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Asunto:PAN- God's Army / Metatron / Sananda's Eagles / 091102
Fecha:Viernes, 13 de Septiembre, 2002  19:12:02 (-0500)
Autor:Ricardo Ocampo <redluz>

God's Army / Metatron / Sananda's Eagles / 091102

From: RedLUZ/LUXWeb <>
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 17:55:00 -0500
To: LuxWeb <>
Cc: LuxWebII <>, LuxWebIII <>
Subject: God's Army / Metatron / Sananda's Eagles / 091102

From: "Janisel" <>
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 10:04:35 -0700
To: <>

Dear Ricardo,

Am sending you the below message from Metatron, as he instructed, hoping you will share with your members.
Love and Blessings,

Channel: Debbie Wright

Copyright 2002, Ashtarıs Trinity/Sanandaıs Eagles

M: Bare your feet!  You are in the presence of God.  [everyone takes off shoes and socks]  Iım getting angered.

ŒIı have come for a reason.  Have you heard of the wrath of God?  Thatıs a mis-statementŠ itıs the wrath of Metatron, and it has come to be.  I have allowed you to be here this evening so that we can come to an understanding.  Now, from what I understand, youıve done this before.  We are having a Council, yes?  Can we do this?  Feet flat on the floor, please.  Now, I am going to govern this Council and I wish for you to act and respond from here [head], not from here [heart].  Do not tell me what you THINK youıre supposed to know.  Do you understand?  Are you in fear? [asks each person in roomŠ]  [to A] Were you told to stay out of fear?
A: Yes
M: [to B]  Were you told to assist her in staying out of fear?
B: Yes
M: Very good.  Thatıs what I want, honest answers, shall we?  Each of you in this room have signed a Contract, except you [S]  You know of the Contract of which I speak?
Group: Yes
M: Do you take this Contract seriously?
Group: Yes
M: You [S] are here for definitive feedback, so you can respond any time you wish, because you are responding as the one OUT of the Contract.  And if you see or hear of a response in this room that you know is contrary to the truth, you are also the truth-bringer.  Is that understood?
S: Yes
M: And heıs doing this by command, and is not to be held accountable for anything that is said tonight.  Do we understand?
Group: Yes
M: [to S] Is that fair by you?
S: Yes
M: Good!  Now, weıre going to talk about the Quartets first, shall we?  They are RIGID and they are meant to be RIGID.  Now, why would they be meant to be so rigid when all of the Lightworkers on the face of this planet feel that their ultimate goal is FREEDOM?
B: Discipline
M: Yes!  [gives a kiss]  You may say youıve been kissed by the Big Boy!  Did we get that?  Discipline.  Now, the one that you call Ashtar came to you in 1999 and told you that when the trinity project came into being, we were going to begin treating the Lightworkers here today as what?
J: He said it was now a military outfit.
M: Exactly!  Why?
P: Discipline.
M: Very good.  Now, WHY, why on the Creatorıs green Earth would Lightworkers need discipline?  Organization of the Forces!  Why would Lightworkers refuse to be organized?
P: Ego
M: Say it againŠ very loudly.
M: Would they not consider it contrary to the teachings that they have received?  What do all of the teachings have in common?  UNITY!!!  You HAVE to come together!  Well, weıve waited, we have moved, we have manipulated, we have done everything in our power to garner the Forces together on their own.  And what stops them?  Ego.  So, therefore, how, in this Lordıs creation, can we possibly bring them all together?  Discipline.  Now, we have come in over your past few years, which seems like millennia to some of us, and we have cajoled, we have begged, we have pleaded, we have stroked, we have loved, we have honored, we have taken the vents.  And weıve done it all in the name of unity.  And all it has done is scattered more.  A complete, utter scattering of the Forces.  ³Oh, they still love me. I can still do what I said I came here to do!²  We allowed, in the trinity meditation, for the Œshortcutsı to come in so they would not interfere with your day-to-day business and living, yes?  And what did we tell you when that happened?  We said, ³Just for THIS can this work for you.² [the shortcuts]  Now, we find out, through not-so-extraordinary means, that what is being said is ³Oh, I can do the Quartet meditations and I donıt have to pay a bit of attention to what Metatron took the time, the energy, and the inclination to come in and give the guidelines²Š NOT including what this body had to go through.  That stops tonight!  What weıre going to do is, weıre going to write up a Contract.  Yes?  And before anyone is allowed to participate in the Quartet meditations, they are to SIGN this Contract.  They will have an option as to whether they wish to just type in their little name and send it electronically, or whether they actually sign it in blood, I donıt care!  But they are going to prove to ME that they are taking these meditations as seriously as we NEED you to take them.  Do we understand?  Good!  For each Quartet that is put together, there is going to be a Team Leader that is NOT the position of Anchor, although Œcanı does not Œhaveı to be.  That Team Leader is the one that will report to you [P] on a weekly basis.  That Team Leader is to tell you who they did or did not feel attending the three meditations during Group Mind.  If you are going to act as children, I have no problem treating you like children.  Now, when I say Œyouı, please understand, I am not necessarily speaking of those in this room, because ALL of this is going to go out to EVERYONE.  [to J] Do we understand?
J: Yes
M: We are going to put this into a quorum.  If you can think of anything, ANYTHING, from where youıre based from or from what know or what you believe or what you do, to be contrary to what I am saying tonight, NOW is your time to speak, not for just YOU but for everyone else out there.  Do we understand?

