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Asunto:PAN- 2nd Conciousness Network Gathering / Mexico City / November 2005
Fecha:Jueves, 5 de Mayo, 2005  16:37:52 (-0500)
Autor:Anahuak Home <redanahuak>

To: LuxWeb <LuxWeb@...> 
Cc: LuxWebII <LuxWebII@...>, LuxWebIII 
Date: Thu, 05 May 2005 16:35:53 -0500 
Subject: 2nd Conciousness Network Gathering / Mexico City / November 2005 
From: Gerardo Sandoval <zain@...> 
Date: Thu, 05 May 2005 15:14:58 -0500 
Dear Friends, 
First of all, congratulations for your 2005 Gathering. We are the 
Conciousness Network in Mexico, members of the Iberamerican Web of Light 
We share all your objectives and work, so we would like to link our work on 
your Network and with you, people. 
We would also like to ask you, to whom it may concern, to send us trough 
this email address some of the digital photos that you will take during the 
reunion, in order to post them on our web ( so many of 
our readers may know about your organization. You may find information on 
us, in spanish, in 'Organizations', inside the portal. 
We would also like to invite you to attend our Second National Encounter of 
The Consciousness Network, which will be held this November 3-6th, 2005, and 
will take place in the mayor private mexican university, the Iberamerican 
University, Santa Fe Campus, México City. So you can imagine this gathering 
will have an unprecedented and important media coverage and participation 
into it, in ten main fields: art and culture, spirituality and philosophy, 
environmentalism and ecovillages, sacred traditions, holistic health, 
sexuality and gender, alternative economy, new emerging global networks and 
socierty, mesomerican calendars, and new education. 
We will be very honoured if you guys, if possible, can give a conference 
about your work and what you've being doing in the last dacade. So lets us 
know what will be the subject and we'll be programing the activity in our 
main program schedule. 
Like to hear form you .... 
For all the relations we have 
Tlanesi tinatiuh 
That the light of the sun, will be shining on your place 
Best regards, 
Temitl Said Sandoval 
Organization Commitee 
The Consciousness Network 
2nd. Encounter 2005 
3-6th November 
Iberamerican University 
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From: "Rainbow Hawk" <rainbow2004mexico@...> 
To: <rainbow2004mexico@...> 
Sent: Thursday, May 05, 2005 2:04 PM 
Subject: [rainbow2004mexico] The history of Ciudadanos Preocupados 
The history of Ciudadanos Preocupados 
For the future of La Paz/Baja California Sur/Mexico 
& the Earth 
In the fall and winter months of 2003 - 2004 a group of citizens 
from La Paz, and a few volunteers from other countries, worked on 
setting up the March 15th-30th 2004 Spring Equinox Global Rainbow 
Gathering of the Tribes, to be held on the northwest segment of the 
Bay of La Paz in Baja California Sur, Mexico. This type of event is 
primarily focused on finding ways and means to assist in the 
preservation and restoration of the natural world. 
One of the immediate primary objectives of this event included the 
creation of an ecologically sound and sustainable village to serve 
as a model of how humanity could find ways to live in harmony with 
nature. Many similar models are in existence and/or progressing 
toward the creation of their ideals around the world. A good number 
of those evolved out of the Rainbow Peace Projects International 
efforts, which began in 1984 and evolved a network of projects in 26 
countries by 1992. Since that time the various projects have become 
parts of the overall worldwide Rainbow Network (which began in 
August of 1970, and also included the founding councils of 
Greenpeace) of projects and events; or evolved into efforts centered 
on individual projects and networks of similar vision acting 
autonomously. The original hopes and plans for this event and 
proposed project can be found on the Internet Website set up for 
this at: 
The Gathering itself, though smaller than expected (approximately 
400-500 participants over its' duration), was a great event and 
brought together many residents of the region and nation, as well as 
folks from 16 or so other countries. Some planning was done toward 
the village effort. 
After the event, at the beginning of April, the local people 
involved found that a proposed industrial tourists' development for 
the El Mogote Peninsula, a long sand based peninsula separating the 
outer Bay of La Paz from the more protected Ensenada (inner bay), 
had begun construction of two palapas (palm thatched structures) 
adjacent to the mangrove forest there. Such is absolutely prohibited 
by Norm 22 of the code of Federal Environmental laws of this 
country, which states that no structures can be constructed within 
100 meters of the mangroves. Planning for the village ceased, due to 
this effort to protect El Mogote, and Balandra Bay & the Bay of La 
Paz as a whole. 
