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Asunto:PAN- Quiet the patterns of war hysteria / Acts of an immoral cabal / The challenge: to unite as never before / Galactic Significance of Sept 11 / GF 091501
Fecha:Lunes, 17 de Septiembre, 2001  01:04:32 (-0700)
Autor:Ricardo Ocampo-Anahuak Networks <anahuak>

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic 
       9 Lamat, 11 Zip, 10 Caban - 9/15/01         
Selamat Jarin!! Again we appear, with much to discuss. We begin by 
fervently asking you to continue your prayers and meditations for the 
peace of those who so tragically have departed your realm. It is quite 
essential that you not forget your divine mission. No one can usurp that 
mission if you remain forthright and earnest in your commitment to 
change and to forge a new reality. On this Monday, with the new moon of 
Zip, a new and wondrous energy will appear. Use that energy, combined 
with your own, to demand that those who have consented to carry out 
various agreements do so immediately. The wanton acts of destruction 
that you have witnessed were not simply the work of a group of isolated 
terrorists, but the acts of an immoral cabal that holds positions of power 
in one of your major governments. These acts were carried out to 
prevent the formal announcement of a series of crucial agreements. Since 
that most fateful day, much has happened. This is a time for national 
grieving and shared sorrow. It is also a time for those who now possess 
the power to remove these most willful men, to do so. 
     We cannot overemphasize the importance of removing this cabal from 
power. They seek to enslave this realm and, later, to use it as a base 
from which to lash out at the rest of civilized humanity in this galaxy. 
These foul Beings are the last remnant of a galactic humanity that, long 
ago, swore a solemn oath of obedience to the dark entity known as 
Anchara. They live solely for power and for the ability to abuse it as 
they see fit. Our purpose is not just to oppose them, but rather, to 
transform them and their heinous agendas. We earnestly ask those on your 
world who have the power to cast them aside, to do so. If they cannot, 
then surely these Beings of hate will meet with a most untimely end! 
Spiritual Hierarchy, dear Hearts, has issued you a challenge: namely, to 
unite as never before and to use your great spiritual powers to actually 
prevent a conflict and to create the first humble beginnings of your new 
galactic society. In this, we unswervingly support you. Much is expected 
of you. Yet, even more is expected of those who, presently, hold the 
keys to power. Their task remains to physically carry out what we are 
all about to intend. 
Our fleet and, more especially, our defense contingent, will 
vigilantly monitor what transpires. We intend to support your heartfelt 
prayers and to see that these willful men meet a divine justice, as 
determined by the dictates of Spirit and the divine plan. It is not our 
choice to do so without such circumspect guidance. However, we will do 
whatever we can to support you. We know that, together, we will find a 
path to creatively resolve these matters, in full accordance with the 
sacred edicts of the Creator. Whether it demands more forceful use of 
our craft or pressure, strong and properly applied, on our earthly 
allies, we will discover a way to successfully orchestrate a peaceful 
solution. The next days and weeks are extremely crucial. In them, you 
play a very important part. Use your existing prayers and meditations to 
create an intention that will manifest a divine solution. This is a time 
to emphasize your connections with one another. Gather, communicate and, 
most of all, express your determination for this very serious matter to 
be peacefully resolved. Peace, Truth and Justice - not war - are the 
     In doing so, you are entering the next stage of your journey to 
full consciousness. It is most difficult for limited conscious Beings to 
join together to seek out Truth and pursue their divinity. This search 
must be carried out, not in an environment of guilt and revenge, but 
simply to seek Spirit's answer and to discover how Earth's humanity can 
progress toward its divine destiny as a unifying whole of sovereign and 
free Beings. This part of your mission is a great test. To accomplish it 
is no easy matter. This mission requires much compassion. With it must 
come a willingness to accept Love as the only way. This is a time for 
you to cast aside your outer emotions and discover an inner, heartfelt 
grace. Expect to receive a great deal of information, and many feelings 
and strategies. Join together and discover what it all really means. 
Heaven has provided a most wonderful opportunity for you to grow 
together. We ask you to take it and discover a way to unlock the 
mysteries that underlie our existence and your own divine purpose. 
     These heinous events are typical of what has occurred upon your 
world for millennia. Those in power have used a grievous act to deceive 
and divert you. Events such as these have often led to needless wars or 
unnecessary divisions. They intensify mindless hate and foist upon you a 
continuing cycle of manipulation. Now is the time for you to break this 
cycle and demand that your government provide you with the prosperity 
and justice that you so rightly deserve. To do so signals the degree of 
'awaken-ness' that you have engendered in yourself and your society. For 
far too long, those who secretly control you have wrapped themselves in 
tragedies that they have deviously created for their own purposes. When 
those in power realize that these deceptions no longer work, they will 
see the powerful spiritual intention that is manifested by humanity. 
Part of our own purpose, at times, is to direct you and offer you 
much-needed guidance. This is one of these times. 
     We strongly suggest that you begin to call attention to the real 
Truth that underlies these wanton acts. We urge you to use this time to 
join together in prayer and sorrow. By making purposeful use of this 
heartrending union, you will be able to create a soaring groundswell for 
peace and for Love. In this atmosphere of burgeoning compassion, much 
good can come to pass. You can begin to resolve past hatreds, and 
discover in each other the beauty that you hold within. You can quiet 
the patterns of war hysteria on your world and reveal a new and 
harmonious design. From this new design, a worldwide web of growing 
compassion can help to fashion the beginnings for your galactic society. 
This society is based upon Love and respect for the individual's 
inalienable right to sovereignty and freedom. It ends the condition of 
servitude that most of Earth's humanity knows all too well. 
     We have long pledged ourselves to these principles. Presently, the 
people of your realm are able to demonstrate their allegiance to these 
same noble truths. Within you, Beloveds, exists the God-given ability to 
manifest these many virtues. It only requires, first, an individual and, 
then, a collective will to do so. What better time to display it, 
publicly, than now! Often, negative events are merely the springboard to 
positive action. This time is surely a case in point. We ask you to show 
your commitment to peace. Step forward and affirm your intentions. Let 
this simple process serve as a catalyst so that others will do so, too. 
Together, dear Hearts, you will prevail! Activate your power. Affirm 
your intentions and allow those who support you to alter the present 
course of events from potential war to imminent peace! 
     Demand justice, but from a place of Love, rather than out of shock 
and revenge. These important times are primarily for transformation and 
ascension. It is crucial that whatever occurs, does so within this 
sacred framework where you can freely flourish as true galactic 
citizens. Your purpose is not to punish, nor even to seek unwise 
restitution for those who were so horrendously victimized by these 
unspeakable acts. Rather, it is appropriate to let proper divine Justice 
run its inevitable course. The loss of power and the rapid fall from 
grace of these willful cabals will be a deep and sufficient punishment 
for them. Seek only divine retribution and let Heaven be their final 
Judge. The Ascended Masters of your realm await the most opportune 
moment for this apt request. Only seek peace, harmony and the best of 
ways to express your divine Love for each other. 
     Today, dear Hearts, we discussed in more detail the sad events of 
this day. We ask you to use this time to grieve and to express your 
growing sadness and then, to join together as never before. Use your 
awakened powers to manifest peace. With those powers, demand the Truth 
and end the reprehensible power of this last recalcitrant cabal. Most 
important, act out of Love. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know that 
Heaven's countless Prosperity and Abundance is yours! Amen. Selamat 
Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!) 
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