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Asunto:PAN- Report from the Mexico Consejo de Visiones #10
Fecha:Lunes, 22 de Noviembre, 2010  20:58:07 (-0600)
Autor:REDLUZ <lacasadelared>

From: Sylvia Maria Valls <>
Date: 2010/11/22
Subject: Re: [Bioreg] Digest Number 2590

Sent: Sunday, November 21, 2010 7:01 AM
Subject: [Bioreg] Digest Number 2590
Great reporting, poetic and thoughtful, Chris... Thank you so much!
Will send off in Spanish and English anything Lourdes and Laura send me to proofread and edit for them.
Great to have met you personally after so many years!
If you are in the neighborhood, do drop by...
Peace and Love,

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Consejo Congresso From: CHRIS WELLS



Consejo Congresso

Posted by: "CHRIS WELLS" Re%3A%20Consejo%20Congresso

Sat Nov 20, 2010 2:03 pm (PST)

Date: November 20, 2010 12:10:27 AM GMT-06:00
To: listserve bioregional listserve <>

Ola Bioamigos -
#2 Report from the Mexico Consejo de Visiones #10
( Calendar year 25,998? Well it makes more sense than "2010" )

There was a Zapotec fellow in the 96 Mexican Bioregional
who spoke of 5 arenas of life in which we participate dayly -
Communal ~Trade ~Commercial ~ Fiestas ~ Spiritual - They are all
represented here in multiple interlacing ways.

So in the realm of bioregions , is not our body is the first
known bioregion ? From the amniotic ocean, to the open breathing
meadows of this Mexican mountain sunrise, we with the religion of the
birds, spread out across the field slowly waking to the many
morning ritos - the grandmothers sun-greetings inscensing circles ,
the dawn dancers & yogis, the very traditional sweatlodge, the coffee
drinkers all stretching out after the cold nights warm fires , with
embers we remember.

Then the diverse, well-versed birds meander and swirl up
together into the Plenary Sun , to explore the invisible structure of
this seemingly self-regulating bioregional vision congress.
Facilitation, but not nessesarily consensus, rules loosely scooping up
the daily agenda in unacknowledged consensus , like claro que si -
before we disperse into the flocks, swarms , covens & bearish walk-
abouts of the principal consejos: Ecologia, Salud, Tradicion, Cultura
y Arte,Youth, Children & New Times - This being the beginning of
another level of this weeks staggering agenda, which we hope will
accumulate in the atmosphere and and bring a fresh rain of eco-skills-
movements to the home regions.

Many of us humans , especially the young feel completed by
fiesta, by cultural arts and ceremony - and then again , after a
few deep outbreaths moments, we remember another call to other
concerns : the congress workings , this highland semi-tropic
ecosystem, it's subtly gorgeous flora , the biogeographical politic,
the hemisphere, la Planeta(etym=the wandering one).
The way to get in the mood for a plenary mode is to throw a
great political party and after they're satiated - wake 'em up with
the need to share the clean-up - and reorganize ourselves within the
earth - Round em up with a call to drop the worship, and play and
powerful skills trading & herd 'em into the left-brained corral of
congress.- Where we expand into another consciousness ,a synchronizing
of the body-politic.

Todays big-tent focus is the Manantiales & Cuencas = the
Springs and Watersheds of the main sources of water for Mexico city
area, the Bosque de Agua. This is La Kuris well wrought gift to the
congress - The water forum into which many local ecologists ,
municipalities , bioregionalists ,environmentalists, trackers and such
have joined together to talk about & develop bioregional strategies
for protecting the largest essential water source of Cuanahuac
bioregion , which is now by 4 states political boundaries . You can
imagine the magnitude of the situation.

However In Mexico people keep saying lets develop "cultural
strategies" - "The difference is here we have a culture' which speaks
of the holy earth. Guadalupe is Tonanztin is the PachaMama is the
Flowering Mountain World is our Mother Earth . "We can wake this up
again" "The people are not bad they are distracted" - "They will come
around if we reach out - Here although the Federal District of Mexico
city is there with largest cities in the world =- there are more
people who still know how to live humbly to the earth- Theres an
impossible long way to go but we take these steps together .

Anything I write today will be like a dragonfly skimming light
from mirror the morning pond - Theres much more going on here than
what meets the eye ,but what meets the eye is of a glory -my Gawed
jaw, ! This predawn morning the troupe of Concheros danzantes , living
puppeteers of Jaguar, Corvacias,Serpentes, the drums you feel under
the tent coming up from within the earth.
So meanwhile students of Gaia University are getting credit for
being here this week in this energizingly crammed week , building
bamboo geodesic domes - strong as metal - building brick & mud hornos
- in which the kitchen bakes all the bread each day - and quickly more
are being constructed in for these full moon nights on the edge of
We"re hearing how ridiculous the disaster aid programs are from
the ones who work in Haiti, and that the ones that are appreciated are
the ones that just fix basic systems and build new schools-

Mexico's great still natural naturopaths herberos , not big
gelatin cap pushers - but good old fashioned herbal remedies-

Daily study of the the traditional calenders, Mayan , Zapotec,
others all based on the same observations - No talk here of the
Hollywood News - of US feary ways of it all coming down on one day -
only once can they fool us with these y2k moments- these are huge
cycles and they don't turn on a dime. The next 52 year cycle is coming
in Feb 2013, completing a 26,000 year calender cycle . -

Meanwhile back in the first bioregion where most of the
movement dwells - The spry young folks and kids & acrobatic teenagers
\ african dancers , nuevo sufi dancers, exhilarating beauty , the harp
players , can't get it all in must get back to the processional - the
hardest thing it seems for Mexicans, perdon, is to end a ceremony
celebration, because it seems , well its all circle you know , or a
spiral ,or a processional and the end is always the beginning so here
after a few deep outbreathes , it starts again ,in gratitude, and this
as it always was and will be - so theres no end in sight - this
movement is set on perk and it has just begun anew - the great web
is being woven again - as we must each time - Spider Woman quickly
repairing the holes made by the bursted moments of the late night
before .
Can't possibly keep track of the amazing cultural arts folks who
are in mexico - its what life is really about in Mexico - and very
much their gift to this movement - All these people showed up without
pay - The most famous and beloved Hip-Hopper in Mexico ,Rocko, which
was no minor thing as they brought out to there new mix - "The Condor
& the Aguila(Eagle)" - Spun from our theme of the 2003 Cuzco - call of
the Condor - the idea was planted in them by some of our mexican
bioregional 10 years ago -
Awesome old bioregional music of Veracruz area - Son Jarosco,
whoops gotta go -- A few phrases floating as I run uphill to lunch -
"Somos Paz y Mucho Mucho Mas" (aunque que sea un paz muey ruidoso y
expresivo) We are Peace and there are many more Us --- "No Hay Pais
Sin Mais" "There is no Country without our Corn"
Bueno Bye , Hasta Luego y Abrazos por todos udstedes desde el sus
amigos en Consejo De Visiones -
Chris -
PS - The new CD which David spoke of can be found either through - our new site created by Daniel Lassman
our own second generation bioregional - or at the link Caryn
mentioned - many thanks for
listening - we will all sing together again

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