It should be mentioned that the citizens of La Paz have heard of one 
mad capped scheme after another to "develop El Mogote" since the 
1920s, or before. But, due to the fact that the area is essentially 
a 300 meter deep sandbar dropping off into the outer bay, with no 
real foundation for construction, plus the facts that the mangroves 
and dunes there are protected eco-systems, as well as having a 
myriad of protected species of flora and fauna, nobody thought that 
this new scheme could possibly proceed. 
Before any actions about this could be formulated to deal with this 
apparently minor problem, one of the participants of the Gathering, 
and a Marine Biology major whose field is the mangrove eco-system, 
Peter Patterson-Cunningham approached Rainbow Hawk, the focalizer 
(coordinator) of the Gathering and lifelong environmental and peace 
activist, as well as a 45 year resident of La Paz greatly respected 
by the community. He presented his findings on what was happening on 
El Mogote, and what nobody could see from town. 
The developers had in fact built the illegal palapas within meters 
of the mangroves, their bathroom palapa being directly on the edge, 
which of course threatened release of waste directly into the 
mangroves, and had started bulldozing a large segment of the point 
on the outer bay side. In the process, killing endemic & protected 
species, and putting at risk numerous others. Peter produced video 
footage of the destruction and deaths as evidence and asked Rainbow 
how it could be stopped. 
The original three page document of Ciudadanos Preocupados 
(Concerned Citizens, for that was what we were) titled: Paradise of 
the Sea, or the Destruction of Paradise, was written that same day 
stating the problems as we saw them, and could support by law & 
scientific studies. We first did two versions, one in Spanish and 
one in English (the predominant language of visitors and foreign 
residents) and printed up 200 copies of each. Asking each recipient 
to further make copies and share them with their friends and 
whomever else they thought would be interested in them. 
We called for a meeting of concerned citizens to be held in 
Cuahutemoc park on the Malecon (beachside street). 19 people showed 
up, though several represented various groups as well. The group 
CONCIENCIA, which presented before a refutable against the 
fraudulent project Paradise of the Sea, immediately swung into 
action as the first, and ongoing since, group to ally themselves and 
become an intrinsic part of the Ciudadanos Preocupados effort. 
Ciudadanos Preocupados had already managed to have some articles in 
the two largest circulation daily newspapers of the State and had 
developed additional documents relating to why the El Mogote 
Peninsula should be saved. CONCIENCIA had also done an article in 
one of the local magazines and there had been a couple of other 
articles done by prominent professors of thee leading Marine Biology 
Institutes in Latin America. These were combined to establish the 
firmest possible footing we could in order to set the path towards 
legally, morally and scientifically based facts in support of 
whatever we presented as a group. 
It was also agreed to make more copies of the materials we had ready 
for distribution and to present all that we had at impromptu forums 
starting the next weekend, using the area of the Callejon La Paz 
next to the Hotel Perla, and around the corner from the sales office 
of the developments sales office. These were presented over several 
days, leading up to the first announced public forum, to take place 
on the seaside foot of the Callejon La Paz. For these we first 
incorporated display boards with our written materials and press 
clippings, as well as informative talks with whoever showed an 
During this period, in late April, the developers had planned 
a "Founders Meeting" for the first prospective clients of the 
project, Paradise of the Sea, to which a projected 150 were 
expected. 50 showed up. 
As Concerned Citizens, Peter was delegated as a representative of 
the group to find out more about their plans and also present our 
documents to the prospective clients so that they would be aware of 
other factors, which the developers were not telling them about. 
After a brief time staff of the event told Peter that he was not 
welcomed and forced him to leave before he could share the 
Returning to the Callejon La Paz, where several of the group was 
gathered, he informed the group of his lack of success and eviction 
from the event. Another member, a lady who was dressed very well 
that day, said that she would accompany Peter back to the meeting. 
But upon return there were obviously project staff members outside 
of the hotel to prevent Peters' re-entry. 