Alright, in the Contract, ŒI ___ [name of person] do hereby agree that, according to the wishes of Metatron, I will perform these Quartet meditations.  If, by some strange odd chance, I cannot make a meditation, I will do my best to allow that knowledge to go forth to my other Quartet members before the meditation.  If that is not possible, I will send a letter of apology as soon as humanly possible.  I will follow the guidelines stipulated, as given to me, as soon as I sign up for a Quartet.ı  Very simple, correct?  Do we need more?
P: I donıt think so.  I really have been your pit bull.
M: I understand that, and I wish for you to continue beingŠ a lioness protecting her cubs.  Forget a pit bull, itıs too small.  Yes?  AND, do not take this job lightly.
P: I donıt take this lightly.
M: Do you think they are going to accept this Contract lightly?
P: I would hope not.
M: You will be the one hearing from them.  You will be the one sending this Contract out.  And they will be held accountable.  

Usually when I come in, I just stomp around and yell and demean. LOL  This evening, I am going to begin talking, and I am going to demand at this time that, when something is said that you feel others may take contrary, you are to immediately just speak up.  Interrupt, in other words.  And we are going to make sure we work through all the whyıs and whereforeısı, shall we?  Good!  If you are working on the Trinity Project, and you have been working on the Trinity Project for the minimum of eight months, you WILL be put into a Quartet!  And you WILL CONTINUE on with your Trinity work.  Now, we are not starting up Quartets just to let all of you feel Œgoodı when you finally reach Group Heart.  That is not our plan at all.  How many of you in this room have prayed, ³Letıs get it over with, letıs get it done, I want out of here²?  [show of hands]  [to J] Please count the hands.  Iım raising my hand for this person because I know that this person does it.  
J: Five
M: How many are in the room total?
J: Eight
M: What does this tell us?  The majority of the Lightworkers are tired, they feel they have done their best and they want the hell out of here!  Not yet.  
S: Either that or we want it to be easier.
M: War is never easy.  And this is war.  Youıve been recruited.
S: Drafted?
M: You bet!  However, you can also look at it as, you, my dearest one, were the first in line to volunteer to come here. <grin>  Do you want me to manifest the Contract? <grin>  In your dreams. LOL  You see, I do not need to give you proof, your heart gives you the proof, doesnıt it.  
S: Yes
M: Very good.  What we are asking for is commitment.  If you want the hell off of this rock, then youıd better damn well be committed to do the work to get OFF the rock!  And the work begins tomorrow, in force, in masse.  [to B] How much do you input into the whining that goes on, that these two [J&D] read every day?
B: Not much, I donıt think.
M: Not at all.  Itıs time.  Can you imagine the flack that is going to hit their wonderful, tiny little lists tomorrow when they read that they have become a member of the Armed Forces of God?
B: As if thatıs something new.
M: Well, they complained about it before, too.
B: I thought that was the whole idea of us being here.
M: Well, letıs look at it this way.  [to K] You signed your Contract, did you not?  And some of you signed your Contract, did you not, with BLOOD?  YOUR blood?
K: Yes
M: Then why arenıt you communicating this to those on the lists?
K: Iım not on the computer.
M: That needs to be straightened out now, doesnıt it?  You are here as support, are you not?  As are you, and you and you and you.  So what support have you given ME lately?  
P: I HAVE been your pit bull.
M: Yes, you have.  Now, that wasnıt ego that caused her to justify that one, now was it?  I honor you for being my pit bull, it just wasnıt good enough.  Become the lioness with the cubs and I will be happy.  
P: If you only knew the guilt I went through when I WAS the pit bull!
M: NowŠwhen I make these blanket statements, you donıt need to go into guilt, do you?
P: No, I donıt.
M: Thank you.  Now, I can stroke, I can tell someone when they have done a good job.  It would have been me saying it first if it had not been for the guilt that she felt while being my pit bull.
P: Letıs take that one step further.
M: Justify, please!
P: I was not in guilt at the time of BEING the pit bull, it was AFTER being the pit bull.
M: And that just eradicated all those good feeling that you had for doing the work for me.  

