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Asunto:PAN- Become the Joy of Celebration / Akshmil / Alex Slucki / Iberamerican Web of Light
Fecha:Lunes, 5 de Noviembre, 2001  23:39:38 (-0700)
Autor:Ricardo Ocampo-Anahuak Networks <anahuak>

Dearest friends,

We'll be off-line one week to attend the Second Iberamerican Web of Light
Gathering in Costa Rica with 150+ participants from 15 latinamerican
countries and Spain. It's a deeply joyful ocation for all of us. Thank you
for all your kind messages of support. We'll be receiving them this days at
<matva27@...&ead theread them in Costa Rica to everybody.
We'll be back on-line this monday with news about this historic encounter.
Have a great 11:11:11 meditation! In the mean time, enjoy this new message
from Akshmil, a sirian entity with whom we're working through our mexican
beloved brother Alex Slucki, author, healer and channel.

I Love You!
Ricardo Ocampo
Iberamerican Web of Light

From: Alex Slucki <elangel@...>
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 11:38:08 -0500
To: Ricardo Ocampo-Anahuak Networks <anahuak@...>
Subject: Message from Akshmil

Greetings once again, brother of the light, in the Oneness that we all Are.
We are extremely thankful for your willingness to speak with us. Which is
exactly like speaking to yourself in a grand mirror. We have already
convened that messages for the net would be appropriate. And, being there no
time really to loose, why not spend no-time writing to our friends?
Extremely appropriate.
Let us explain to you a bit of background for our purposes. Whenever we
greet you, we do so by acknowledging your presence upon a shared plane of
reality. We may seem to many of you invisible. We are not. We simply vibrate
in a sort of frequency that is not yet perceivable to the naked eye. We do
have voices and organic vehicles through which we fulfill our own promises
and several tasks in multidimensional levels that allow for us, the entities
as you may call us, to be in one and many places at the same time. Time does
not really exist. Cycles do; cycles which repeat themselves over and over in
waves of manifestation. Like a stone that has been cast and continues to
create ripples on the water much after the actual impact, the effect of one
single action in one single coordinate of what you call relative existence
continues to echo and expand beyond the here and now. This is what you may
call the dynamic exchange of action - reaction effect. It takes a while for
the ripples to actually manifest once the stone has been cast, but it is a
manifestation non the less and the effect is perceivable... even as the
stone is already experiencing another aspect of its own reality. Its
vertical travel towards the bottom of whatever water it contains it, is like
the journey of spirit within after a certain impact which changed its
direction. Even if the stone is travelling vertically after the impact, it
continues to create horizontally an effect which affects that which
surrounds the water.

So You, as individuals and as a collective consciousness, have created an
impact. Thus you travel inward. You may continue to manifest these two very
different directions of spirit in the same coordinate of space and time. Be
aware you cannot change the ripples in the water. They simply must happen.
But do journey inward, for this is the actual direction you are taking, as
we have said, both individually and collectively. The less you focus on the
actual impact and the more you keep focusing on all the powers of
transformation that are being brought forth by your 'change of direction',
the smoother the trip to the bottom and the easier the ripples will
Consider these ripples to be the dissolution of tensions in your heart and
spirit. Consider them to be the natural effect after such a drastic change
of circumstance. Consider also the horizontal plane to be the plane of
action, and the vertical journey to be the dimension of your spiritual
selves. Once the stone touches the bottom, caressed by the inner movement of
silent waters and the dance of weeds, you will be stilled. You will remember
the water within you, that which resembles consciousness, both psychic and
emotional, the power of the stone finally released. You will become part of
a silent landscape that mirrors your stillness within. You will enjoy the
adventure of having put an end to the wheeeezing aspect of your flight
towards consciousness and change. And you will listen to the voices in the
water. There are many, waiting for you to dissolve, the hardship of the
stone, to the heart-ship of simply Being.

You are all very dear to us. We wish to elaborate with you and through you
the sort of language that brings stillness to your being. Now, remember that
you are not a stone. This was only a little meditation. You can utilize this
visualization you just had as an excersice for stillness. Remember you are
also the ripples of the water. You may smile and stretch now. It is and was
all illusion, like everything else. Whether you are aware of it or not, you
have just performed a very simple meditation. You can cast yourself onto
these waters whenever you desire and share this sense of inner peace
whenever seems needy. Now, dance. Cast the idea of a stone away and become
the movement of the fire. Become the joy of celebration that is within you.
Become the light that dances as the log ignites you, the flame to reach high
to the sky, to fling yourself as a spark to the heavens! Down goes the stone
and up goes the fire. You are many dimensions at once! Can you celebrate,
down and up, left and right, light and dark? Can you not make sense for a
while so you can make sense a moment later? How much are you willing to let
go? Excercise change within you so you can master change outside of you. If
you can become stone and fire, stillness and celebration, you can certainly
create it all around you. And this my dears, is our little invitation for

In oneness we celebrate you and become still... for only through stillness
and celebration at once can we ignite the spark of this Love.


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