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Asunto:PAN- Operation Planet Love 2003 / OPA Letter & Program 2003-2004
Fecha:Martes, 25 de Marzo, 2003  21:00:11 (-0600)
Autor:RedLUZ/LUXWeb <redluz>

Operation Planet Love 2003 / OPA Letter & Program 2003-2004

Operation Planet Love
Operación Planeta Amor


Beloved Allies in the Light:

Once again we greet you, as we do every year. This year, 2003, is our twentieth birthday! Twenty years of promoting Love in a Planetary Operation (Operación Planetaria en Amor), of calling for unity through the spiritual works of meditation or prayer to all the schools, groups and individuals with whom we share the desire for a superior world of Light and Peace.

We all know that the inevitable and long-awaited great change will bring the triumph of the light; but the possibilities of this transformation depend on what we, the human race, decide. What is not yet decided is how many of us will succeed in making the transition to the next dimension.

The current situation of the planet is more critical than ever, due to the power of destruction held today by many countries. These nations are capable of unleashing a nuclear, chemical or bacteriological war which would affect the entire planet, no matter where it took place.

The moment to define ourselves as humanity has arrived. How we respond to this crisis will determine whether we are for peace or for war; the possibility of choosing one or the other is within our reach. It does not depend on Washington, Baghdad or any other government that promotes war; rather, it depends on all of us that are the majority and represent the entire world.

Look how many demonstrations for peace there have been in these days all over the world. And in spite of the fact that we constitute an immense majority, we still allow ourselves to be intimidated by the few that advocate war using the weapons of fear and terrorism. In order to maintain the power of our spiritual works, we must preserve the certainty of Peace and not allow ourselves to be influenced by the fear which the television newscasts and periodicals spread among the people, since this counteracts our positive actions and we are not helping the cause of Peace, but that of war. Let us preserve our inner Peace, no matter what we hear or see around us.

OPA proposes to work magic: the magic that can only be achieved when we unite with the Great Magician, the Father, Divinity, or whatever name you choose. The magic that Christ, or any Adept or Initiate, manifests, is none other than divine intervention working in our human world. Its purpose is to make our dreams for our world come true, what many of us know as miracles. Miracles are not supernatural, they are natural in Christ, in the Being or in the divine part of each of us. It is only from that inner spiritual center that we will have the power to transform or achieve those changes that from any other perspective would be considered impossible.

Jesus came to serve as an example of what a Conscious Being can achieve. He showed us the ability that each one of us has within his or her power to make miracles. He taught us that for the Father nothing is impossible and that Love is the greatest power available to all of us.
Unfortunately, darkness, the egos, sought the way to keep this a secret because if it became known it would mean the end of its reign. Consequently we were made to believe that we are nothing, we were filled with guilt and fear and we were made to devalue ourselves in order to prevent our inner power from taking charge and overcoming darkness on Earth. We were inculcated with the idea that Jesus was the Only Son of God, and for that reason we feel incapable of doing what He has done, when the reality is that each one of us is a unique, inimitable son of the Father. We forgot what Jesus Himself said: that we would do greater things than He did.

We wish to share with you some hints or suggestions for working magic and precipitating miracles.

1.  It is only possible to work magic if we recognize Divinity within ourselves and allow It to act, because the Divine is the true Magician. We are children of the Creator, and therefore, creators. In order to co-create with God the manifestation of His Divine Plan on Earth, we must become one with the Being of Light that we have inside ourselves who is the true Magician, and allow Him to act through us.

The ego, darkness, our personal importance and our belief that we are the only ones who possess the truth has made us feel separated from one another. We feel  that separation in our different religions or different spiritual disciplines, and we don¹t realize that this is the influence of one of the weapons of darkness: ³divide and conquer.²

2. In each spiritual work, meditation or prayer that we engage in, let us declare that we are UNITED to all the workers, missionaries and warriors of the Light in every corner of the Earth, every nation, every religion or spiritual movement. As each of us works in the Light, we will inevitably be united in It, but we need to do this consciously and declare this Unity. Since we do not know all of our co-workers, nor are we equipped to judge who really is in the Light and who is merely disguised as a sheep, when we unite to all the workers of the Light, those of us who really are in the Light will be as one.

