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Asunto:PAN- IV Iberamerican Web of Light Gathering / Conclusions / Colombia 2003 / 100 Links in the biggest spanish speaking web of light
Fecha:Domingo, 25 de Enero, 2004  06:41:28 (-0600)
Autor:Anahuak Home <redanahuak>

IV Iberamerican Web of Light Gathering / Conclusions / Colombia 2003 / 100 Links in the biggest spanish speaking web of light

Hola, dearest friends,
Brothers and Sisters,

When the Iberamerican Web of Light was born in virtuality in 1998, we didn't realize how rapid our grow was going to be. After four succesful annual, ecumenic and sui-generis masive gatherings in physicality in Mexico (2000), Costa Rica (2001), Venezuela (2002) and Colombia (2003), we are proud to inform you of our last International Council meeting conclusions and agreements and very happy to let you know that the biggest web of light in spanish languaje is now interlinking more than 1,500 spiritual networks in Latinamerica and Spain, and have launched already projects to expand itself in other three languajes: english, portuguese and french. Our data base comprises more than 25,000 email adresses of individuals and groups in 90 nations and our cyberspace information sources in spanish are more than 400, mainly web sites and mailing lists.

We would like to convoke now to a new woldwide effort to link our spiritual networks with all of the organized civil society, with whom we know we're going to expand geometrically our audiences in the next few years, mainly with the environmentalist, peace, indigenous peoples and women movements. To achieve that, we're calling to re-codify our esoteric languaje as possible, to make it understandable to wider audiences.

Finally, we would like to know if you would consider attending a multicultural and multilingual web of light great gathering in the summer of 2006 in Madrid, Spain, for five days. Please just reply YES, MAYBE or NO in the subject to this message and if it was forwarded to you please send it to

If you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to write me.
Thanks for sharing this message with your network.
Have a great chinese monkey year!
Amor y Paz
Ricardo G. Ocampo 3
Iberamerican Web of Light

Also coordinator of the
Anáhuak Radiant Centre
(Mexico City's RedLuz chapter)
New Email:

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COLOMBIA, South America.
November 10-17th, 2003.


The following are some of the results and agreements colectively adopted in the IV Annual Iberamerican Web of Light Gathering, held last November 10­17, 2003 in Cali and Buga, Colombia, with more than 200 participants from 9 countries:

1) Creation of the RedLuz International Foundation.
2) Design of a triple annual calendar for meditation and praying.
3) Planning of a profesional Holistic International Training Institute.
4) Organization of an Intercontinental Spiritual Corridor to increase support to holistic centers and facilitators and healers.
5) Increase of annual regional gatherings to expand participation and promotion.
6) Launching of a virtual publication for paper format to be printed in each country, under the name of RedLuz (web of light, in spanish).
7) Elaboration and publication of a wide Glossary related to our field.
8) Decision to re-codify linguistically all esoteric terminology in order to reach a wider audience.
9) Development of an electronic mega-library in our own server with the use of hypertext for all the community with a vast database in an open platform setting, containing all regional spiritual resources.
10) Re-union and consolidation of all disperse translation efforts in the RedLuz-LuxWeb networks to increase the quality of posted materials from three languajes: english, portuguese and french.
11) Integration of 17 Task Forces or Work Committees in different fields and objectives.
12) Design and implementation of diverse relevant proposals to increase the professional level in all activities of our network.

During the first three days, the International Council with its 15 representatives and affiliates, until this moment from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain and Venezuela (the committee increases its member by invitation and each year with two organizers from the new see of the gathering), met at the campus of Santiago de Cali University, to discuss issues related to the Iberamerican Web of Light International Organization, the main spanish speaking web of light, its challenges and obstacles, the expansion of new consciousness, its integration to the new planetary grid and worldwide opening of mind awareness and the universal invitation for 2006 to a multicultural and multilingual GLOBAL WEB OF LIGHT GREAT GATHERING in Madrid, Spain, with other spiritual networks in other languajes and cultures.

