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PAN-Iberamerican Web of Light
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Asunto:PAN- III Iberamerican Web of Light Gathering / The Web of Hearts / Invitation / Nov 21-24 / Caracas, Venezuela!
Fecha:Martes, 15 de Octubre, 2002  03:30:21 (-0500)
Autor:Ricardo Ocampo <redluz>

III Iberamerican Web of Light Gathering / The Web of Hearts / Invitation / Nov 21-24 / Caracas, Venezuela!

The Web of Hearts


November 21-24, 2002
Caracas, Venezuela


¡Meeting in the midst of Diversity!  

We hereby invite all the groups and people compromised with changing
paradigms either in the light of the new consciousness in all its
expressions, environmentalists, those interested in preserving life on
Earth, indigenous cultures, social finances, or any other field helping to
awaken the human being.  Those into the creation of webs and networks of
solidarity and civil information, we are inviting you to come and join us in
the 3rd Encounter, from November 21st to the 24th, 2002, in Caracas,

We want you to participate, to join us in this collective consciousness, to
add your energy to ours to create a critical mass.  If you are a
light-worker, guardian of the land, of our ancient cultures, new economies,
minorities, social transformation, and peace; if you feel this rings with
your wish to serve others, then, this is an invitation for you to
participate.  This is a calling to all the people that dream with a better
world, with a world of peace, collaboration, brotherhood, mutual respect, of
living in the midst of diversity.


The purpose of the 3rd Iberamerican Web of Light Gathering is to consolidate
this new golden web in Spanish languaje that connects beings and willingness
into one consciousness of unity, collaboration, and brotherhood, all this
beyond any differences.

Our purpose is to create a web that, connecting all our hearts, will reach
the critical mass necessary to turn the consciousness of our world around. 
A web is an organic knit that connects all the points that form the web.  In
a web, every point is important, there is no hierarchy.  In a web,
information flows ³horizontally².  Today there are many networks, but we are
only referring to that formed by people and beings whose hearts wish to
connect to those of others in communion (common union), brotherhood, and

A Web of Hearts

A web is an organic knit that connects all the dots and lines of which it is
conformed without distinction of importance or hierarchy.  Today, there are
many webs in our planet, but we are only going to refer to the network
formed by those whose hearts wish to connect with others in communion. 
Adding hearts to the web we can reach the necessary critical mass that will
swap the consciousness our world needs.

This web of hearts will meet in Caracas, ancient holy indigenous valley,
skirting the Guaraira Repano (Avila mountain).  This majestic mountain chain
will be accompanying us, revealing its mystery.

The gathering is this new golden knit that connect beings and wills into one
and only consciousness, that of unity, collaboration and brotherhood, beyond
any differences. Simultaneous translation will be provided.


Four years ago, a cybernetic community was created through the internet,
formed by spanish speaking people with a common intimate feeling of
service. A new way of serving based on brotherhood, cooperation, enriched
growth, peace, love, a higher consciousness. A new concept of informationŠ
good news associated with global changes, information note released by
traditional media, information inspired by the light, looking for solutions
to the problems confronted by our planet Earth.  A joining of hands to love
and respect our planet, to cooperate instead of competing, of getting
together because of what makes us similar and instead of our differences.

Thanks to the synchronized effort of may lightworkers, this new information
started moving quickly. Virtual translation centers and editing rooms were
created, cultural differences reduced, an increased wish to know each other
grew and so a web of common interested and ideals was spontaneously born. 
Slowly a grid of light appeared, a nervous net to share information. 
Through this web we established a vital connection between groups, people,
communities, yearnings and dreams. The first gathering took place in 2000 in
Monterrey, Mexico.

More conscious of the importance of getting together periodically, a second
encounter takes place in 2001 in Costa Rica, with the purpose of dialoguing,
understanding the mechanics of light service, creative work, a higher
consciousness and brotherly sharing. Almost 200 participants from 17 Spanish
speaking countries and their enthusiasm make the 2nd encounter a Grand
Communion.  We met the objectives of increased participation, integration
goals were clarified, new strategies for diffusion were planned, new groups
and people joined in the work of the web.  Finally, a proposal is made to
celebrate the 3rd Gathering in Caracas-Venezuela.

Meeting in diversity

We live in a world of differences.  Differences we all know, of race, sex,
religion, economic, cultural, ideologicalŠ

Naming what separates us could be everlasting.  Every separation and
difference is based on what we call a polarized world and a belief system
based in the duality: bad/good, day/night, male/female, rich/poor,
material/spiritualŠ  We would also need a long list for the polarities. 
They are here.  We know they exist and that they are part of our material
reality.  This division is what has gotten us into a pattern of greed for
power that has led us to wars, poverty and exploitation.  This is the
crossroad where we are standing today, either we keep reinforcing these
differences or we find alternatives of union.  This dilemma has made us
ponder and search for solutions.  We are happy we¹ve found a way.  This
solution is not outside; it¹s not in the material world.  It¹s within us, in
our hearts.  Your heart is the center where differences dilute, where utopia
is possible, where there is neither polarity nor separation.

We are asking every goodwill group and individual, engaged in changing
paradigms, either in issues of the environment, indigenous cultures, social
finance, the new consciousness in any of its expressions as well as any
other field dedicate to human awakening.  To those of you dedicated to the
creation of webs of solidarity and civil information, we are inviting you to
participate and join us in the 3rd Encounter of the Ibero-American Light
Network, to be held from November 21st to the 24th in Caracas, Venezuela. 

This III Gathering is then, the encounter of hearts, of brotherhood, an
encounter of peace, of the cocreation of the New World we so much expect.

Joining in diversity, in tolerance, in plurality, in joy, in celebrating, in
meditating, in love, in the outside and the inside, that is what this annual
meeting is all about.  This is the third consecutive time you are being


We have prepared a program that includes five large subjects to cover
several aspects in different ways.  We plan to have a massive participation
and propose living the experience and energy as an alternative way of


First day:  Light Networks / Webs, their organization, development in the
Internet, anchoring in the physicality, radial communication.



Second Day:  Ancient Knowledge, the wisdom of our ancient indigenous
communities, reverence to nature.  New Communities, ways of interchange,
relating and grouping into a global consciousness.

SEE Friday


Third Day:  Planetary Ascension, groups compromised with the ascension of
our planet, ascended masters, contact with our intra and extraterrestrial
brothers .

SEE Saturday


Fourth Day:  The Path of Light, new ways of healing, handling of energy, the
power of prayer

SEE Sunday

This program is barely a work paper, it may vary and adjust as required.

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