the information super-highway (ISDN) so 
that everyone can see each other partying all around the world, and so that 
anyone can view it on the net. 
But that's not all! 
"At a specific hour on the night (allowing for time differences), every 
dancefloor around the world will stop and a guided meditation for world 
peace will begin. This will be the highlight of the event," says Chris. 
The meditation will lead into the Earthdance track, which will find tens of 
thousands of people all over the world dancing to the same tune at the same 
time. The track is to be produced by "Youth", and will be released one month 
before the live event. Matsuki of Japan will be producing a video fusing 
state of the art graphics to accompany the playing of the track. 
But wait, there's more! 
A triple CD album is to be released on September 22nd, and will feature top 
international dance artists. It's not yet confirmed, but several top artists 
have been approached including Orbital, Chemical Brothers, Leftfield, 
Prodigy, Banco de Gaia, and Bjork. 
And, as if all this were not enough, there's even a documentary film 
planned, in order to highlight the specific problems facing Tibet. "Sacred 
Dance, Sacred Music, Sacred Place" will bring together ancient and new dance 
and music cultures from all over the world, including Tibetan monks, 
Australian Aborigines, Maoris, Native Americans, Sufis and dancers from 
India, Brazil and Bali. 
Earthdance is clearly an enormous and spectacular integrated entertainment 
and media event! 
"By fusing ancient and sacred music with cutting edge technology we will be 
creating a unique event that will raise money in an innovative fashion, and 
on an international scale," adds the organiser. 
The documentary film will culminate in Dharamsala, India‹home of the Dalai 
Lama‹where the Earthdance team will be seen presenting a cheque of the 
proceeds from all aspects of the event. 
In an enlightened age, we must learn to move beyond the superficial. It's 
useless to think in terms of heroes and villains. That's what has got us 
where we are today. Quite simply, this is how it is and if we're not happy 
about it, then we have to give change a helping hand. To bring about real 
and lasting change we must help find creative solutions that enable certain 
powerful people to change their minds in such a way as to preserve their 
dignity whilst at the same time giving them a benefit that they couldn't get 
by carrying on as before. 
The Chinese don't have a word for "crisis," they call it a moment of 
opportunity. On the 1st of July 1997, Hong Kong is returned to China who say 
that they will be embracing the concept of "One Nation, Two Systems." The 
opportunity we have, is to clearly tell China that if it really wants to be 
accepted by the rest of the world, it must find the courage and wisdom to 
take Tibet on board, and accept "One Nation, Three Systems." 
If China could find the grace to do this, it would gain enormous kudos in 
the eyes of all those around the world who care. The bullet does not gain 
respect. It was the young man in front of the tank in Tiannamen Square who 
got the respect. We no longer confuse fear for respect and we ask the 
Chinese Government to acknowledge that there are millions of people all 
around the world waiting for a good reason to trust and respect the Chinese 
Since 1949 over half a million Tibetans have either been killed or died in 
Chinese labour camps. Nothing can change the past, but together, we can 
build a new future. Many spiritual people see Tibet as a sacred site that 
represents the Earth's Crown Chakra. Whatever your view, the freeing of 
Tibet will be an enormous gift to humanity. In an historical context, it 
would mark the beginning of a new age of Peace. The Quickening is here. 
Revolutions spill blood but they never bring lasting change. Revolution 
always gives way to evolution. In dance, we revolve and through joy we 
evolve. Instead of fighting a revolution, let's enjoy our evolution. Please 
keep your ears and hearts open for Earthdance to help "Free Tibet." Let the 
world know it's time to choose. We'll be there with you, shining brightly on 
the dance floor. 
Om Mani Padme Hum 
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