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Asunto:PAN- The Zeitgeist Movement Official Blog is now live!
Fecha:Miercoles, 26 de Octubre, 2011  17:12:00 (-0500)
Autor:REDLUZ <lacasadelared>

From: <>
Date: 2011/10/26
Subject: The Zeitgeist Movement Official Blog is now live!


As mentioned in prior e-mails, we have been eagerly awaiting the launch of
the new Blog tool for the Movement. After much developing, coding, testing,
and improving, the Official Blog is now live and ready for public use at: You can learn what it's all about,
and how it generally works, right here in this brief video:

In addition, the Newsletter Team recommends these 3 very important tips
when registering for your account on the Blog, as these will not only help
us stay organized throughout the submission and publishing process, but it
will help us to build better relationships, and a stronger community as a

-Use your real name, not an alias.
-Use your real photo.
-Before submitting content, review the Submission Guidelines found here:

As always, there are no final frontiers, so we will be making improvements
and adjustments along the way, as our Blog community grows and as the
Movement evolves. For now, it's got everything we could think of, and this
tool was created with one main thing in mind... you. So we hope that this
new tool will encourage you to get involved. Go check it out, and enjoy!


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