Now, you realize, donıt you, that when this information goes out, the outcry will be fantastic?  Weıre going to get the juices flowing again, shall we?  LETıS GET THAT RIGHTEOUS ANGER UP AND TO THE FRONT SO WE CAN HAVE IT WORK FOR US, SHALL WE?  
J: Will it be righteous anger on their part?
M: As long as itıs anger and itıs over this, it will be TURNED INTO righteous anger.  If itıs petty human ego anger that causes them to speak up, it will allow all of those with all those other petty human ego angers to see exactly how small it feels compared to the real thing.  You see, we have ways and means of being able to Œpurifyı an energy when it is up.  You want to know what righteous anger feels like without any question?  Get angry over what Iım saying now.  Because we have ways of, when that anger comes up over this, of tracking that and turning it into honest-to-God righteous anger.  But they wonıt feel it over the petty human ego that they feel.  Theyıre going to feel it in themselves FOR feeling that petty human ego anger.  All they have to do, if they dare, is take a look in a mirror at the time that they are feeling it.  So my challenge right now, to each and everyone reading this on your computers is, as soon as you feel that anger of thinking ³THAT isnıt Metatron!² or ³That isnıt MY Metatron!²   I challenge you in this moment, stand up, walk to your nearest mirror and say those words.  It is that simple.  
B: And they will all self-destruct!  No, just kidding!  LOL
M: Well, if you think it, I guarantee you at least 20% of them, after they read this, is going to think the same thing. <grin>  AND, the majority of the people that read it and feel that anger, will not have the NERVE to look themselves in the mirror if they say that.  But, yet, they will feel it in themselves anyway.  If they look in the mirror, it will go easier on them.  If they do notŠ letıs hope they pray a lot, shall we? <grin>

Now, is this righteous anger that Metatron feels right now?  You bet!  Itıs easier to go into fear, isnıt it?  Itıs easier to look at the fearful things than it is to pull away from them and vow to do everything in your power to help others OUT of that fear.  Yes, I have a habit of getting right up in your face when Iım talking to you about specific things, donıt I?  Now, why would that be?
P: So we get the message?
M: No, so I can look in your core and see your truth.  I can feel it from where Iım standing right this moment.  I know exactly which ones of you are in fear, and if I get into your face and I look deep enough, I find out if it can be repaired.  And of course it can.  

Now, why did I come in this evening?  Fear is running rampant throughout the world right now.  Did you not know that?  The Œbig sighı is about to take place, did you know that?  Are you ready?  [to P] Are you going to be sighing?  
P: I think so, yes.
M: Then that means you felt the fear.  LOL  Now, when you breathe that big sigh and can finally admit to yourself that, ³I sighed because I fell into the fear trap², then what will you do about it?  What will you do when you find out you were in the fear trap?  How many of you sat down and did exactly as you were told the last time by Lord Sananda?  How many of you checked out what your moral code really is?  And how many of you included the fact that you would fall into the fear trap every chance you got?  
P: Thereıs a difference between your Œbig sighı and the big sigh that some of us have been holding out forŠ
M: You still fell into the fear trap.  Yes, you did. I wonıt go into that too much but I can assure every person in this room that they did.  Maybe not necessarily the same fear as everyone else, however, I can assure you it is not possible for you to fight critical mass.  Where else could you have been?  This [9/11] is not the only fear trap to come, thereıs bigger fears out there. <grin>  There are fears out there that could turn your blood to ice if you just paused to think of them.  How can you keep from falling into those fear traps?  HmmmŠ I wonder.  Could UNITY, perhaps, defeat falling into the fear trap?  Itıs the ONLY way to defeat fear, to come together in staying OUT of fear.  
S: A few had rather Œfightı and Œhateı.
M: Yes, this is true.  But each of these people that I am speaking to right now through this message claim to not be in that human guise.
S: Theyıre fooling themselves.
M: Exactly.  Now, how did you put that?  Humans love toŠ ?
S: They love to fight, they love to hate.
M: OK, letıs play on that, shall we?  If humans love to fight, what can you fight together?
P: Fear
M: Exactly.  What can you Œhateı together?
S: Hate
M: Very good.  

