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Asunto:PAN- Multicellular organic society vs Virtual illusions / Luis Lopezllera
Fecha:Viernes, 30 de Septiembre, 2005  20:24:02 (-0500)
Autor:Programa Interredes <redanahuak>

Lopezllera is a good friend and alliance of LuxWeb, 
the english services of The Iberamerican Web of Light 
50,000 subscribers in 90 countries and two languajes. 
¿Is this an epoch of change or a change of epoch? 
Luis Lopezllera M., Mexico. 
Reflections for the Peoples Plan 21 encounter . 
Bangkok, June 2002. 
We have in recent times shocking events and an increasing awarness about the 
deep global crisis in the world. Uncertainty and fear spread around it. 
After decades of extreme exploitation and cynicism, we are collecting among 
the rulers confusion, lack of confidence and more killings. For the most 
powerful nation in the world, terrorism becomes the main challenge today, 
without distinguishing violence as a structural cause and violence as an 
unpredictable effect. A global war is declared against effects of the same 
system. But behind different episodes of war we have a more substantial 
confrontation and divergence: the global capitalist empire looking for more 
power and money and a myriad of small social identities looking for ancient 
and new sustainable livelihoods. 
Bad and good news. 
Using PP21 terms, we may say: We have an unresolved conflict between the 
present "Globalization" and "Peopleness". 
* After the Tiananmen Square massacre and the collapse of the Soviet Union 
we continue having astonishing and even repulsive events in different 
dimensions but all of them symptomatic: the Gulf War; ethnic cleansing in 
former Yugoslavia; multiple local and regional deadly conflicts (Sri Lanka, 
Colombia, Rwanda-Burundi, Philippines...). Violence is seeded not only in 
southern or poor regions but we have random killers and terrorism in 
industrial countries (Am Shinrikyo and its sarin nerve gas in the Tokyošs 
subway, the Unabomber, the Waco massacre, the Oklahoma blow-up), esoteric 
sects commiting massive suicide and even children attacking schools! 
* Democracy becomes a buzzword fostered by the USA all around the world (a 
special campaign is directed against the socialist Cuba) but in reality it 
does not matter for making big business (oil from Saudi Arabia or markets 
and cheap labor in China). A coup dšetat supported by TV chains (April 2002) 
fails against the present populist regime in Venezuela (oil producer!) and 
its President Chavez who has been sympathetic to Third Worls causes. The 
present President of the United States of America was elected through very 
dubious procedures. According to recent surveys 70 percent of voters in the 
USA are unhappy with politics and politicians. It is a funny democracy. 
* Surprising attack and destruction of the highest towers in New York! 
(September 11th, 2001). Those towers represented the power of global trade 
and finance. The Pentagon representing the military was also attacked in 
Washington. Around 3,500 victims. Take note that 3,500 persons die everyday 
victims of car accidents in the world. Cars publicity do not tell us about 
* The USA attacks and defeats the extremist unsympathetic taliban regime in 
Afghanistan and pursues the Al-Qaeda militants (previously supported by the 
CIA). Many of them are emprisoned as outlaws in the bay of Guantanamo (a USA 
enclave in Cuba). Now Afghanistan, an empoverished but crucial spot, is a 
satellite controlled by western powers which at the same time will control 
the oil supply through this country for important demands. 
* Israel and Palestine, soldiers versus people, engage in mutual attacks 
with very different warcrafts. Pakistan and India have one million troops at 
the border and are near a nuclear conflict (take note that, in the 80šs, 
Iraq then supported by the USA, used lethal gas against Iran and also 
against the kurds). 
* An important segment of the Antarctica is detached because the global 
warming. The weather conditions are changing rapidly and many "natural" 
disasters like the Hurrican Mitch are destroying regions and countries like 
Honduras. The USA still does not sign the Kyotošs protocol, because "it is 
bad for American businessess". 
* The epidemy of AIDS multiply and devastates the population in Africa. 
Official statistics from China do not reveal the truth about ill people. 
Anthrax, a lethal powder, is distributed by post mail in the USA. Love and 
communication are not any more secure. 
* Economic collapses in Mexico (1994-95) and Thailand (1997) generated a 
chain of regional failures. Argentina collapses economically and financially 
(December 2001), once a rich country, now half of its population is without 
job and literally has no money. This global problem is not limited to 
nations and includes TNCšs. An important transnational corporation, ENRON, 
collapses and reveals deep corrupted plots. In all cases, people loses their 
jobs and savings. 