Why is this Union so important? Because in this way we not only multiply the power of our individual efforts, we also will have planetary authority by presenting a united front. We represent each other in each spiritual work we perform, acting for the whole and in name of the whole. This is of vital importance because even though those of us who want peace are unquestionably a majority, our power is still dispersed.

Let us unite as well with all the other planes and dimensions in the Light: let us call upon Angels, Archangels, Risen Teachers, Lords of the Seven Rays, Guardians of all the Ceremonial Centers or Centers of Power on Earth, Beings of Light, Extra-terrestrials and Intra-terrestrials (specifying that they be Beings of Light), Dolphins and Whales (remember, they are not animals, but Guardians of the Earth), Beings of the Mountains, Elohims, Devas, etc. Let us invoke all the Higher Hosts of the Light who are working on ³Mission Planet Earth.²

Let us unite also across time. Let us work magic, ordering that all the Light guided, invoked or sown at any time or place come together in this Eternal Present. That every prayer or ceremony that has ever been performed in favor of the Light on this Planet, and every prayer for a better world be precipitated in the Eternal Moment of the Present. That all the work done by the Great Ones that walked the Earth --Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Saint Francis, Gandhi, etc.-- be summoned here and now in union with the Eternal Present.

UNITED in space, time and all the dimensions, we will make up the greatest and most impressive Interplanetary Network of Light in the largest Planetary Operation in LOVE ever seen by this humanity.

3.  Let us exercise our authority as workers of the Light. This is no time to ask, we must demand. We are making our stand as human beings. Let us say: ³By the power conferred upon us as Children of the Father/Mother, we demand Peace...² ³By the power conferred upon us as Citizens of Planet Earth, we demand Peace...² It is obvious that we are not just representing our own countries, but rather all of our Family: Humankind. Let us lift up our prayers with the authority bestowed upon us by our mutual Union and in benefit of us all.

4.  Let us demand in the name of all that darkness leave our Earth. Let us expel from the Earth what was already scheduled to leave: that which is not, the illusion, ³evil.² Let us eradicate all of this from our lives and from our Mother Earth. We can ask the Archangel Michael, representative of the Will of the Father and the Great Warrior of the Light par excellence, to expel those who do not wish the Era of Light, Peace and Love. And as a preliminary step, let us invite in Love all of those who are confused by the darkness, as well as darkness itself, to reconsider and enter the Kingdom of the Light, asking the Father to pardon them for they know not what they do. In brief: first the invitation to join the Light, and if they refuse, we order with total authority their banishment from Planet Earth, subject to the Will of the Father.

5. Our power resides in our certainty, firmness, perseverance and constancy, virtues that many of us Workers of the Light are lacking. We need to use more fully the tools that have been given to us in our spiritual path. Each School, Group or Warrior of the Light needs to design and carry out, from his Inner Being, a plan of action, and not relinquish it. What instrument will you be playing in the Great Orchestra at the End of Time, that our Father/Mother¹s music may be the one to play?

In order to achieve this UNION, OPA proposes the following actions: Let us UNITE internally on the dates indicated on the following calendar, in whatever way you choose: through meditation, prayer or whatever method of spiritual elevation you prefer, in your own Temple, Spiritual Center or wherever you like to pray. In some instances the exact hours of the event are given, but the true power does not lie in the specific hour, but rather in gathering together the greatest number of possible participants on each given day.

Let us Unite once a week throughout the year. Choose the day and time which is most convenient for you, and include it in your weekly activities. And whenever catastrophes, famines, wars or critical situations appear that need our help, let us Unite daily at noon, or at whatever time you choose, Internally, until such situations are halted or resolved.

As channels of the One, sow Light in the form of Suns of seven colors or Rays in the most powerful places of the Earth, kindling and reactivating in this manner all the Ceremonial Centers of yesterday, modern and ancient Temples, Cathedrals, Pyramids, Ashrams, Sacred Routes, Mountains, Volcanoes, Seas, Rivers, airports and your Home; and, uniting them, create a Planetary Network of Suns, helping the Light descend on Earth. Let us feel that we are allying ourselves with the Beings of Light of all these places.