Now, in order for us to come together to fight fear and to hate Œhateı, what do we have to do?  
J: Come together in Group Mind and Group Heart.
M: Oh really?  Do you think that would help?
J: LOL  I think it would.
M: Now, what would someone need to do to get in Group Mind and Group Heart, pray tell?
J: Get into a Quartet and do it the way itıs supposed to be done!
M: Oh!  Please!  Wouldnıt that be nice?  Wouldnıt that be wonderful?  
A: I have a question.  How do we identify a fear weıre not aware of?  I felt like I was not in fear of the 9/11.  I felt like I was very peaceful and calm because I was sure that nothing would happen.  And, still, you say we were all in fear.  How do I identify that fear that Iım not aware of?
M: Did you know about the fires?  Did you know about the flooding?  Did you know about the tornadoes?  
A: Yes
M: How did you know about these?
A: Well, I was probably looking at theŠ news.  LOL  Reading it on the internet.
M: Need I say more?  The biggest fear trap that there is, isnıt it?   You have a lot of people in your country right now who are fearful of this day [9/11], yes?  You KNEW that nothing was going to happen on this day!  You were TOLD the last time you were all together, right? [by Sananda]  But if critical mass is in fear, it doesnıt have to be the fear of this day, it could be the fear that something would happen to him, or something would happen to her, or the fires would burn down the house, the flooding would hurt your parents, ANY fear.  The fear trap isnıt selective.  All the fear trap does is make sure youıre in fear of not doing your job right, not being happy at home, etc.  [to K] ³Iım afraid if I stay in Sedona, something wrong will happen.²  Right?  ³Oh, do I have cancer?  Do I have a tumor?²  ³Will my check bounce?²  Any fear will do!  The fear trap just makes sure that you have fear.  

Now, let me ask you a question.  What do you do if itıs a Œterrorı trap?  Do you know the difference between Œfearı and Œterrorı?  Fear you can push back into the back of your mind.  Terror runs rampant throughout your whole life.  There is no controlling terror.  If about five people have their way [world leaders], you WILL be caught in the terror trap SOON.  Thatıs why we are insisting for you to go into Quartets.  The Quartet is nothing except a way to ease your heart, to be able to come together in Group Mind and, hopefullyŠ ³Please, God, let us go into Group Heart so I can get out of it for just a few moments².  Do we understand?  What happens if those five people decide that they do not want to set off just ONE nuclear bomb, but they want to set off one per country?  The terror.  

Now, we have grids in place.  We have grids that your Love and Light have been weaving and stroking.  And we have told you that once your Quartet comes together in Group Heart, and we have enough Quartets going into Group Heart, that we can put that all in the grids and CHANGE critical mass.  DO WE UNDERSTAND? We need MANY.  We need as many from different continents and different countries as we can possibly put together because IF these five people decide to do what they decide to do, YOU are the ones that will need it.  Not me, not Lord Sananda, not Lord Michael, not Ashtar!  YOU!  Every one of YOU are going to need Group Heart.  You WILL end up in terror.  YES, the Quartet meditations are RIGID! And if they donıt want to do them as theyıve been instructed, theyıre OUT!  When we look at things, we see all these factions that think that this planet does not need anything.  Heavens, no!  ³We will come into Group Heart together and we will Œseeı her [Earth] as Œperfectı!²  Thatıs because they are in the Œheadı.  They want to stay Œsafeı!  Thereıs no such thing as Œsafeı.  Thatıs my point and why I am here this evening.  ŒSafetyı comes in NUMBERS, UNITY, and interdependence upon each other!  Now, what keeps us from interdependence and unity?  Well, some believe the earth needs to be cocooned, and some believe that she just needs to be blown up, and some believe she doesnıt need anything, and others believe sheıs just going to be taken onboard a ship and healed. Because every one of you have your own EXPECTATIONS of what is going to happen!  The Lightworkers of this planet think that they can just let their little Love and Light shine from their hearts and everything will be so wonderful, so fine, and so lovely.  Well, let me stand a demon in front of you right NOW and see what those angel wings tell you!  

