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Asunto:PAN- Fwd: Life on Mars ~ NASA photos
Fecha:Miercoles, 13 de Julio, 2011  01:05:14 (-0500)
Autor:REDLUZ <lacasadelared>

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: REDLUZ <>
Date: 2011/7/13
Subject: Life on Mars ~ NASA photos
To: Red Iberoamericana de Luz <>

From: Colleen <>
Date: 2011/7/12
Subject: Life on Mars ~ NASA photos
To: Personal Ocampo <>

Greetings from Galactic Heart . . .

Disclosure seems to be the hot topic these days. Dr. Steven Greer heads a Disclosure Project and it is gaining in popularity. Another group that is compiling videos of ufo's is OVNI Disclsoure Project.

This video, Evidence of Life On our Moon and Mars, is said to be from Ovni Disclosure Project but I could not verify the author.

In many of Sheldan's webinars, he has shared with us that the moon is artificial and that there are bases on the moon. He also has told us that our entire planetary system will return to their former 5D, beautiful selves. Our solar system will return to having 4 water worlds for us to inhabit~~Earth, Venus, Mars and the former planet known by many names such as Maldek, Bellona and Pax (currently the astroid belt). This video shows evidence that the surface of Mars is being reconstituted to her former self.

The validity of this video might be controversial but I believe it shows enough NASA photos for you to come to your own conclusions.

Selamat Ja!



By Miles Simons

Over the years, numerous Planetary Activation Groups (PAG's) have begun: some have continued, others have eventually disbanded, still others have been reduced to a simple occasional meeting of a few like-minded friends. Owing to the growing list of projects needing our attention, our core PAO group has found it difficult to keep up with PAG communications.

Many of you have written us that you feel alone or disconnected from other Starseeds. Recently, an idea came to me on how we might revive our PAG network and help us re-connect with each other. Some time ago, we created a section on the PAO website called "PAG STORIES".

With announcements looming on the horizon, NOW would be a good time for those of you who feel so inspired to send us your PAG story. Anticipating that many stories will be submitted, we ask you to restrict your material to 3 or 4 paragraphs (about 250 words). If you wish to connect with other PAGs in your area, please include an e-mail address at the end of your story so they can contact you. (Should you be concerned about publicly displaying your main e-mail address, simply create a new one in G-mail, Yahoo, etc. and confine its use to PAG communications only.)

For information on submitting your PAG Stories.

For those who have PAG or other questions, we invite you to ask them during our monthly Webinars. Many attendees have mentioned that they feel infused with activation energy during and after a Webinar.


Kerry, Brisbane, Australia

Hello Galactic seekers,

I live in city of Brisbane, State of Queensland, Australia, and feel quite isolated as it seems my Galactic interest is a rarity amongst my circle. It could be that there are many local people interested in ET's, ascension etc. but I have kept my interest to myself, and have effectively blocked the flow of like-minded people into my life. I am hoping this PAG member forum will help change that. Now's the time to "come out" and not be shy in our quest to become fully conscious 5D Galactic Humans. I am keen to meet up with like minded people, so that we can join together in numbers and strength and be of assistance, when the time is right. Sheldan's messages and webinars are just amazing, and also Colleen's extra messages and snippets of information are very much appreciated. I think I first encountered Sheldan's message from an on-forwarded email, but at the time, was not quite ready. I had been receiving Mike Quinsey's messages for years and I think I was worried Sheldan's would conflict with Mikes and render some confusion. One day out of the blue, I decided to check out Sheldan's website.

(I have no doubt, that I was prompted) This time his up-dates sat perfectly with me, and I realized that he and Mike compliment each other ! Love the webinars, and can't get enough up-dates. Currently reading Your First Contact..WOW! What a ride !

I was catapulted into the mysteries of Metaphysics in the mid 70's after an encounter with a psychic man who was so accurate about things in my past, it was life changing! Have became a sponge for information ever since, however, this Galactic information from Sheldan, Mike and some other very selective sources has "hit the spot". I have had no "encounters", am not psychic, not a "channel" and not part of a spiritual group. In fact I am just your basic human who works in a 3D environment, with a desire to ascend to 5D. I know I can be of assistance at some stage and that when the time is right, my purpose will shine! Bring it on GF, so looking forward to meeting you.

Peace & harmony to beautiful Gaia and all inhabitants...

Kerry W




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