Imagine what we can achieve if the most powerful places on Earth are not simply reactivated, but united among themselves: we will create an extraordinary accumulator, a generator of divine energy to lift up our planet. Choose the places where you and your group wish to work. This Sowing of Light can make the difference to bring about the Change (see the final page of this booklet: ³The Sowing of Light².) And remember always to follow your Inner Voice as to where and how to carry out these suggestions.

Let us pray formally and on a regular basis for God to guide the hands of the leaders of each of our own countries, and as always, extend this to include all the leaders in the world.

We know that darkness is powerless against Light, but we also know that discouragement, sorrow, guilt, fear, etc., open the door to the negativity that is sent to us. To defend ourselves against this, we propose to Unite in joy and in prayer and to ask His protection for all of us, the workers of the Light.  

May nothing of what is expressed here separate us, may we never be divided by ideas or concepts. Our thanks to all the tireless workers of the Light in every nation, as well as to all those who make the OPA movement and other similar movements possible through their participation, distribution of literature and contributions.

Take heart, Warrior of Love and Peace, we are in the final stretch, approaching our inevitable Victory! Courage, Alliance, do not falter! Let us redouble our efforts now  that what we have waited and worked for so long is about to arrive: the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Know that since its creation, this Movement has been marked with the symbol of VICTORY. May Light, Love and Power restore the Divine Plan on Earth.

* * * * * * * * * *


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In order to sow Light and act as a channel by which it may descend to Earth, put your mind at Peace, enter within yourself and connect your mind, your heart and your will to those of your true Being. To spread light, one must have light.

Call upon your Masters, Guides or Saints, those to whom you normally relate, and then
UNITE with all of us who are your ALLIES: those of us who, albeit in different ways, are working toward God¹s Plan on Earth. Once you feel this UNION, ask your Holy Father (Your Being, Creator, God or whatever you choose to call Him) to make you His Channel and to give you His Violet Fire*. Feeling and imagining this fire within you, start with your own transmutation and extend the Violet Fire to wherever you are.

You are now ready for the
sowing of Light. Ask to be the bridge between Heaven and Earth and be it. Make the Light descend and feel it as it flows through you. Receive the light through your uplifted left hand and channel it to the Earth with your right, sowing it like a Sun in all the sacred centers or centers of power to which your Heart or your Being direct you. Unite this Sun with all the others you have previously sown and with all those that other brothers and sisters have sown. What will we achieve by this? An impressive NETWORK of SUNS surrounding the Earth to clothe her in light, ignite her and lift her up. And remember that, as with all seeds, you must continue to water and strengthen her through regular prayer directed toward these places.

Finally, ask the Holy Spirit or the Divine Mother or Love or the
PINK Fire** to flood every being as well as the Planet with the Divine Energy which brings us into UNITY and closer to our true Divine nature.

* The Violet Fire or Ray of Transmutation possesses the great power of liberating, cleansing and transmuting everything which is undesirable to you, thus leaving the way open for Goodness, Beauty, Health, Prosperity - those qualities which manifest God¹s Truth in each of us.

** The Pink Fire is the Ray of Divine Love, of Peace, Happiness, Beauty, Well-being and Abundance. It is the highest state of vibration, because God is LOVE, and His Creation, of which we form a part, was made by and for LOVE.  It is LOVE, represented by the PINK FIRE, that will transform Earth into a Planet of LIGHT.

* * * * * * * * * *

Let  us  UNITE  daily  at  noon  

wherever  we  are !

* * * * * * * * * *


From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let Light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.From the center where the Will of God is known
Let Purpose guide the little wills of men,
The Purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the center which we call the Race of Men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth. THE  GREAT  INVOCATION

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

* * * * * * * * * *

We are looking for foundations, institutions or persons
the OPA movement

* * * * * * * * * *


Av. San Bernabé 416 - 13
Col. San Jerónimo Lídice    C.P. 10200    México, D.F.