So when these two [J&D] start getting hammered from all of these Love and Light Lightworkers, that want to sit at home and be SAFE, what are you going to say?  Theyıre going to say, ³This isnıt the real Metatron!²  Well, you in this room are the ones taking in my energy of Metatron.  So do YOU know who I AM?
K: Definitely.
M: Then who are you going to tell?
K: Anybody that asks.
M: NO!  Thatıs too Œsafeı!  
B: Stand up and be counted!
M: Exactly!  Are you going to say it?  When the e-mails start hitting, saying ³This isnıt the real Metatron!² what are you going to say?
B: To go to hell!  LOL  Just joking!  LOL
M: I LOVE this woman! <grin>  Because their own personal hell is the hell that keeps them Œsafeı, that tells them to sit at home and Œbe in Love and Lightı, and do NOTHING ELSE!  Itıs a hell of their own making.  And itıs the demon seed that spoils everything inside them, when they hear or read something that says ³Oh, yes, just keep sitting and sending out Love energies and it will all be fine, we promise².  Do you want to know what a demon seed is?  A demon seed is information that comes through and says ³Sit back and do NOTHING!²  I want each and every one of you to SWEAT as much as THIS BODY sweats when Iım in it!  I want you to be able to go to bed at night, into your dreams, and know that you did something.  You did something good for the planet, you did something good for the stupid human collective, and you did something good for you!  Keep the terror at bay!  

Now, weıre going to go around in the circle.  What do you think keeps Lightworkers from doing their work but THINKING that they are? [asks everyone in room]
Group:  Ego, laziness, procrastination, fear, hate, comfort, distraction.
M: [to J]  Did we get all those on tape?  I want them all to read those words, every one of them because I guarantee they have at least two of them if they are not putting their Love and Light ON THE LINE EVERY DAY, except one. [Sabbath] <grin>   
[to J] How many times have the messages that have come through this house put you on the line?  Too many to count!  How many people have written to you and said ³Oh, that wasnıt the Œrealı Sananda², ³Oh, that wasnıt the Œrealı Ashtar², ³Oh, that wasnıt the Œrealı MetatronŠ Iım quitting!²  
Group:  LOL  Bye!
M: How many?  Too many to count!  And how many came back later?
J: Almost 100%.
M: Because they know the truth when they read it or see it or hear it, whether their minds will admit it or not!  Youıve got many out there that have passed on the information that has come through this house, that you have NO idea whereıs it gone.  You have no idea who has read the information that has come through this house.  Iım not saying youıre the only ones receiving the real information, however, I can tell you that if the information you read tells you ³Oh, itıs OK to just sit back and spread our little Love and Light energies all day long², youıre getting the wrong information.  You came here not to have a vacation.  Each and every one of you came here to WORK!  And not just to work enough to Œget byı, you came here to work to get EVERYBODY by!  You know what I mean?  To rid this planet of strife, to rid this planet of pain, to rid this planet of turmoil, to rid this planet of disease.  And I hate to be the one to tell you, but I was the one voted to tell because they figured Iım too big for you to get upset with.  YOUıVE FAILED!!!  BIGTIME!  HUGE!  Bigger than me, and thatıs pretty damn big!  You canıt take it Œpersonallyı because your Contract wasnıt to come here and do it single-handedly.  Your Contract was to come to this planet, FIND ALL THE REST OF YOU, get together IN UNITY, and DO IT!  Humph!  Well, freewill choice THIS!  

