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Asunto:PAN- The Cynical Danse Macabre
Fecha:Domingo, 27 de Febrero, 2011  13:02:35 (-0600)
Autor:REDLUZ <lacasadelared>

To: Iberamerican Web of Light <>

Date: 2011/2/27

From: <>
Subject: [NetworkAztlan_News] 2/23: Fidel Castro: The Cynical Danse Macabre


Fidel Castro: The Cynical Danse Macabre

The policy of plundering imposed by the United States and their NATO
allies in the Middle East has gone into a crisis. It has inevitably
unravelled with the high cost of grains, the effects of which can be felt
more forcefully in the Arab countries where, in spite of their huge
resources of oil, the shortage of water, areas covered by desert and the
generalized poverty of the people contrast with the enormous resources
coming from the oil possessed by the privileged sectors.

While food prices triple, real estate fortunes and the treasures of the
aristocratic minority reach millions of millions of dollars.

The Arab world, mainly Muslim in its culture and beliefs, has seen itself
additionally humiliated by the imposition of blood and fire by a State
that was not capable of fulfilling the basic obligations that were part of
their origin, from the colonial order existing up to the end of WW II, by
virtue of which the victorious powers created the United Nations
Organization and imposed world trade and economy.

Thanks to the treason committed by Anwar El-Sadat at Camp David, the
Palestinian State has not been able to exist, despite the UN treaties of
November 1947, and Israel became a strong nuclear power, an ally of the
United States and NATO.

The US Military Industrial Complex supplied Israel with tens of billions
of dollars every year as well as to the very Arab States that were
submitted and being humiliated by Israel.

The genie has escaped from the bottle and NATO doesn't know how to control it.

They are going to attempt to wrest the most benefits from the regrettable
events in Libya. Nobody can know at this moment what is happening over
there. All the figures and versions, even the most implausible ones, have
been spread by the empire via the mass media, sowing chaos and

It is obvious that inside Libya a civil war is brewing. Why and how did
this happen? Who will pay the consequences? Reuters Agency, echoing the
opinion of the well-known Nomura Bank of Japan, stated that oil prices
could go beyond any limits:

"`If Libya and Algeria suspend oil production, prices could reach a
maximum of more than 220 dollars a barrel and OPEC's inactive capacity
would be reduced to 2.1 million barrels per day, similar to levels seen
during the Gulf War and when values touched 147 dollars a barrel in 2008',
the bank asserted in an article."

Who could pay that price these days? What would be the consequences in the
midst of the food crisis?

The main NATO leaders are all worked up. British Prime Minister David
Cameron, ANSA informed, "…admitted in a speech in Kuwait that the western
nations made a mistake in backing non-democratic governments in the Arab
world." One has to congratulate him on his frankness.

His French colleague Nicolas Sarkozy stated: "The extended brutal and
bloody repression of the Libyan civilian population is disgusting".

Italian Chancellor Franco Frattini stated as "`believable' the figure of
one thousand dead in Tripoli […] `the tragic numbers shall be a bloodbath'."

Hillary Clinton stated the following: "…the `bloodbath' is `completely
unacceptable' and `it has to stop'…"

Ban Ki-moon spoke: "`The use of violence in the country is absolutely

"…`the Security Council will act according to whatever the international
community decides'."

"`We are considering a series of options'."

What Ban Ki-moon is really hoping is that Obama pronounces the last word.

The president of the United States spoke this Wednesday afternoon and
stated that the Secretary of State would be leaving for Europe in order to
agree with their NATO allies on the measures to be taken. On his face once
could note the opportunity to spar with John McCain, the far-right-wing
Republican senator, pro-Israel Senator Joseph Lieberman from Connecticut
and the leaders of the Tea Party, in order to ensure the Democratic Party

The empire's mass media has prepared the terrain for action. There would
be nothing strange about a military intervention in Libya; besides, with
that, Europe would be guaranteed almost two million barrels of light oil
per day, unless before that events would put an end to the leadership or
the life of Gaddafi.

Anyway, Obama's role is rather complicated. What will the reaction of the
Arab and Muslim world be if blood should flow in abundance in that country
as a result of that exploit? Would NATO intervention in Libya stem the
revolutionary tidal wave surging in Egypt?

In Iraq, the innocent blood of more than a million Arab citizens was spilt
when the country was invaded under false pretexts. Mission accomplished!:
proclaimed George W. Bush.

Nobody in the world would ever agree with the deaths of defenceless
civilians in Libya or anywhere else. And I wonder: will the US and NATO
apply that principle on the defenceless civilians that the unmanned Yankee
planes and the soldiers of that organization kill every day in Afghanistan
and Pakistan?

It is a cynical danse macabre.

Fidel Castro Ruz

February 23, 2011.

7:42 p.m.

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