Seeing this was going to be the case our sister member just went her 
own way into the hotel and located the last 20 members of the 
prospective clients there. She distributed the information with the 
advice to consider all the factors before making any decisions. And 
departed to where Peter had been waiting, after being denied entry. 
That evening one of the "Founders" was encountered and offered the 
information that we had. He had been one of those who had received 
the information at the end of the meeting. He informed our 
representative of that and was in total agreement as a real 
environmentalist and one who loved La Paz, and did not wish to see 
it turn into another Cabo San Lucas, the major tourist resort area 
of the state. 
The following day of the "Founders Meetings" those who had received 
the information had some very serious questions to ask and shared 
their information with the other prospective buyers. The results 
being a disaster as far as finding more than one or two that would 
invest in homes in the proposed development. 
Since the lands proposed for development had been Public Lands, and 
the Governor had sold them without the required public forums and 
consent, our first major effort was to petition the State Congress 
for a Public Referendum on the sale. To this end, for the first 
three weekends (Fridays - Sundays) of our semi-official Public 
Forums which were scheduled to run from 7-10PM each night, we 
circulated a petition among those attending the forums and collected 
over 1,200 signatures of citizens concerned with, and opposed to, 
the sale and the proposed development. 
During this period a major eight month study done by the combined 
efforts of Harvard University, the Autonomous University of Baja 
California Sur (Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Sur/UABCS), 
the University of Arizona, and the Center for Interdisciplinary 
Marine Sciences   (Centro Interdisciplinario de Ciencias 
Marinas/CICIMAR) was presented, on May 4th, 2004. It was sponsored 
by the International Community Foundation/I.C.F and the Mexican 
Foundation for Environmental Education/FUNDEA; with the 
participation of the City/County of La Paz Public Services Dept. 
(H.  Ayuntamiento de La Paz); the State Government of Baja 
California Sur; the Federal Environmental and Natural Resources 
Protection Agency (la Delegación Federal de la Procuraduría Federal 
de Protección al Ambiente y Recursos Naturales / SEMARNAT); the 
Federal Delegation of the National Water Commission (la Delegación 
Federal de la Comisión Nacional Del Agua / C.F.A.), among others. 
This study focused on: Future Alternatives for the Region of La Paz, 
Baja California Sur, Mexico and presented ten possible scenarios, 
with a 20 year projection on each, each then broken down into ten 
year increments. The findings of that study stood in complete 
agreement with what Ciudadanos Preocupados had already been 
addressing, and added various related issues to be taken into 
The proposed development(s) of the El Mogote Peninsula and the 
Public Beach areas north of town, such as Balandra Bay, were only 
addressed in the thee worst case scenario, and it was deemed 
extremely important for the future of La Paz to make them protected 
areas, open to environmentally sound uses of the general public and 
the tourist sector, which comes to appreciate their natural beauty. 
Additionally those areas contain thee most significant stands of 
mangrove forests in the region and are absolutely essential to the 
life of the Bay of La Paz and the Gulf of California/Sea of Cortez 
beyond. As well as for the local fishing and eco-tourism industries, 
whose existence depends, in their totality, on a healthy balance of 
sea life in the region. These were issues that Ciudadanos 
Preocupados had already been strongly focused upon. 
It should be mentioned that the very Governor, Leonel Cota Montano, 
who sold the Public Lands on El Mogote for the development of the 
Paradise of the Sea project, and its' strongest political supporter, 
was the very first person to give an opening address speech for the 
presentation of this monumental study, which was the most in depth 
study of its' kind every done for the region. But give the opening 
speech is all that he did, ten minutes and he was gone. 
Did he have such a busy schedule that he had to leave that soon, and 
thus provide a valid excuse for not attending the actual, and 
historic, presentation? That thought could hardly be entertained as, 
he left the presentation after his ten-minute speech and went right 
outside into the Callejon La Paz where he spent nearly an hour for 
photo opportunities with the local T.V. and print media. 
Was he actually afraid that his real intentions for those essential 
areas to be protected was in contradiction to what every expert 
thought, after intensive investigations on the part of all those who 
where parts of that study? With the overwhelming views expressed 
would he, in the least, have to admit that the projects for those 
areas should not be permitted? No, none of those, for he simply left 
and ignored any form of defending his ill thought out plans, and 
very likely criminal involvement in defrauding the public of its' 
Public Lands, and the Patrimony of the citizens La Paz and of this 
In the closing of that presentation it was clearly stated that the 
investigators had gone as far as they could go and it was up to the 
citizens to implement the proper courses of actions, hopefully based 
upon sound scientific findings. The study was now in the hands of 
the people, to utilize in deciding their own future. 