Iım going to give you a guideline this evening.  Itıs very simple and you donıt even have to memorize it.  Before you make ANY CHOICE in your life, whether itıs to sit down and pee or stand up and pee, you are to ask ONE QUESTION over any choice:  IS THIS FULFILLING MY CONTRACT, OR IS IT KEEPING ME ALONE, ŒSAFEı, AND IN EGO?  Is that simple enough?  Is that simple enough?  I WANT FEEDBACK!
Group: Yes
M: Now, do you want to know why Iım the ŒTeacher of Teachersı? <grin>  And you thought this evening was just going to be another one of those evening where Sananda comes in and makes you feel good. <grin>  
J: LOL  No, we didnıt.  We knew it would be you.  Thatıs why we already had all the furniture moved for you.
B: And I took all my jewelry off. LOL
M: How many of you are swelling up?  My energy goes Œoutı.  Check your joints and extremities.  Shake them off.  If you need to, get up and pace a little bit.  Iım not like Lord Sananda, I donıt cheat.  I donıt need your ego out of the way, I can see right passed it.  In fact, I could probably sit each of you down, in a row, and one by one go up and say ³Ego, rear your ugly head and let this one see what he truly bows down to on a day-to-day basis².  Do we have any questions yet?  [to A] Are we in fear?
A: Not much.
M: Are you in righteous anger yet?
A: No
M: You will be before I leave or I havenıt done my job.  Do you want me to make sure you get there right now?
A: LOL  Donıt hit me!  LOL
M: LOL  Do you know your home planet?  It has pink skies, three suns and ten moons.  Thereıs always a Light source, always.  There is never total darkness there.  You live in a beautiful, beautiful palace all made of white and pink marble.  Do you feel it?  Every one of these Lightworker idiots are keeping you from being there!  Personally!  And if they DO NOT come together, youıre still going to be here instead of being at Home, swimming in the green seas.  Do you feel the anger yet?
B: Oh, yeah.
M: Do you feel the anger yet?  [to J] Let go of that compassion!  I want the anger up front!  
J: It is because I WANT to go Home!
M: You have a RIGHT to be mad.  [to A] You have the right given to you by the Creator to be mad at all those who refuse to come together in Unity, because THEY are keeping you HERE, when you are NEEDED ELSEWHERE!  
A: OhŠ I didnıt understand the question that way.  I thought you wanted to know if I was angry at you for yelling.  Thatıs why I said ³no, Iım not², because youıre right.
M: But you know who you need to be mad at.
A: Yes
M: And youıre going to speak that anger.  Youıre going to yell the anger.  Youıre going to SPEW THAT ANGER!  Now, are all of you going to spew it at Ashtar?  Are you going to spew it at Michael?  
K: Theyıre not the ones keeping us here.
M: Oh, very good!
J: Iım going to spew it at every one of those so-called ŒAshtar Commandersı.
M: Exactly!
J: Theyıre so full of ego, theyıve all scattered to the point thereıs nobody out there!
M: Then why donıt you send this message to them, also?
J: Oh, rest assured I will.
J: You bet!  Itıs been like beating my head against a stone wall.
M: Letıs put it down to technical terms, yes?  Very technical, shall we?  You came here to do a job.  You signed a Contract with your Creator to come here and do a job.  You also signed a Contract with Lord Michael to come here and do a job.  You also signed one with ME.  Are you still in poverty, do you still have money worries?  Not living where you want to live or how you want to live?  Car having problems?  Youıre not doing you job.  Itıs that simple.  [to J]  Yes, you do your job.  Yes, this one does her job.  Itıs not enough.  The main job is to pull as many Lightworkers, KICK THEIR ASS, and put them out to go to work!  Donıt be the Œmotherı, be the Drill Sergeant.  Can you do that?
J: Yes, I can.
M: Donıt be Œniceı, be a pit bull.  [to B] Do you want Œgoneı?
B: I kind of like hanging around.
M: Well, are you going to help her [A] go Home where sheıs neededŠ where YOU are also needed?
B: Oh.
M: It has come to be a time and a place where, if you canıt pull it together, terror is going to win!  Pure and simple.  You feel like youıre spinning your wheels, feel like youıre doing all you can do and youıre just not getting anywhere?  Believe me, itıs because youıre NOT DOING ENOUGH of the right thing.  If all youıre doing is sitting at home and filling your little heart with ŒLove and Lightı and youıre sending all that ŒLove and Lightı energy out there to wherever you think it needs to go, youıre DEFINITELY not doing it!  Itıs time to WORK!  If all of you can come together, if ALL of you can come togetherŠ humph!Š OK, we wonıt ask for miracles, OK?  If HALF of you can come together within the next two years, two of YOUR years, youıll be Home.  Youıll be happy.  So letıs say that right now youıre going to sign up for a two-year stint in Metatronıs Militia!  Eagles HUNT, Eagles KILL to protect what they need to protect.  When I look at Lightworkers, I see a bunch of geese.  They do a lot of loud squawking and donıt really do their job.  Have you ever seen a goose kill someone?  I havenıt, and thereıs many types of geese.  What do they do?  They make a lot of noise.  So how many of you want to start being called ŒSanandaıs Geeseı?  Thatıs all Iıve seen so far.  Letıs see some Eagles, shall we?  Think we can do that?  Yes, for all of you sitting here right now, the best thing for you to do is come together.  Well, you do.  You come together once a week, sometimes you sit and do the dutiful little human thing and listen to the Masters speak, and sometimes you just come and laugh and joke and eat.  