The last five days of the colombian gathering were held at the Instituto Mayor Campesino at Buga, a rural training private institution in organic handling procedures, where 200 participants from 9 nations attended more than 35 workshops, talks and lectures, offered by a pluralistic range of specialists and therapeutic alternative disciplines most of which were in the following fields. Each lecturer freely registered its participation before the event in the website designed specially for the ocasion in (

- Trends in new knowledge and philosophy
- Ancestral traditions
- Self-healing tecniques
- Environmentalism and Eco-Villages
- Chamanism
- Sacred Geometry
- Frontier Science
- Planetary Activation
- Sustainable Agriculture
- Light architecture
- Holistic training and Meditation
- Centers of power
- Stellar reconnections
- Peace movements
- Mythology and archetypes
- Live nutrition
- Tantric and Transformational Dancing
- Community services: childhood and juvenile
- Geobiology
- Taichi, Yoga and Feng Shui
- Kabbalah numerology
- Angelology
- Solar codes
- Energetic First Aids
- Genetic transformation
- Consciousness awareness and ascension
- Prosperity and abundance
- New information systems
- Sacred Calendars
- Mayan archtypes
- Cell regeneration
- Psychospiritual development
- Holograms and Matrixes

The Task Forces or Working Commissions created will focus different projects related to the following issues:

- Education and training
- New Technologies
- International issues
- Abundance (Economy and Finance)
- Style Handbook
- Operational Procedures Handbook
- Networks Handbook
- Communication and media  
- Multi-translation efforts
- Childhood care
- Ecovillages and permaculture
- Fixed Calendar
- Mobile Calendars
- Philosophical framework and principles
- International events representation
- Secretariat, followup and documentation
- Official publications and projects

In the gathering's conclusions it was established that three different Calendars would be implemented to carry out massive planetary appointments for meditation and prayer making use of colloquial language and avoiding as possible hermetic expressions. We also agreed that no reference to specific tradition, philosophy, perspective, school or organisation will be made in any RedLuz document or event, with the purpose of maintaining cohesion and the ecumenic and pluralistic tradition characteristic of our network, and also to reach the widest public transcending the realms of spiritual networks. Emphasis was placed on the need to double all efforts to establish contacts and exchange actions with other social and spiritual networks in worldwide civil society organizations.

The first Calendar is fixed and the dates correspond to each full and new moons, solstices and equinoxes, new year in the Gregorian Calendar on January 1st, new year in the Mayan Calendar on July 26, Earth Day on April 23rd and Christmas on December 24th.   

The second annual Calendar is mobile and made up of FOCAL INTENTIONS FOR GLOBAL CHALLENGES ­ for example, in case of famine, disaster or threat of armed conflict. The third Calendar within this group is also flexible and relates to CREATIVE VISUALIZATIONS FOR SOCIAL PROJECTS, which supports any action in need of help within worldwide civil society, with the purpose of reaching the greatest amount of people possible and evaluating the results within the next 13 days.

Any type of calling to focus political disputes or ideological differences will be avoided. The results of this energetic exercise and experiment comprising a thirteen-day period will be analyzed as it encompasses the practice and experimentation of the collective power of manifestation through prayer and meditation, depending on the use and habits of each reader and group.

Problems in specific social projects aiding people and requiring concrete solutions will be published in order to solve them by sending energy within the context of the Divine Plan and not according to any individual's personal or group interest. Proposals for this action will be detailed beforehand stating the purpose for such request and, upon its termination, their authors will deliver a detailed report of results obtained. The International Committee will receive via e-mail all incoming proposals from any member of our community and will select, establish adequate dates and promote urgent actions within its sphere of action.

In other subjects, the International Committee agreed to accept Ricardo Ocampo's donation of the copyright of the names RedLuz & LuxWeb, to be used as abreviations of the Iberamerican Web of Light in its image and name, and the new servers and portals to be installed soon at the and dominions. The main network and name of Ocampo will return to be Red Anahuak (Anahuak Networks), the name of the Mexico City Valley, where he operates. The RedLuz/LuxWeb services will be soon edited by a special commission of the International Committee.

The V IBERAMERICAN WEB OF LIGHT GATHERING will be held this year 2004 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and tentatively in Brasil in 2005 and in Spain in 2006.

Kind translation into english by Diana Englebert Moody.
Edited by RGO3.

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