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Asunto:PAN- NESARA / The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act
Fecha:Lunes, 6 de Mayo, 2002  00:43:52 (-0600)
Autor:Ricardo Ocampo <redluz>

NESARA / The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act


The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act
Monetary and fiscal policy reform that will double the standard of living for every American
within one generation and restore economic and social prosperity across the land.



NESARA began as a one-man crusade; then there were two, then three. Many people warned that we were wasting our time, that we could never win against the special interest groups. Yet, look at how far we have come with pure desire and modest resources: this web site now receives approximately 15,000 visits per month.

The NESARA Institute, a non-profit educational organization, exists in cyberspace, having no offices or office supplies, no staff of paid personnel, no telephone. This effort to heal America is a grass roots movement and the people who support the web site are affiliated with no political group or party. The ³Grass Roots Movement² of NESARA includes any person who wishes to participate in spreading the word about the ideas expressed in NESARA. There is no ³club,² no membership list, and no secret passwords or handshakes, just people who are willing to invest their time in studying, discussing and working out society¹s root problems.

Thanks to the internet the word is spreading. If everyone in the country knew about NESARA and the potential positive impact on their lives and the lives of their family and friends, the proposal would be introduced next week and passed within a month.

Based upon the increased traffic volume at the NESARA web site, lots of people are beginning to take notice of the proposed bill and its implications. Most visitors are from the U.S., but a steadily increasing number are from other nations. That this plan will work for any nation has not escaped our attention.

With most of the work completed, national publicity is the primary task remaining. At this point we could definitely use your help in two areas.

Spreading the Word

Invest some of your time learning about NESARA and telling others of the immediate personal benefits. For ideas visit our
Spread the Word page.

Although very expensive, national advertising is still the most cost effective and powerful way to quickly inform a lot of people about the benefits of NESARA. The amount of serious attention Congress provides to new proposals is directly proportional to demonstrations of public support. Like many things in life, the benefits we expect to receive are often related to our own initial efforts. A little support now provides huge rewards later.

Our first major awareness effort was an advertisement in the March 23, 2001 weekend edition of USA Today newspaper.

It¹s your life and your country, and long past time for you to become directly involved in writing the laws that shape our destiny. If three people can get this far working by themselves, just think what a few more could do!

Some people have asked about our policy to reproduce our ad in local newspapers and publications. Our policy is simply this:

A call or two to your favorite talk show would help, as well as a letter to the editor of your local paper. Remember the numerous on line news sources too.

Don¹t forget our
Political Contacts page.

Some notes and thoughts from contributors:

A married lady in Texas with two sons contributed the first $10. The current system does not work for her and her family.

A Colorado woman provided $50 from her household budget in the hopes that if NESARA ³catches on² she can stop renting and get a home of her own.

A husband contributed to the effort in the hopes that with the banking changes under NESARA he could finally build his wife a home and look forward to retirement.

One man contributed $500 because it was the right thing to do.

Another person contributed $1,000 because he is tired of the madness and tyranny generated by the current system.

One person said he was unemployed and could not contribute, but would do his part by spreading the word with email postings, letters, discussion group postings, and distributing copies of the ad.

Several supporters asked if they could make copies of our first ad to post at work, one person inquired about setting up a local NESARA chapter in her area, and others have asked about running the ad in local publications. As stated on our web site, much of the material, including the ad, are in the public domain, so of course these people have our blessings to proceed.

Our first ad resulted in a 10-fold increase in web site hits just 2 days after running. With additional support we could run more ads. Advertising costs money and we ask you to keep spreading the word and continue your own support. We can heal this land only through continued positive efforts.

We remind supporters that we have a PDF file at our
Spread the Word page which can be used to print business card size handouts to inform people who might be interested in NESARA. The size of the promotional cards also lends well to advertisements in local publications as ³business card² ads in local publications are usually priced quite inexpensively.

Keep up the good work and thank you‹we are making lots of progress.
Across the Borders

We¹ve had many people outside the U.S. borders ask us how NESARA will affect them or, asking how they can transcribe NESARA to fit the laws of their own land.

We first address the former question.

Consider the following:

Suppose the U.S. enacts NESARA into law. Consider that country then having a rock solid currency (no inflation). Consider that country with equitable banking laws. A land with a high volume economy and high wealth. A land where no federal income tax exists, and thus the hidden embedded effects of that tax no longer exists. A land where commodity money once again exists to provide people with a choice of currency and connections to the real world.

Simply put, what will happen to the investment money circulating in your own land?

Answer that question and you probably then will be able to also see that your country must eventually jump on the NESARA bandwagon, or watch the ship sink. If your country does not follow suit, then investors merely move their funds and assets across the borders into the U.S. As a consumer and investor therefore, in the long run, you win too.

If your country should first implement the ideas of NESARA, the U.S. will be forced to follow suit. Just doesn¹t matter who implements the ideas, the world will soon follow. One of those classic, ³If you build it, they will come² stories.