* * * * * * * * * *

OPA   PROGRAM   2003

DAY & HOUR                     EVENT                   DAY & HOUR
MEXICO  TIME                                             GREENWICH TIME

Mar. 20  19:01    EQUINOX of SPRING            Mar. 21 1:01
(Northern Hemisphere)

(Southern Hemisphere)

Apr. 1  13:20        OPA Meditation New Moon in     Apr. 1  19:20
Aries  +  Fire grand Trine              
+  Configuration of 6 planets

Apr. 16 14:37        EASTER FESTIVAL              Apr. 16 19:37
( Full Moon of April )

Apr. 22                   EARTH DAY                    Apr. 22

May. 3             DAYof the HOLY CROSS  &  3º           May. 3
ANNIVERSARY of the BIRTH of                  
the COSMIC CROSS +  New Moon in
Taurus  +  T Square of 6 planets

May. 15  22:37         WESAK FESTIVAL        May. 16  3:37
( Full Moon of May )                                     
+  Total moon Eclipse

May. 20           SUN - ALCYONE  conjunc             May. 20
( Alcyone: Star around which the Sun revolves )

30 May. 23:21             OPA  Meditation           31 May. 4:21
New Moon  +  Annular solar Eclipse  
+  Configuration of 8 planets
+  Saturn leaves Gemini

Jun. 14  6:17            GOOD WILL FESTIVAL         Jun. 14  11:17
( Full Moon of June )

Jun. 21  14:12         SOLSTICE  of SUMMER        Jun. 21  19:12
(Northern Hemisphere)                                        
(Southern Hemisphere)

29 Jun. 13:40             OPA  Meditation                29 Jun. 18:40
New Moon in Cancer conjunct
Saturn & Mercury, Trine Mars Uranus

Jul. 6                   SUN - SIRIUS  conjuntion                   Jul. 6
( Sirius: Star around which Alcyone revolves )

Jul. 26          MAYAN GALACTIC NEW YEAR       Jul. 26

29 Jul. 1:54              OPA  Meditation                 29 Jul. 6:54
New MOON   +  5 planets Estellium
configurated to 4 planets

Aug. 27  12:27             OPA  Meditation           Aug. 27  17:27
New Moon  +   Jupiter to Virgo
+   5 planets Estellium   +   Pluto Stationary

Sep. 21      INTERNATIONAL DAY of PEACE         Sep. 21

Sep. 23           EQUINOX of FALL                  Sep. 23
            (Northern Hemisphere)           10:48                   
(Southern Hemisphere)
+   Configuration of 9 planets

Oct. 12            DAY of the  HUMAN RACE        Oct. 12

Oct. 25  7:51             OPA    Meditation           Oct. 25  12:51
New Moon in Scorpio
+   Configuration of 7 planets   
+   2 planets & node Stationary

Nov. 1            ALL SAINTS´´DAY  or            Nov. 1
DAY of the PLANETARY HIERARCHY              

in union with the millions who choose this day to ...
Nov. 2     DAY to enlighten our DECEASED ones      Nov. 2

Nov. 8  19:20                OPA Meditation                  Nov. 9  1:20
Full Moon   +   total Moon Eclipse
+   Uranus direct   +   Water grand Trine

Nov. 23  17:00            OPA  Meditation              Nov. 23  23:00
New Moon in  Sagitarius
+   total Solar Eclipse
+   5 planets Stellium
+   Water grand Trine

Dec. 12      DAY of the VIRGIN of GUADALUPE     Dec. 12

Dec. 22  1:05       SOLSTICE  of  WINTER      Dec. 22  7:05
(Northern Hemisphere)                                       
(Southern Hemisphere)
+  New Moon in  Capricorn

Dec. 31          WORLD HEALING MEDITATION         Dec. 31  
+  final ingress of Uranus to Piscis  +  
"T" Square of 5 planets

Jan. 21 ´04                   OPA Meditation                 Jan. 21 ´04
                  New Moon in Aquarius                 21:06
+   Configuration of 7 planets                             
+   Mars trine pluto

Feb. 20 ´04                 OPA Meditation               Feb. 20 ´04
                     New Moon in Piscis                 9:19
conjunct Uranus         
+   4 planets Estellium
+   2  mutual Receptions

* * * * * * * * * *