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Asunto:PAN- Be The Gift That You Are / There Is Only Light
Fecha:Viernes, 19 de Abril, 2002  15:21:19 (-0600)
Autor:Ricardo Ocampo <redluz>

Dearest friend,
I am going to attend the Wesak Festival in Mt Shasta this year. If you are
planning to be there too, please write me to <ricardoredluz@...> to
schedule a chat if possible.
For that reazon, I'll be off-line from April 20th to May 5th.
Ricardo Ocampo
Latinamerican Web of Light

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From: "Malena Sotomayor" <msotomayor1@...>
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 07:21:55 -0500

----- Original Message -----
From: "Lessons from the Soul" <sacredwind@...>


As you interface with and respond to the beauty of the created environment
around you, do you recognize the gifts that are present?  There is the gift
of the sun that energizes and provides the light that is necessary for the
sustaining of the creative activity in your earthly experience.  There is
the gift of the trees that decorate the landscape and provide a home for
many and varied species of created patterns.  There are the birds that sing.
There are the animals that crawl.  There is the air that you breathe.  There
are the other aspects of your environment that are imbued with the
attributes of creation.  Sitting where you are, observing and feeling and
being sensitive to the environment, you quietly interpret the attributes of
creation.  You feel the peace and the harmony.  You feel the beauty.  You
feel the joy that is represented just by the "beingness" of the creatures
that you listen to and observe.  You feel there is truly a truth that
underlies all creation.  You feel the intelligence that underlies the
creative process.  You feel a sense of ultimate reality for this is the
natural pattern of the gifts that are offered and that are part of the
creative process.

However, do you realize that the greatest gift of all is the gift of
offering who you truly are as a soul unto your environment?  As we have said
many times, it is only through the consciousness of the soul that the true
patterns and depth and infinite reality of creation is known.  It is only
through the consciousness of the soul that the presence of the Consciousness
of Creation is known.

So in pondering this supreme reality, recognize that who you are as a soul
and who you represent yourself to be as an embodied soul is the greatest
gift of all to the created environment.  You indeed are a gift to that which
is occurring every moment of your existence.  Gifts are given with no
strings attached.  Gifts are given unimpeded by expectations of any return.
Gifts are offered as a pure statement of the principle of creation in

So you see, as you move into and through your worldly environment, be the
gift that you are, the gift to every other embodied soul, the gift to your
environment, the gift to your place of existence, to that which is created
around you.  You indeed are the supreme gift of creation for you are the
purity of creation as a soul.  You are the Consciousness of Creation it
motion.   It is through that consciousness that creation is known.  You are
the purity of I AM.

You are I AM, the Love, Light, and Life of creation.

CONSC:  20020223M



Welcome to the Seat of First Light on the Hill of Light for this is the
place where the depths of understanding are generated.  For it is in the
Light that all becomes known.  It is from the Light that all creation
occurs, and it is in the Light that you walk as an embodied soul.  You see
the relationships.  It is not important to try to define what Light is.  It
is not important to attempt to discern the differences between the different
aspects of Light.  For all creation radiates and reflects certain
frequencies of the infinite spectrum of Light.  That is why you see color.
That is why you hear sound.  That is why you feel the vibration of the wind
as it gently caresses your outer form.

Light is the energy of creation.  It is that simple.  This is not a peculiar
notion for it has been spoken of and referred to over the years, over the
centuries, over the millennia as an aspect of that which is observed as the
creative process.  Through the intuitive understanding of those who have
come before, the teaching of Light as the source of all has been well stated
and it has been strongly suggested.

It is also true that within the human experience, the fundamental and
infinite Light of creation is often covered by the momentary diversions into
the physical environment.  There is what has been called darkness, which is
the absence of Light, but let it be known that there is never an absence of
Light.  There is simply an absence of perception, understanding, and of
knowing the truth of who you truly are as a soul.  There is no darkness.
There is only Light.  Let that be the by-word of every moment of your
expression as an embodied soul.  I AM Light.  I AM the Light of creation.
The Master Teacher, Jesus of Nazareth, said, "I AM the Light of the World".
Do you see the connection?  It is all the same.  It is the same Light, for
there is only one Light of creation.  Let that be understood.  Let it be
lived.  Let that be the radiant statement of being you present moment by

You are I AM, the Love, the Light, the Life of creation.

LIGHT:  20020224M

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