Or was it really? The press barely gave it mention other than these 
world-respected investigators presented a study. But nowhere could 
you find any mention of the results of that study. 
No action was being taken on the part of the government, other than 
an attempt by the Municipal Government, in conjunction with Federal 
Government Agencies and various Non Profit Organizations and 
Foundations, to preserve Balandra Bay by declaring it a Municipally 
Protected Natural Area. 
This is currently being contested in the Federal Courts and the 
developers of that project, the Aleman Family of Vera Cruz, 
currently have won an injunction against the Municipal Declaration, 
which was based in Article 22 of the Federal Constitution that 
authorizes and mandates Municipals to expropriate lands in the 
interest of the environment and/or the citizens of the regions' best 
It must be mentioned that this was the first time in Mexican history 
that said Article of the Constitution was used. It was used properly 
to protect the delicate mangrove forest backing that bay, as well as 
the long established public uses and maintenance of the area and 
its' access road. 
One could quite feasibly argue that, under Mexicos' eminent domain 
laws, the facts bare out that for decades and centuries Paceños 
(natives of La Paz) have been using this area responsibly, 
maintaining it directly and via their tax money that built and 
maintains the access road and other services, etc. And, that the 
people of La Paz and the State have a very legitimate claim to, 
under possession clauses, the area in question, as Public Lands. 
In regards to the Future Alternatives for La Paz study, the only 
efforts to present it to the public-at-large was the informal, and 
later formal, Public Forums being presented as a Ciudadanos 
Preocupados effort. That it is in total agreement with what is 
presented at the forums simply has added the weight of the four 
prestigious universities, their sponsors, and the participation of 
various governmental bodies and agencies, to the legitimate concerns 
being expressed by and for the citizens of this region. 
As the efforts of Ciudadanos Preocupados evolved several prominent 
Professors, Research Scientist and Investigators have added their 
direct participation to the group. Presenting their own studies and 
those of their universities, as well as the fore-mentioned study 
headed by Harvard University, at the Public Forums. A few of who are 
now on the Board of Directors for Ciudadanos Preocupados A.C. (Civil 
Association & Non Governmental Organization). Support is also being 
manifested via members of the Technological Institute, the Catholic 
University, and various secondary schools. 
With the original informal presentations/forums, six weekends of 
more advanced non-official forums, and the six official Public 
Forums Ciudadanos Preocupados have done, we have presented a broad 
spectrum of information to thousands of citizens, residents and 
visitors in this region. And gained a very broad base of support, as 
well as active volunteers. 
During this entire period Ciudadanos Preocupados has also provided, 
or assisted in the creation of, over 150 articles in the local 
press, one in the national newspaper La Jornada, and there was one 
related article on the corruption of the Governor and Luis Cano 
Hernandez (the general director of the Paradise of the Sea project), 
in the national magazine Cambio. 
During the months of November and December 2004 we were given 
support and assistance via Greenpeace Mexico and the Greenpeace ship 
Arctic Sunrise. The crew(s) of the ship participated in two of the 
Public Forums and provided their own in depth studies of the 
mangroves, which Ciudadanos Preocupados has used extensively. 
Information was also shared with the other Greenpeace ships and the 
International Headquarters. We are currently networked with 
Greenpeace Mexico, which has volunteered any assistance that they 
may be able to provide at future dates. 
In December of 2004 a summary of the first eight months of the 
groups' investigation was written, and released in January of 2005. 
This was produced and circulated to the local media, all groups and 
individuals involved with the efforts, handouts to the general 
public and has been sent to many groups and networks worldwide. That 
summary is inserted below for a clearer understanding of 20 of the 
issues presented at that time. A future summary will include 
everything to date. 
For the Future of La Paz, B.C.S & Mexico 
Ciudadanos Preocupados 
Lic. Benito Juárez #273 Entre Madero y Revolución 
La Paz, B.C.S., México 23000 
Tel. 612-1254459 
E-mail Addresses:  
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