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Asunto:PAN- May events
Fecha:Sabado, 30 de Abril, 2005  08:55:11 (-0500)
Autor:Anahuak Home <redanahuak>

From: Barbara Wolf <bjwolf@...>
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2005 03:31:01 -0700
Subject: May events

Hello, everyone, this is Barbara Wolf.
Global Meditations Network.

Archangel Michael May message.


Here are May listings on the Calendar of Events page,

Apr. 29-May 1, Boulder, COLORADO, The Millinium Hotel.
WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW!? Film and Prophets Conference.
Elaine Hendrix , co-star of the film will attend as well as scientists
and visionaries Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D., Joseph Dispenza, D.C.,
William Tiller, Ph.D., John Hagelin, Ph.D., Jeffrey Satinover, M.D.,
JZ Knight, Dr. Miceal Ledwith, Stuart Hameroff, M.D.,
William Arntz. Special guest is Lynne McTaggart.
Contact: prophets@...
May 6, 7:30-9:30 pm, West Hollywood, CALIFORNIA, Bodhi Tree
Bookstore, 8585 Melrose Ave. Lecture: Soul Retrieval - The Fast
Track to Enlightenment, by Poet Master Peace Mother Geeta
Sacred Song. Contact: Peace Mother, C/O Peace Team,
info@...; Tel: 866-987-3223.

