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Asunto:PAN- Religious Anthropology
Fecha:Miercoles, 30 de Marzo, 2005  22:01:15 (-0600)
Autor:Anahuak Home <redanahuak>

Religious Anthropology

To: Iberamerican Web of Light /
50,000 subscribers in 90 nations and two languajes
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 21:57:03 -0600

By Huitzilíhuitl Cihuacóatl
I. Introduction

      The man is a political animal, a "zoon politikon", as the Greek
Aristotle said it about 2350 years ago, and as such it is that the author
has toiled in gathering the data and arguments that conform the present
dissertation. Rehearsing anthropological reinterpretations in the
investigation of solutions to the current worldwide problems and their
future consequences.

      The religion concept, coming from the verb "religare" in Latin that
means to tie or to unite, it can be interpreted as a set of knowledge or
beliefs that unify to a community. As well as to unite or to relate all the
existent one by means of a symbology determining the behavior that each
member of the community should continue.

      The philosopher and English mathematician of the XX century, Bertrand
Russell, observed that the religions have always been among the first causes
of the wars. This historical experience has been used to argue that it is
better not to have any religion, but this is impossible starting of its
literal meaning, of retie or relating the wholeness in a single vision or
understanding, for what doctrines like the marxism, the nazism or the
fascism that have been also cause of big wars, fall inside this general
definition of religion and they come to confirm the observation of Bertrand

      The current humanity's challenge is then to find a satisfactory
interpretation that it explains reason the religions have played the role of
catalysts of wars and genocides, integrating it to the new knowledge so that
it allows him now to escape to that historicity and this way to be able to
become unified worldwide to be able to work for the overcoming of the
current state of environmental emergency and to define the guidelines that
must take it for its correct evolution.

      The mental plane of the mankind is a dimension of the real space that
we should ponder appropriately, looking for in it the exit to the
existential contradiction of the modern world. The beliefs are medullary
part of the human thought and they come occupying a preponderant place in
the evolution of our species, for what suits to study them and to apply them

      This mental plane can be interpreted as the metaphysical or spiritual
space alluded by the religions, and then it is not independent and
determining of the physical reality as in the platonic model, but rather
both coexist in mutual dependence and procreation. This understanding of a
physical and spiritual duality spreads to eradicate the current materialism
that takes to the exhaustion of the natural resources, so much as the
historical religious fanaticism that has based the genocides.

      The historical disagreement that has existed between the religion and
the development of the scientific knowledge, reveals that the science
constitutes the creation of a new religion elaborated by the historical
humanity whose development was foreseen by a prehistoric humanity and
impelled by its imposition of the ancient religion. Throughout history these
two humanities have coexisted, the antique one in an extinction process,
characterized by the loss of a prehistoric wisdom that the current science
has not still been able to recognize, but reborning in the modern humanity
by means of its rediscovery of the knowledge that must take it to the
understanding that it is the same prehistoric humanity resuscitated again.

      That is to say, that the prehistoric humanity's voluntary process, of
dying reborn again, it has had the aim of inheriting the new humanity that
prehistoric knowledge of the transcendency of the human spirit through their
different generations. This way we can go understanding because historically
the religions have had that paper of promoters of wars and genocides. Since
religious dogmas as that of the resurrection of the meat or the
reincarnation of the spirit, belonging to diverse religions, are
interpretable based on anthropological arguments and starting from the
acquaintance development of the universal history.

      The concept of the cosmic miscegenation of Jose Vasconcelos is related
with the dogma of the resurrection of the meat, because it is original of an
extensive area that surrounds to the Middle East, which is a geographical
vertex of union between three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe, it has
been the first region in the entire world where from prehistoric times all
the human races have been able to converge and to crossbreeded themselves.

      Then we can interpret the dogma of the resurrection of the meat like
the religious watchword of the repetition from this cosmic or total
mestization at worldwide level, the one which with the expansion of the
western or european culture by means of their colonization of the rest of
the continents, has occurred throughout of the world, and in a particularly
extensive way in America.

      A daily confirmation of the resurrection of the meat is that many
Mexicans have common racial features with the Arab towns, the resemblance
with the towns of the India already existed from before the time of the
Colony, from which the historical error was derived of calling Indians to
the inhabitants from America. It suits to formulate to this cosmic
miscegenation that has been not only racial, but also cultural and
spiritual, as the sense that has had our universal history.

      The concept of the resurrection of the meat is coherent with the
concept of the reincarnation of the spirit, belonging to cultures that by
their antiquity had not still completed the cosmic miscegenation, and its
reincarnation idea allows them to return to live as much in its original
race, like in new mestizations.

      The philosophical foundation of these religious concepts is the
eternal return through the time, built in the observation of the rhythm of
the natural phenomena, from the astronomical phenomena until the social
phenomena, concluding that our species comes evolving in cycles that are not
identical but yes similar, in which comes reincarnating the human spirit
that neither escapes to its evolution.

      We can consider to this recurrent nature of the universe like their
feminine quality, based on the cycle of fertility in the woman that
uncannily tends to agree with the cycle of the phases of the moon,
establishing an intimate relationship between the heavenly body and the
feminine gender.

      We will understand then to the new knowledge, that contains to the
scientific knowledge, like a religion without churches, ministers, neither
rituals, whose daily oration is the work concerted between people of all the
ages to surpass their common problems and to satisfy the necessities of
their spirit.


Copyright © 2000-2004 Jesús Morfín Garduño.      
Its reproduction is authorized mentioning the source
and service.

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