* Now we have no bread for many but circus for all. Hollywood, Olympic and 
Football games, Disneylands (even in France!), in favor of very profiting 
corporations, capture the attention (no heads) and feelings (no hearts) of 
billions of people all around the world, starting with the children. CNN 
transform facts into spectacles and people into passive and docile followers 
(no hands). A middle class citizen in the USA spends an average of 8 hours a 
day facing a monitor (TV and computer). 
* Poverty and environmental damage continue increasing in the world. The gap 
between the haves and the have nots is continually increasing. Every day, 
every day, a human equivalent of 300 Jumbo Jets plenty of people is dying of 
hunger and malnutrition diseases! 
At the same time we have several hopeful events: 
* The revolt in Chiapas, México (January 1994), of the indigenous people. 
This emergent movement could not be massacred because the reaction of 
national and international solidarity of civil organizations. It has been a 
symbolic struggle against neoliberal globalization and the North American 
Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Unarmed zapatistas leaders travel in caravane 
to Mexico City (March 2001) dialoguing with the National Indigenous Congress 
and the Mexican Parliament. Millions give them expressions of solidarity. 
* In Ecuador, a massive indigenous movement succeds for a few hours to take 
the governmental power without armed confrontation. In Brazil, the Workers 
without Land constitutes a very significative movement in all this big 
country and as a permanent militant call for peasants justice. "Via 
Campesina" (Peasants Way) networks similar movements all around the world. 
Rural communities in the Valley of Mexico (Atenco, Texcoco) resist actively 
the plans for a new mega-airport (repeating the Naritašs epic). East Timor 
gets its independence (Mayo 2002) and the resistant Xanana Guzmao wins the 
presidential elections. In many spots of the world, peoplešs movements 
continue to struggle and express anger and hope, getting eventual success. 
* Seattle (November 1999) and many other cities where political and economic 
global forces gather (G-7, UNO, WTO, WEF in Davos, etc.) have been places 
where civic strong movements demonstrate their opposition. Porto Alegre, in 
Southern Brazil, becomes a place where opposition and propositions are 
mixed: At the beginning of 2002, Porto Alegre II gathered 60,000 people from 
all continents and 5,000 organizations exchanging facts, experiences and 
ideas in 700 workshops. These huge demonstrations have been inspired by 
previous efforts like The Other Economic Summit, TOES (challenging the G-7 
summits) or the civil societyšs conferences parallel to the UNO 
significative summits (remarkably Rio 92, Coppenhague 94 or Beijing 95). 
Monterrey was the recent one (March 2002) and Johannesburg will be the next 
* According to Paul H. Ray (YES Magazine, Summer 2002,, 
there are in the USA (beyond a 20% of totally uninformed people, 14% of big 
business conservatives, 19% of social conservatives, 12% of left liberals) 
an amazing and promisory 36% of "new progressives". 
* Intellectual, cultural and moral opposition to the present global trend is 
manifested everyday through many means. Thousands of political, cultural, 
social and scientific leaders like Nelson Mandela, Vacklav Havel, Vandana 
Shiva, Rigoberta Menchu, Noam Chomsky and many others, including thousands 
not captured by mass media, reflect deeply into the causes of misery and 
exploitation and give hard testimony of consciousness, resistance, hope and 
even success. Key persons from the establishment start criticizing it, like 
Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize winner on Economics (2001), formerly advisor of 
the White House and high officer of the World Bank. Even George Soros, the 
champion of the dubious binomial "speculation & philanthropy", is now 
putting the red lights. 
* Thousands of associations for a better world continue struggling in order 
to change the present situation of the peoples all around the world. 
Democracy, Human Rights, Economics, Environment, Culture, continue being the 
main issues in order to improve the peoplešs condition and according to 
secular sociopolitical values like freedom, liberty, fraternity. Methods 
created through the sociopolitical liberation struggles, like those created 
by the Brazilian Paulo Freire ("conscientization" using key words/concepts 
and learning how to read and write -and viceversa) or by the Colombian 
Orlando Fals Borda (learning historic reality with "participatory action 
research") continue inspiring new ways of learning and acting. New 
approaches talk about sustainable livelihoods, organic society and "glocal 
(global and local) action & thinking". 
* PP21 has performed very important steps in the 90šs (its movilizations and 
statements continue being deeply inspiring!) and I hope it will continue 
being a seed of hope and a laboratory of the future, not only in the 
interest of Asian peoples but for the entire world. 
A shift of visions. 
Nevertheless, the balance between positive and negative processes is still a 
huge deficit. We continue watching how people is massacred every day in many 
different forms (eventual or systematic, brutal or subtile, cynic or 
hypocritical). We continue experimenting how our personal or group efforts 
are many times suffering the Sisyphus fate. It is difficult to be optimist 
with this balance. This deficit is a call for new enlightenment, endurance 
and exercise. There are promisory signs. A new energy is coming from within. 