Also, May 7, 7-9 pm, Anaheim, CALIFORNIA, Learning Light Center,
1212 East Lincoln Ave. Chanting with a Mayan Master: The blissful
path to Enlightenment, by Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song.
Contact: information same as above.
May 6-8, Sedona, ARIZONA, Kokopelli Inn. A Mystical Journey
to enter the Heart of Spirit through its dozens of power vortexes
accessing the true depth of the soul. Guides will be DrumKeeper,
White Eagle Medicine Woman, Toltec Shaman and Sedona resident,
Rahelio, and Reverend Rainbow Johnson. Healing medicine wheel,
sacred sweat lodge, and GrandMother Drum. Contact Rev. Rainbow
Johnson, Rainbow@...; Tel: 512-478-4944,
or toll free 866-778-0760.
May 6-15, Crossing Over To Medicine Country: The Great North
American Southwest Pilgrimage Of Healing And Renewal.
Contact: axiom@...; Tel: 505-988-2223.
May 8, Hocking Hills, Ohio, Ash Cave. World-Wide Earth Prayer
Day event, a medicine wheel gathering, prayer of thanksgiving,
positive energy, and healing for Earth Mother, sponsored by
Thomas Wabipenache Coy. Pipe Ceremony honoring the Four
Directions. Offerings of tobacco, cedar, sweet grass, and sage for
purification and honoring Earth Mother. Drums, flutes, and other
musical instruments are welcome and encouraged.
Contact Thomas Wabipenache Coy, wabipenache@;
Tel: 740-591-5647.
Ash Cave is in the Hocking Hills State Park approx. 10 miles off
State Route 33 in Logan, Ohio, on State Route 56 between the
towns of Hue and South Bloomington.
May 12-22, St. Petersburg, RUSSIA. 13th ANNUAL
RESOLUTION (ICR): "Sharing Tools for Personal/
Global Harmony". Part of a 2005 series of 4 major
international conferences in 3 countries that focus on
exploring and advancing the consciousness of peace.
HARMONY INSTITUTE (Russia), in cooperation with the
Association for Humanistic Psychology.
Contact: Steve Olweean, solweean@..., or Michele Hofer,
CBIMichele@...; Tel: 440-526-5020, or
Tel/Fax: 269-665-9393
May 13, Rhinebeck, NEW YORK, The Omega Institute, 150 Lake Drive.
Japanese water scientist Masaru Emoto will lecture on Mind, Matter,
and Time: Mirrors of Reality. Contact: Tel: 1-800-944-1001.
May 13-14, New Haven, CONNECTICUT and May 20-22, Bubbling Spring
Holistic Health Center, 9224 Manchester Rd, Silver Springs, MARYLAND.
Workshops. Awaken Your Inner Wisdom with Paula Muran, Medical
Intuitive/Empath, Master Teacher and Channel to Sanatkumara
(Hindu Deity, Ancient of Days). Transform your fears, connect
with your Soul, open your heart and enlighten! Learn to identify
limiting emotional beliefs that stand in your way to experiencing
your true Self. Contact: paulamuran@...;
Tel: 866-231-0023.
May 20-22 contact, Tel: 301-587-1177.
May 13-15, PHOENIX, Arizona, El Zaribah Shrine, 552 North 40th Street.
No Nonsense Prophecy Conference 2005, produced by Rev. Dr. Rain
Morgan of Rain of Truth Talk Radio KFNX 1100 AM on Phoenix and
1100KFNX.COM. Sponsored by Mary Lyn Hammer. Examining the
meaning of prophecies of. Nostradamus, the Hopi, the Lakota, and
more. Speakers: Dr. John Gray, Standing Elk, Sean David Morton,
Ted Gunderson, Wayne Green, James Gilliand, Patricia Diana
Cota-Robles, Al Bielek, Star Fuentes, Anthony Hilder, Dr. Sandra
Rose Michael, Andre Michael Eggelletion, Michael Peter
Langevin, Nicki Scully, Dr. Louis Turi, RA-Ja "Merk" Dove.
Contact: Tel: 602-231-0300.
May 14-15, West Sacramento, CALIFORNIA, Best Western Harbor Inn,
1250 Halyard Drive. Seminar with Archangel Michael/Ronna Star.
Contact: Ronna Herman, ronnastar@...
May 14, 11 am-7 pm, and May 15, noon-6 pm, OKLAHOMA CITY,
Oklahoma, the India Shrine Center, 3601 NW 36. The 4th Annual
Oklahoma City Holistic Health Fair. Free: Admission, parking,
and 45-minute lectures on alternative/complementary therapies
and mind, body, spirit modalities. Sponsored by: 7 Hawks Publishing,
EarthWind Holistic Center, Bioenergy Wellness Center, Oklahoma
Metaphysical Council, Harmony Healing Center, Angelic Enterprises,
Deep Root Inc., Good Vibrations, OKC School of Metaphysics,
Holistic Therapy Center, Oklahoma Gazette. Contact: Gail Peck of
7 Hawks Publishing Company, wisdom110@...;
Tel: 405-943-2741.
May 14, 7:30pm. SAN FRANCISCO, California, Global Institute of
PsychoAcoustics and Sound Healing, 739 Bryant Street. SACRED
JOURNEY healing concert with Master Musician / Healer Constance
Demby performing on the Cosmic-Electronic Orchestra, the Hammer
Dulcimer, and the Sonic Steel Space Bass.
May 15, 1 pm-5 pm, same location. SONIC IMMERSION - Vibrational
Sound Healing and Attunement Workshop with Constance Demby to
clear energy blocks, open the channels, attune and align the chakra
energy centers to experience expanded states of consciousness.
Contact: cdemby@..., info@...
May 15, 11 am-6 pm, DALLAS Texas, Cowtown Coliseum, 121 E.
Exchange Avenue. Ceremony of 8,000 Sacred Drums for the Healing
of Mother Earth, Life & Peace. A satellite event of the annual Mother
ceremony at the Otomi Ceremonial Center near Temoaya, Toluca,
Mexico, on the Equinox. 1:30-2 pm, all drums played in unison,
led by Thaayrohiadi Bermudez de la Cruz, Otomi, Mexico.
Free admission. Contact: Margaret A. Donnelly and
Maria Cordoneda, madonn@...; Tel: 214-630-9511
May 15, 2-4 pm, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA, Thomas Jefferson
University, Bluemle Building, 233 S. 10th St. (10th & Locust).
Dr. Masaru Emoto will lecture. Sponsored by the Yoga Research
Society, which will also sponsor a full day of lectures. by other
speakers. Contact: yogasearch@...; Tel: 215-592-9642
May 15-22, Aspen, COLORADO. Meditation Retreat for Global
Enlightenment: The Pathway to Unity Consciousness, with
Chalanda Sai Ma and her Master Teachers, as well as with
Marianne Williamson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and
Barbara DeAngelis . A week-long intensive retreat with
periods of meditation, chanting, brain illumination, pranayama
(breathing exercises), kriyas (purification techniques) and
diksha, the physical transference of divine light into the brain.
Contact: 1-866-IN-UNITY, Ext. 702.
May 15-June 5, FRANCE. Sacred journey with Chet Kallista Snow
to explore Mary Magdalene, Black Madooas, Nostradamus,
Da Vinci Code, Cathars. Contact: Chet Snow, Tel: 928-204-1962.
May 19, 7-9 pm, PHOENIX, Arizona. Borders Book Bookstore
(Biltmore), Biltmore Fashion Park, Camelback. Lecture: Wisdom
Teachings for Spiritual Protection by Poet Peace Mother Geeta
Sacred Song. Contact: info@...; Tel: 866-987-3223.