I came tonight because the Œbig sighı happens this evening.  Tomorrow, you go to work.  The more you work, the easier you will transmute any energies that come your way.  But, see, if you sit, sedately, and just fill your heart with ŒLove and Lightı and send those energies out, youıre going to absorb all these energies and nothing will get done.  And I will be the first to bid adieu to anyone that refuses to see the truth to this.  If your numbers drop drastically, you may thank ME.  Do you understand?
J: Yes
M: Itıs Œtruthı time.  Itıs time to go to work.  Letıs talk BOOT CAMP, shall we? <grin>  Shall we?  Calisthenics, exercise, diet, Œtote that barge, lift that baleıŠ is that how it goes?Š carry that backpack.  WEıRE GOING TO WAR, PEOPLE!  Weıre going to war with humanity!  Itıs what we came here to do, isnıt it?  This is an armyŠ GODıS ARMY!  Does that offend you?  Why?  Most of you are associated with Michaelıs Legions, are you not?  THAT, TOO, IS AN ARMY!  An Army of Light Warriors!  
A: Yes, I already see it.  Are you the Drill Sergeant?
P: No, the Commanding Officer!
M: LOL  You learn fast, donıt you. She is ŒLioness Squadronı. <grin>  [to K] ŒMountain Goat Battalionı.  <grin>  [to A] What are you?
A: Me?  Gosh, what am I?
B: A submarine.
M: LOL  I can tell you right now, there are five lifeforms that will be leaving this planet by the end of this year because they cannot take the collective human energetics.  It doesnıt have anything to do with technology, it doesnıt have anything to do with HAARP, doesnıt have anything to do with sonar, it doesnıt have anything to do with anything except the fact that theyıre sick and tired of dealing with humans.  Humans have degraded all other lifeforms on this planet!  They have degraded THOUSANDS of lifeforms into extinction on this planet!  They [the lifeforms] said, ³I donıt need this, Iım going Home!²  But you know what?  Thatıs why you chose to come into human bodies, because then you couldnıt say ³Oh, Iıve had enough, I want to go Home².  You are the mercenaries, the paid, hired-guns to come in and get the job DONE!  Guess what?  If you donıt get the job done, you donıt get paid!  Thatıs in the Contract. <grin>  If you wish to think of this in a 3D human term, fine, go ahead!  But there is nothing logical in your mind that can keep you from knowing the fact that youıre here to work as a COLLECTIVE, not as a single unit!  EVER!  Ever.  You see, itıs time to come together in UNITY!  TOGETHER!
J: Metatron, weıve posted some pretty strong words to our lists before that have come fromŠ
M: I believe some of them were from ME, yes?
J: Yes, as well as Ashtar and Sananda, about everyone coming together as a group, united, without ego.  And where is everybody?  Where are all these other so-called Ashtar Commanders that used to have listsŠ they just sort of disappeared and closed them down.
M: They are sitting in their safe solitude, making ŒLove and Lightı in their hearts and sending it out.  Does that answer your questions?
J: I donıt know what else we can do or say to get them to come together as One.  Any suggestions?
M: Well, it seems to me that the energies that this planet has been going through has caused a lot of them to go into fear.  And since the Œbig sighı is going to happen [looks at imaginary wristwatch] very, very IMMEDIATELY, then we can hopefully adjust ourselves to the fact that they will come back.  

Now, as to those asking to take the Masterıs ClassesŠ every one of them! Yes!  As to the Quartets, as soon as they sign the Contract, they can start doing the work. If they refuse to sign the Contract, please tell them I wish them well in their singular endeavors.  
P: On that order, even though some may sign that Contract, uhŠ
M: Oh, are we being defeatist right off the bat?
P: No, no, noŠ
M: Only Œsomeı may sign that Contract?  I think you might be surprised! LOL
P: Well, I hope all will sign the Contract and hold it sacred.
M: Let me put it this way.  If they DONıT hold it sacred, you donıt have to worry about itŠ thatıs when I step in.  And I will reaffirm, right now, the only ŒMetatron instructionsı these Quartets will receive is through ŒTHIS bodyı!  That way, there will be no questions in ANYONEıS mind as to whether confusing, conflicting Metatron has something to say.  Howıs THAT?  I do what I can to assist. <grin>
P: And you do it so well. <grin>
M: Donıt under rate meŠ I do it Œbestı.  LOL  I am the Keeper of All.  There is only one equal to me, and heıs at my side.  Itıs just he tends to deal more with giggles and laughter and puns and riddles.  Sandalphon.  The Lord your God made the two of us to be His Keepers, the Keepers of All the information.  We are also what you might refer to as his Œgophersı.  When He gets a bit miffed, He sends me. <grin>  Do you honestly think that your Lord God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah?  
P: That was YOU?  You did a fantastic job. LOL
M: Itıs STILL being purified, it was that nasty with human muck.  You want proof?  Check out all the salt itıs buried under.  [to J]  Any questions?
J: About?
M: Anything.
J: I have a proxy question.
M: Let me hear it.
J: Our sister ____, that used to come here all the timeŠ
M: Yes
J: She says that she would like to come, but the energies seem to wipe her out for as much as two days afterwards.  Is there anythingŠ
M: Do you see what you are doing?  [looks at J] I see bare feet, flat on the floor.  That assists greatly.  Also, opening your mind up before you sit down to listen, and to say Œany energies that are not mine, let them travel through me, through my feet and into the planet, for she needs it most of allı.