What about implementing the ideas of NESARA into the laws of your land? You will need access to the statutes of your land and will need to review NESARA to change some of the wording and terminology. However, because NESARA is written in every day language and not the legalese of bureaucrats, transcribing and modifying NESARA should not be a monumental effort.

Once transcribed, consider starting your own campaign and web site in your own land. Doesn¹t really matter what country starts the NESARA bandwagon, once one nation enacts the ideas, all the others will eventually be forced to follow. Best yet, as more and more versions of NESARA appear across the globe, pressure will mount on the politicians and policy makers.

We do not have the time or resources to transcribe NESARA. However, as we stated in our
Notes and Legal Stuff page, the bill is placed into the public domain. Take it and run‹you have our blessings.

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A façade covers the modern world, a far different place than most imagine. The main authors of this web site hereby offer you the opportunity to explore this realm: a fascinating place of things, personalities and events, but mostly of ideas and concepts.

This web site is a mosaic of ideas: images from the realms of philosophy, economics, finance, history, sociology, morality, law, and politics, all arranged in unusual patterns. Just when you think you have the picture, a new image changes the scene. Be prepared to face the dark side‹and possibly see the light.

A word of caution: This page of supporting articles and information is dangerous territory. In support of the theory that ignorance is bliss, our lighthearted advice is, ³Don¹t go there! It¹s a trap!² Getting in is easy but be warned: there are no exits. You can never un-ring a bell. Once exposed to new information you are forced to do something, and you can¹t evade the situation by refusing to act because that, in itself, constitutes an action.

Life is a game with only a few recorded rules. Society often makes up the rules as we go along. Be prepared to learn what you¹ve never learned before!
³Americans are having second thoughts about the political genie living in the nation¹s capitol‹all too often it gives them what they ask for.²



To fix a problem you must first understand foundations. The articles in this section are designed to help you understand the foundations for NESARA. The articles are designed to be read sequentially. By no means are you required to read the articles in the order presented, but the reward of doing so will become obvious to serious students. Simply follow the
Yellow Brick Road at the end of each article.

Purpose and Justification for Government
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The Limits of Government

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The Subjects of Moral Taxation
Alternate Methods to Generate Revenues
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What You See Is What You Get
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Government in the Real World
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Legal Plunder
The Current Struggle


What is money? What is the purpose for money? Do we need money? Is money wealth? Please help yourself to a new and fresh perspective about money. Simply follow the
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Currency as Debt: A New Theory of Money
Back To Basics‹The Nature of Money
Understanding Money‹Debt-Money Systems
Letters from College‹Thoughts about Money
Barter, Trade, or Commerce?
Root Causes

To fix a problem you must identify root causes, otherwise you only stop the symptoms and not the cause. The articles in this section are designed to help you understand the root cause of what went wrong in America with monetary and fiscal policy. The articles are designed to be read sequentially. Simply follow the
Yellow Brick Road at the end of each article.

What Went Wrong? Identifying Root Causes
Their Lips Are Moving‹Requiem For The Income Tax
Negotiating With The Warden‹From Master To Serf
The Solution
Let Them Eat Cake
To Talk Of Many Things‹Living In Interesting Times
Pie In The Sky?‹An Offer You Can¹t Refuse

Related Information

As teachers by nature, the authors offer further information of interest. Hopefully the following information helps you understand some other problems affecting America.

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The Other Insidious Tax‹The General Property Tax
The True Cost‹An Observation
Personal, Private, and Public Property
  The Yellow Brick Road
Conspiracies and Games

What If?
Proposed Constitutional Amendments

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The Income Tax
Money and Currency
The Federal Reserve System

What is a Rabbit?
Money and Currency
The Federal Reserve System

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The Law­Frederic Bastiat  
Not Yours to Give­A Tale of Davy Crockett  
Natural Law­Lysander Spooner
Declaration of Independence
Articles of Confederation
Northwest Ordinance
Constitution of the United States
Coinage Act of 1792


An ancient oriental proverb states that the longest journey begins with but a single step. We advocate and urge peaceful, not violent means to restore and heal this land. This entire web site is about education. Please read and become informed. Take back your life. Take back this land. Peacefully. Read the legislation provided at this web site. Let the healing begin.

Although we emphasize peaceful restoration, we nonetheless provide you with a reminder of what this web site is all about. Freedom. Freedom is often difficult for many to define, but those who are not free are very much aware they are not. Ask any slave or any prisoner. Ask any person living under dictatorial or despotic rule. Ask any person who does not fully enjoy the fruits of his or her labor. Ask any person who has had children or property forcibly taken under color of law.

If you have the time to wait for the download we think you¹ll understand.

What This Web Site Is All About

Blessings to you for stopping by. May you live in interesting times. Let the healing begin.
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