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Asunto:PAN- Peace and Dignity Journeys 2004 / From Alaska & Argentina to Panama / May-November 2004
Fecha:Miercoles, 11 de Febrero, 2004  17:38:45 (-0600)
Autor:Anahuak Home <redanahuak>

Peace and Dignity Journeys 2004 / From Alaska & Argentina to Panama / May-November 2004

From: Anahuak Home <>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 17:31:42 -0600
To: LuxWeb <>
Cc: LuxWebII <>, LuxWebIII <>
Subject: Peace and Dignity Journeys 2004 / From Alaska & Argentina to Panama / May-November 2004

The Prophecy of the
Eagle and the Condor



Peace and Dignity Journeys 2004
Northern Coordinating Committee
P.O. Box 6608
Oakland, CA 94603-0608

In 1990 over 200 representatives of native nations from throughout Turtle
Island (South, Central and North America) met in Quito, Ecuador to discuss,
strategize, and take action on issues affecting Indigenous People. Elders
representing the Northern, Central, and Southern regions of the continent
discussed the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor. This prophecy supports
the goal of all indigenous people and nations uniting after centuries of

Inspired by this prophecy, elders proposed Peace and Dignity Journeys as a
way to realize this unification. Through spiritual running and networking,
indigenous peoples as a united force, from all over Turtle Island can
reclaim peace and dignity by honoring indigenous values, ways of life, and
current struggles of resistance to modern colonization.

Peace and Dignity Journeys conducted its first intercontinental journey in
1992 to honor 500 years of resistance and survival of Native peoples through
invasion, colonization, and genocide. Four years later, the 1996 journey
honored youth and children. The 2000 journey honored the family, and the
2004 journey will honor womyn.

Northern Coordinating Committee

Purpose of Peace and
Dignity Journeys:

Through the process of spiritual running, Peace
and Dignity Journeys aims to:

€ Organize spiritual runs to heal our nations through prayer from the effects of colonization
€ Honor our elders and traditional people
€ Honor Indigenous children, womyn and future generations
€ Remember all of our ancestors
€ Continue the struggles of those that resisted invasion and colonization before us
€ Promote peace, justice, respect, and dignity between all people
€ Honor the sacredness of Mother Earth
€ Create vehicles for cultural exchanges between indigenous nations in which art, dance, music, and ceremonies can be shared and respected
€ Celebrate the strength, survival, and self-determination of indigenous peoples and our ability to preserve our languages, cultures,
and spirituality for over 500 years.

May-November 2004

How to support:

Peace and Dignity Journeys takes place every four years, but planning and
preparing for the Journeys is a year-round process. In order to prepare for
the 2004 run, individuals and communities can do the following:


Individuals who plan on running for a long period of time are encouraged to
fundraise to prepare for his or her own journey. Communities are also
encouraged to fundraise in order to prepare to host the runners. Also,
anyone who wants to support can fundraise and donate to the general fund for
the entire continental run.

Organize Local Runs

Organizing runs in your local community helps raise awareness about Peace
and Dignity Jour- neys. It also gives your community a chance to spiritually
prepare for the run.

Attend a Gathering

Each year Peace and Dignity Journeys hosts intercontinental gatherings in
which elders, youth, runners, spiritual leaders, organizers, and other
community members come together to share and plan for the next run. In the
past, gatherings have been held at the Oakanagan Nation in British Columbia
(2001) and at DQ Univer- sity in California (2002). Time and place for the
2004 gathering will be announced at a later date.

How can I become a runner?

Peace and Dignity Journeys is open to runners from across the continent.
Youth and elders, women and men are all invited to participate. People may
run for one day or as long as the entire length of the journey. Runners
represent their nations and communities, and they are expected to conduct
themselves as warriors. Because the run is a sacred ceremony, runners must
abstain from drugs, alcohol, and sexual activity while on the journey. If
you are interested in participating as a runner, please contact local
coordinators as soon as possible.

How can my community get involved?

Northern Route:

Chikaloon Nation, Alaska to Kuna Nation, Panama

Southern Route:

Tierra del Fuego, Argentina to Kuna Nation, Panama

Peace and Dignity Journeys is committed to the healing of our Nations.
Therefore, we organize to bring the sacred staffs to as many Native
communities as possible. Hosting the run gives communities a chance to work
together, participate in the run and the ceremonies that occur when the
run arrives in communities.

If the run does not pass through your community, your community is
encouraged to organize a tributary route that joins with the main Peace and
Dignity route.

If your community would like to host the sacred staffs and the runners, or
if you would like to organize a tributary run, please contact the
coordinators as soon as possible.


24 Jan 2004 | Chula Vista, California
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