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Asunto:PAN- Moms Against Fluoridation & Petition Update
Fecha:Lunes, 3 de Octubre, 2011  12:40:40 (-0500)
Autor:REDLUZ <lacasadelared>

From: Fluoride Action Network <>
Date: 2011/10/3
Subject: Moms Against Fluoridation & Petition Update

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Fluoride Action Network

    October 3, 2011


The Case Against Fluoride

Dr. Connett's book "The Case Against Fluoride" is ON SALE NOW!




Find us on Facebook    Friend us on Facebook

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We also invite you to subscribe to our Youtube page for video updates.
If you would like to start or join a local campaign to end fluoridation please first use our State and Regional Coordinator map to locate a FAN coordinator near you.  If one does not exist in your area, then please contact our Campaign Manager.



A great new campaign called Moms Against Fluoridation has just been launched to help in the worldwide fight against fluoridation.  We here at FAN are excited to be working with the group, and we urge all of you to take a minute to visit their website and share it with the moms in your life.  


Here is a message about the launch of this new group from the Director of Moms Against Fluoridation: 


Dear FAN Supporter,  is now a force to be joined!  When MOMS get impassioned they can move mountains!   This group of moms from across America is geared up to educate people about the harm of fluoridation from coast to coast and we need your help. 


MomsAgainstFluoridation is taking the science, the stories of harm caused by water fluoridation, and their "Moms voice" to the people who can affect change. We want to be armed with nothing less than 100,000 moms and hundreds of stories of apparent damage to our children and loved ones from water fluoridation.


Since the FDA does not collect data about the adverse affects of this "medication" (as it is not an "approved" medication for the water supply ), Moms Against Fluoridation has taken up the charge to collect our own data!


We ask you to JOIN MomsAgainstFluoridation and to send your experiences with fluoridation.  Stories may include the pains of dental fluorosis and what that has meant to you or a child.  Stories can be entered anonymously.


Moms Against Fluoridation needs stories of thyroid, kidney, infant or pregnancy concerns caused by water fluoridation. Every story will help us get one step closer to showing the world that there are real victims of water fluoridation.   


Please spread this message to others, and let us all work together to end water fluoridation in the USA.  Moms Against Fluoridation also has a great weekly "Call To Action".  Please participate!  This week, the Call to Action" is directed to the CDC.  Thank you for your support, and if we all continue to work in unison, we will end this unsafe practice once and for all!  

White House Petition Update


Thank you to the 2,600 of you who have already signed our petition calling for the White House to prohibit all federal agencies from promoting, endorsing, or funding fluoridation of the public drinking water.  We are more than 50% of the way to the 5,000 signatures required by October 26th to get an official response to our petition from the Obama administration.
If you haven't signed the petition, please take a minute to do so here. If you had problems signing it, then please see our suggested instructions.
If you signed the petition, please share it with friends, family, and co-workers via email, Twitter, and Facebook.  
Campaign Manager


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