Also, May 20, 7-9 pm, Tempe, ARIZONA. Changing Hands Bookstore,
6428 South McClintock Dr. (SW Corner at Guadalupe). Lecture:
Wisdom Teachings for Spiritual Protection, by Peace Mother Geeta
Sacred Song. Contact: same as above.
May 20, 7-9 pm & May 21, 1-4 pm, Tucson, ARIZONA, Synchronicity
Center, 1701 E. Lind Road. Crystal Singing Bowl Concert with
Elivia Melodey, sound healer and intuitive.
Contact: Joan Vann, joanv8@...; Tel: 520-409-8439
May 21-28, HAWAII. "Dolphin Play the Yoga Way", swim with the
dolphins. Contact: Mirella, mirella@...;
Tel: 0266 847630 / 0402 669676 , International...+61 266 847630.
May 22, 10:00 am-3:30 pm, Cleveland, OHIO, Marriott Cleveland
Airport, 4277 W 150th Street. FREE SEMINAR - Create The Life
You Want Now!, presented by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, New Age
Study of Humanitys Purpose, Inc. Contact: Eraofpeace@...;
Tel: 1-520-885-7909, or, 1-888-310-4488 Toll Free.
May 23, 7 pm, NEW YORK CITY, The Williams Club, 24 East 39th
Street (between Madison and park Avenues). A meditation, one hour,
is arranged by the Lucis Trust for the Christ
festival, which follows one month after Wesak at the time of the full
moon of Gemini, May 23, 4:19 pm Eastern Daylight Time/New York
time. The keynote of this meditation is humanity aspiring to God, the
blending of many different spiritual approaches in one united act of
invocation. It has been observed since 1952 as World Invocation Day.
May 24, 7:30 pm, Kansas City, KANSAS, Unity Temple on the Plaza,
707 West 47th Street. Dr. Masaru Emoto speaks on the True Power of
Water. Sponsored by The Cornerstone Foundation & Open Circle.
Contact: 816-561-1627 or 816-931-1189.
May 25-June 8, FRANCE. A Journey In Search of Mary Magdalene
& the Divine Feminine, led by Lucinda Anskin and Joy Malumphy,
Life Coach, Reiki Master-Teacher and Spiritual Intuitive.
Contact: lanskin@... or joy@...
May 25-29, LONDON. Mind Body Spirit Festival. Chris James
of Australia performs. Contact: james@...,
or Sounds Wonderful, Tel: 03 9844 3933
Jun. 1-2, You are asked to join a Global Event: The Emergence of
Oneness and the End of all Division, a Meditation for the Energy
Transference of Oneness, Love, Light, Peace, Joy. These June dates
are aligned with the Mayan Calendar and embody and emanate the
energies of Enlightenment and the End of Dominance and Division.
Information and events by country listed on

Australian event for this meditation: Jun. 1-2, 7-9:30 pm , Adelaide,
T.S. Bookshop 310 S. Terrace near Hutt Street.
Contact: Carol, Casher@...
or Robert, Oneheart@...; Tel: 08 8379 1331
Jun.1-5, Fairhaven, MASSACHUSETTS, School of Sound Healing
training. The Nature of Sound in Healing & Using Healing Sound
Instruments, hosted by The Center of Light, Zacciah Blackburn.
Contact: Zacciah@...
Jun. 1-5, SAN FRANCISCO, California. 2005 World Environment Day,
a United Nations Environmental Program.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


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