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Asunto:PAN- Continental Bioregional Council XI confirmed / Aug 19-27, 2011
Fecha:Miercoles, 29 de Diciembre, 2010  15:14:03 (-0600)
Autor:REDLUZ <lacasadelared>

From: "Richard" <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 22, 2010 6:25 PM
To: <>
Subject: [Bioreg] Solstice and eclipse bring auspicious news--CBC XI

> Greetings to all bioregionalists from the CBC Biocouncil!
> Feel something special around the solstice and lunar eclipse? A yearning,
> perhaps an intimation? Maybe it is the heralding of a special event!
> For months we have been engaged in a comprehensive review of sites and
> dates for the next Continental Bioregional Congress. We narrowed the
> choices down to Lost Valley Educational Center in Dexter, Oregon and Birch
> Creek Arts and Ecology Center/Trillium Farm near Jacksonville, Oregon.
> There was a great deal of discussion about 2011 versus 2012 and a careful
> review of all the requirements for successfully staging the next CBC. As
> it turned out, Lost Valley had some significant staff turnover recently
> and Birch Creek really stepped up its candidacy with an offer, through its
> 'summer camp' affiliate, to provide a soft loan of up to $5000. in seed
> money if we stage the event at Birch Creek on specific dates in August
> 2011 that dovetail with the end of the summer camp. The camp's lead
> organizer, Lenel deEmma, has agreed to serve as CBC lead organizer and the
> Birch Creek owners will serve as great resources for planning and
> outreach. Chant Thomas of Birch Creek organized the Klamath-Siskiyou
> Bioregion in the 1980's and has lived on the land there for over 35 years.
> His partner Susan Bahaar is well connected in the community and together
> they have hosted a number of large gatherings in the past such as the
> Women's Herbal Symposium and several K-S bioregional events.
> These folks have an extensive network of friends, associates and
> volunteers in the Oregon sustainability communities. And they really want
> CBC! The Biocouncil visited the site in October and was warmly received.
> We reached consensus that we should proceed with detailed negotiations
> involving the vision, proposed budgets, staffing, etc. That process is
> now finished and we have an agreement in principle. So put it on your
> calendars--
> CBC XI will take place Friday August 19, 2011 (check-in day)to Saturday
> August 27 (check-out day). Those who want to attend Burning Man festival
> (a significant event to some) will have time to get to Nevada for its
> opening on Monday, August 29.
> The energy level at Birch Creek/Trillium is very high and they are already
> formulating plans. The biocouncil is also committed to making CBC XI a
> success with members taking on a number of organizing responsibilities.
> We think we actually have a chance to maximize capacity at the site at 300
> participants. Registration will probably open in late January or February
> but please start making your own plans.
> Also, please take a moment of your time to offer a blessing to this event
> and the exciting prospect of raising the level of planetary healing while
> fostering deeper bioregional connections in Klamath-Siskiyou, the
> continent and the earth!
> Richard G.
> CBC Biocouncil

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