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Fecha:Martes, 15 de Julio, 2003  12:55:23 (-0500)
Autor:RedLUZ/LUXWeb <redluz>


From: Jean Carfantan <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 17:19:11 +0000


Traditions and spiritual movements walking for peace and fraternity.

July 20 – August 10

We will walk the road for His Glory. Upon the earth, colorful troop; in the air sacred smoke of different fires.

We convoke you to silence and sweat, to songs and dances of variety of tones, forms and rhythm. We convoke you to the Castilian Sun, to the communion that walks victorious to the tomb of the Apostle.

We call you to prayer and shared footprints, to praise in the multiple frequency, to the gathering and collective dream…… In the next summer we will make known that we are Kingdom of God in Road, families and spiritual traditions anointed by eternity bonds; we will testify a new and fraternal world as we walk along.

Mountain and desert, dust and joy, loneliness and communion poured into the Sacred Route…..

The appointment starts the next July 20 in Burgos cathedral.

¡¡We wait for you!!

Great Peregrine Communion

Something pushes from inside of us to attend more ambitious and common challenges. In this occasion we look forward to put in action the alliance that we have been forging through the last years. Now, not just weekend meetings, not gatherings in comfortable shelters and monasteries, but together sharing blisters and paths, visions and stars….. together proclaiming during twenty one days the arriving of a new time of harmony .

From this lines we make a call to the movements and spiritual traditions of Spain and the whole world to leave constancy, in the Sacred Route of Santiago, of the Great Communion in blossom.

Now, it is not just proclaiming unity, but showing it day by day, under the same tent, in effort and sweat, before the pots, in the ceremony…….. we look forward to live days of real and mutual enrichment. Inside the sacred circle each one will share what brings inside, each tradition will share its legacy, each movement will share its essence….. together we will grow day by day, and will give shape to a more united body, until we arrive in one colorful column in the Saint´s City.

We will walk during the morning and in the afternoon we will open the space for mutual and fertile sharing in which each movement and tradition will have the opportunity to reveal itself to the group of the pilgrim troop.

We will close each day´s journey with a thanksgiving circle, after dinner.

At the time of attending this challenge we start with an initial group of leaders and traditions. Beginning with this collective group, all new incorporations are welcome. This initial group is formed by:

-Emilio Fiel. Miyo (España) Captain of the Hispanic Table Conchera of Señor Santiago. Founder of the Chrisgaia School.

-Eugenia Casarin. (Mexico) Mayan priestess, inheritor of the lineage of Kinich Ahau and guardian of the mayan tradition.

-Carlos Fiel. President of the Yoga “Sadhana” Association. Trainer of teachers.

-Domingo Diaz (España) Founder of the Spiritual Solar School.

-OROMU. (Mexico-España) Multiple Rose Order

- Graciela Iriondo (Argentina) Founder and Director of “Angel´s mail”.

-Sylvia Murillo (Colombia) Sacred dances.

-Light Center for Cultural Unification (Lusitan center) (Portugal-España)

-Shanti Rubio (México-España) Responsible for the “Pleyadian Group”

The new list of groups, movements and traditions that will be joining the peregrination will appear in

A call to the traditions and spiritual movements

The peregrination is an ecumenic, international and open movement. The organization has the commitment to have a translation service in the circles in english and french. The goal is to gather the greater number of movements and traditions, to reunite a big diversity to magnify the peregrine communion.

The groups that wish to participate should make contact with the organization, in order to establish the precise calendar of their intervention in the afternoon circles. This participation must be confirmed before the Holly Week of 2.003. From this date on we will elaborate a definitive calendar so that everyone will know the program for each day.

Aside from the program, and if the physical conditions allow it, spontaneous new circles can be created.

Technical aspects

We will walk around twenty kilometers each day in this twenty one days and will disregard to stay in shelters ,not to collapse them. We are negotiating big spaces , like sport camps, to spend the night. The peregrines will bring tents that will be carried in the station wagons, to be used in the cases in which we wont have a collective roof. There will also be transportation for the bags of those that do not want to carry them. In any case, we beg you to leave aside the accessory to prevent the overloading of the vehicles and give extra work to the organization, since the transportation service will take care also of the bags.

Food will be provided by the organization. Breakfast, heavy lunch and the end of the long walk and a light dinner will be served daily. We will have a vegetarian diet and a veteran “chef”, Don Emiliano Gozalo , will be in charged of the pots. Is necessary to bring plates and excursion glass to serve the food. Children and elders are welcome to the peregrine column . The 20th of July only dinner will be served, and the 10th of August breakfast and lunch.

You can join whenever you want and stay during the time that you wish.


We have established economic fares to facilitate the incorporation of the mayor group of people. In case that the peregrine is in a precarious economic situation, please contact the organization. The registrations will be effective with the payment. In case of any doubt, call to the information phone.

The deposits will be made in the BBVA (there are offices all over Spain and Latinoamérica)

No: 0182 0278 35 0201525589 9 ( the first holder of the account is Pedro Arriaga Muneta)

The donations for the development of the project can be done with deposits in the same account.

For Europe (adults)

Registrations before the first of June, 2.003

13 € per person/day - participation superior to 7 days

15 € per person/day – participation inferior to 7 days

complete peregrination (21 days) 260 € (43.260 ptas.)

Registrations after the first of June, 2.003

16 € per person/day- participation superior to 7 days

18 € per person/day – participation inferior to 7 days

complete peregrination (21 days) 310 € (51.580 ptas.)

For our brothers and sisters of Latin América:

12 € per person/day

Children (until 12 years)

Registrations before the first of June, 2.003

8 € per child/day – participation superior to 7 days

10 € per child/day – participation inferior to 7 days

complete peregrination (21 days) 160 € (26.622 ptas.)

Registrations after the first of June, 2.003

12 € per child/day – participation superior to 7 days

14 € per child/day – participation inferior to 7 days

complete peregrination (21 days) 230 € (38.269 ptas.)


We need volunteers for the transportation service, supplies and kitchen. In the case of transportation, preferable a particular vehicle.

Information and registrations

Telf: 91 2298062 and 639531466 / /

During the peregrination the number 660852922 will be available


The initial date is on July 20 at 11 in the morning in El Parral park, beside the Hospital del Rey. In this same place is located the peregrine’s shelter. There is a 15 minutes walk from the cathedral to the dating place.

There will be during the morning, between 11 and 12, time for salutations, welcomes and last minute registrations. At 12 the initial ceremony will start.

We will eat in the same park and afterwards will go to the cathedral to make an offering and initiate from there the peregrination.

*The 'concheros' invite to the vigil that will be held before and on the peregrination´s eve. The first one will be in the 'Escuela Crisgaia' (Borja-Zaragoza) and the second one in the Monte del Gozo. After de first vigil, on the road to the date in Burgos, an offering will be made to the Virgen de Eunate (Navarra).


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