J: OK, I have one other proxy question, which is along the line of our mission.  _____ said maybe she could get a validation about her thinking that her role in the ascension was to be more of a behind-the-scenes person rather than an up-front person.
M: Not anymore <grin>  None of you are here to crawl into a hole and be Œsafeı.  None of you.  None of your Contracts stipulate that you are here to be Œsinguları.  Period.  End of discussion.
J: OK.  I think everybody should get the message after they read this.
M: Do you think?
J: Iıve got my fingers crossed. LOL  
M: Are you telling me that this oneıs body did not suffer for naught?
J: Of course not.
M: Well, we shall see, wonıt we.
J: Because Iım going to kick butt and make sure it hasnıt.
M: [to B]  Are you?  
B: Oh yeah.  What can we do besides the Quartets?
M: Bring more people in.  Find them and drag them in.  
B: Do I have permission to send this message to my e-mail lists?
M: I want everyone on this PLANET to read this!
A: OK, that is good.
M: EVERYONE from the lowliest human that is dwelling in the human muck of just mortal existence to the most aloof, metaphysical, spiritual teacher out there.  I want them ALL to get it!  

Masterıs Classes:
M: I understand that Lord Sanandaıs ascension lessons are going out?  And I have a Masterıs Class ready to start.
J: Yes.
M: Is the second one ready to start?  Is the third one ready to start?  Is the forth one ready to start?
J: Iım sure they are, I just donıt know it yet.
M: I want it out there.  ŒIı want the information out there. [Masterıs Classes]  Because all of the basics that we have talked about tonight, every one of them, are contained inside the ascension lessons and, especially, inside the Masterıs Classes.  The Masterıs Classes are designed to help you incorporate this more into your being and push that ego out of the way so you can see, feel and hear THE Truth.  Not YOUR truth, not HER truth, not HIS truthŠ ŒTHEı TRUTH.  Do we understand?  And I want them to be advertised as such.  And may I make a personal suggestion to you? [J] When it comes to that wonderful lesson concerning the ŒIı, the Œmeı, the Œmyı and the Œmineı, do it yourself all week, yes?  Because you are going to be making an impression on all of those people that you write to on all of those lists, and individually, because they are going to know YOU are facilitating the class.  And YOU are going to be the example. [to P]  Are YOU ready to facilitate one?
P: Yes
M: [to J]  She gets the next group.  [to B] Are YOU ready to facilitate one?
B: No
M: [to A]  Are you?
A: Yes
M: [to J] She gets the third.  He [B] gets the forth whether heıs ready or not.  However, what I can say is, the two of you can co-facilitate.  Will that make it easier?
B&A: I need to review the lessons, too.
M: Oh, you will not be just reviewing them, you will be absorbing them while you are facilitating.  If you think you received the information when you got it at first, you havenıt seen anything until you facilitate.  It becomes cellular.  
J: We are working to get the Masterıs Classes taught in Spanish and Portuguese.
M: Yes
J: I guess the only thing we havenıt figured out yet is if thereıs going to be a live channeling for the last classŠ
M: Yes, there is, but it has not been arranged yet.  It will be arranged because Neiron is making sure that that is going to happen.  
J: Good.  He was the only one we could think of that knew both languages and could do this.
M: It will be Neiron.  It is part of his Contract. <grin>
J: Oh, good.  
A: One other question.  The ones who will facilitate the Masters ClassesŠ could they have been in the Masterıs Classes just before?
M: You bet!  Part of your job as a future facilitator is to what? Make sure you have students.  It isnıt just HER [J] job.  The next one is yours [P] and yours [A].
P: Then when will be the next one?
M: As soon as you have a minimum of twelve peoples to take that class, you may begin, even if itıs tomorrow. <grin>

[to A] Your Home is fine without you, do not worry. <grin> Just make sure you keep the anger where it needs to be so you can go home soon.
A: OK, but I want to bring him [B] with me.
M: Why would you want to?
M: Oh, thatıs right, Iım not supposed to be the one telling jokes, right?  Iım the Œbig, mean Metatronı!  Well, it is time for me to leave.
Group: Yes
M: Are we done?  You might wish to remove this [mic] because the electricity is going to fire out if I do.
J: Thank you for being here.
M: Namaste.

Please share freely with appropriate credit.
Copyright 2002, Ashtarıs Trinity/Sanandaıs Eagles