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Asunto:PAN- European Social Forum 2004 / Oct 15-17 / London
Fecha:Domingo, 19 de Septiembre, 2004  17:54:43 (-0500)
Autor:Ricardo Ocampo <redanahuak>

European Social Forum 2004 / Oct 15-17 / London

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Nov 22-29, 2004
Mar del Plata, Argentina
You're cordially invited!

More info:

* * * * * * * * * *


The third European Social Forum will take place from 15-17 October in London.

The European Social Forum was launched from the World Social Forum meeting in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Its first two massive gatherings were in Florence (2002) and Paris (2003).
The ESF is a unique opportunity where social movements, trade unions, NGOs, refugees, peace and anti-imperialist groups, anti-racist movements, environmental movements, networks of the excluded and community campaigns from Europe and the world can come together to discuss how to achieve global social justice for all and debate ways of making 'another world possible'.

Register now for the UK ESF 2004!!

The first 20,000 people to register for the ESF in London before 1 October will receive a travel card allowing free travel anywhere in London on the Underground, buses and railways on 15, 16 and 17 October.


About the European Social Forum 2004

The third European Social Forum (ESF) will take place from 15-17 October in London.

The ESF is a giant gathering for everyone opposed to war, racism and corporate power, everyone who wants to see global justice, workers' rights and a sustainable society.

The ESF emerged from the spectacular success of the World Social Forum which opened in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 2001. Its first two gatherings in Florence (2002) and Paris (2003) attracted over 50,000 participants from across Europe and beyond. It is a chance for people from around the world to come together to engage in debate, organise action and build networks to strengthen our movement.

All plenaries and seminars will be simultaneously interpreted by Babels volunteers into five languages. English, French, Italian, German and Spanish will be the main languages but some sessions will also be translated into Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Turkish and many other languages.

The Forum will be launched with a large opening event on Thursday 14th followed by three days of discussion and debate involving leading activists from around the world as well as music, drama, film-showings and exhibitions celebrating the global movement. The key themes addressed will be:

*    War and peace
*    Democracy and fundamental rights
*    Social justice and solidarity: against privatisation (deregulation), for workers, social and women¹s rights
*    Corporate globalisation and global justice
*    Against racism, discrimination and the far right: for equality and diversity
*    Environmental crisis and sustainable society

The Assembly of Social Movements, an open decision making body, will also meet on the Sunday morning followed by an International demonstration through central London on Sunday afternoon.

This year¹s ESF in London will bring together thousands of people from across the UK, Europe and the world and is an unmissable event for everyone who wants to see a better world. Demand for places is expected to be high so if you wish to attend you will need to register early.

The 2004 ESF is being organised by an Organising Committee of affiliated national and local social movement organisations and trade unions in the UK with support from the Greater London Authority. See below for a full list of affiliated organisations. The UK Organising Committee meets monthly and has a number of Working Groups to develop every aspect of the project. All meetings are open and democratic and operate in accordance with the World Social Forum Charter of Principles.

The ESF 2004 is coming to London!

The programme for this year¹s ESF is well under way and now the focus is to build the largest and most diverse ESF attendance possible.

Keep up to date with all latest developments with our regular newsletter which you can also use a tool for outreach. Please also use and disseminate all of our Outreach Materials.

Spread the word in your local area

People are organising up and down the UK and across Europe to build the ESF. Use your networks and get in touch with campaigners, activists and everyone you know who is against war, racism and privatisation and for global justice. In Birmingham they have set up regular meetings and run a political cinema showing films from the World Social Forum and John Pilger. In East London they have had gigs and other cultural events.

Be imaginative!

* We can provide speakers for your meeting. We have videos of the World Social Forum in Mumbai available for loan. UNISON have an exhibition of photos by Jess Hurd from the Mumbai WSF, if you would like to loan the exhibition for your ESF meeting or event please contact Contact the ESF Office for leaflets, posters and other publicity, we are able to deliver large quantities of materials

*Local ESF Meetings and Contact Details: If you would like to advertise an event or contact please email

* Don't forget there will be free accommodation and solidarity tickets available. Many regional networks will be organising transport down to London this October - can you do the same?

Outreach and Affiliation
A number of networks have been established to help build and organise for the ESF: These include networks for refugee groups, disability groups, anti-racist groups, womens groups and many others.

Organisations are encouraged to affiliate to the UK ESF Organising Committee. Affiliation means supporting the Charter of Principles of the World Social Forum and giving financial support by paying an affiliation fee. By affiliating to the UK ESF Organising Committee organisations are not assuming financial liability for delivery of the event in London. You can view a list of affiliated organisations.


We will be needing hundreds of volunteers at the ESF and also in the month immediately prior to the event itself. Volunteers are an integral part of making the ESF a success and we will endeavor to ensure that all volunteers can participate in the forum. If you are able to volunteer at the ESF for 3 days 15th-17th October 2004 we offer a free ticket, guaranteed free accommodation and food expenses..

Please download and complete the Volunteer Application Form, and return it to ESF c/o NATFHE, 17 Britannia St, London WC1X 9JP.

For queries or if you are available immediately for volunteering please contact

If you want to become a volunteer interpreter at the ESF please email You can also register to be a volunteer interpreter online at Babels.


The UK ESF Outreach working group aims to ensure that people hear about the ESF at festivals, demonstrations and conferences happening up and down the country over the summer. We need enthusiastic volunteers to cover these events.

If you would like to coordinate the ESF promotion at one of the events listed or can suggest any other event that should be on this page contact

Please also see our list of upcoming events

The UK ESF Outreach Working Group meets fortnightly in London. For ideas on building the ESF and any other assistance please contact