It is based on spiritual aims and the feeling of a new togetherness not 
based on particular interests but on common sharings. 
Women will play a basic role in the becoming of this new era! They are the 
key for real love not for war. They are much more realistic. Realism is 
neither myopic materialism nor tricky statistics (GDP!). Collective and 
historical wisdom impulses us to see reality with transcendent eyes. In 
order to catch the whole reality we need reason (facts) but also intuition 
(feelings) and right intentions (will). First of all, to recover the 
inherent quality of being subjets not only conditioned objects. 
There is the call for recovering the cosmocentric perspective instead of the 
anthropocentic mania inherited by five centuries of a capitalist 
civilization. Fortunately, thousands of different ethnic groups in the 
world, and significatively, the Mesoamerican peoples, remember us the 
importance of a communion with the Earth and the Universe. This vision fits 
with the sophisticated explanation about the Gaia planet, a metaconsciuos 
and alive entity (Teilhard de Chardin and followers). This spiritual energy 
could not be erased by the might of the capitalist system. This spiritual 
-and cultural- energy has been the main force to resiste and survive. 
Indigenous people may inspire astonishing endogenous processes! 
Searching new paradigms. 
Before the collapse of the Soviet Union many grassroots efforts were focused 
primarily on the power of the State. Today, concepts and practices of the 
Nation State, product of the historic industrial capitalism, are almost a 
fraud and fading away in favor of the Transnational Corporations. The State 
keeps its role as public police but it is much more manipulated by 
overwhelming forces -without borders- implying technology, information and 
privileges for the very few (bankers, tycoons, managers, bureaucrats, 
military, courtisans). 
It is already documented by many authors (David Korten among others) how 
TNCs behave, manipulate and corrupt official/public institutions. Gurus of 
the neoliberal succes like Kenichi Omhae or John Naisbitt prophetized a 
decade ago the "transnational states" and the "megatrends". 
The transborder strategy of PP21 in the 90šs has been a prophetic light. 
Muto Ichiyo and Smitu Kothari underscored the trap ("Towards sustainable 
systems", 1996): 
"Most state-centered solutions entail the notion that real changes can occur 
only after the state becomes "ours" or through the institution of state 
policies where any peoplešs project (either in the form of social movements 
or alternative development efforts) is instrumentally viewed as integral to 
the ultimate seizure of the state by popular forces represented by their 
political parties or formations. This "state-centered" perspective 
effectively postpones the transformation of socioeconomic and cultural 
relations until the day of the decisive victory, the political revolution. 
This type of strategy, either revolutionary or social democratic, is no 
longer valid...".  
We live in an epoch of changes identified with success. Technology, 
informatics, telecommunication, megacities, spacecraft, genetics... This 
seductive progress includes however displaced people by insecurity and rural 
hunger, illegal migrations, urban massification and ghettos plenty of 
privileges. Northern people goes to the South looking for leisure and 
southern people tries to go to the North looking for jobs. There are open 
doors for money, no visa is required; there is repression for illegal 
workers. Those seductive changes mean fragmentation of the natural elements 
of life (fision) like human basic cells and their bioregions... and 
concentration of conventional symbols (fusion) representing power: 
fascinating images (rule, consumption and pleasure) and figures (money, 
surveys and votes). 
Peoplešs centered strategies have been exercised all times, in parallel, 
divergent or convergent ways to the more usual strategies based on 
revolutionary or developmentist aims (movilizations or constructivism). 
"Association & selfreliance" has been a key concept, inspired by principles 
of basic political autonomy (including the utopians autarkists 
-selfsufficiency- or anarchists -no coercion-). Now it is reinforced by the 
concept of "Sustainability", inspired on ecology and alternative economics 
(the laws of the nature, work and trade are better than the laws of the 
The concepts of Left and Right; Political parties; Representation to "upper" 
levels; Class struggles; Massive demonstrations; even NGOšs and Civil 
society, etc. are shifting in favor of Global awarness; Vital paradigms and 
Holistic approaches; Circularity of knowledge and values; Humble, permanent 
and effective action; Organic society; Social tissues; etc. Archetypical 
Struggles (Bhopal, Minamata, Sarvodaya, Narmada, the Ogoni struggle in 
Nigeria, Nicaragua, etc.) with their lessons (successes and failures) help 
us to find new ways. First we have to clarify our global bonds. 
Global bonds. 
The actual tools the global system of power is using in order to control 
people in the world are basically Images, Weapons and Money. 
Images. The repetition ad nauseam of images through the mass media 
underscores "the american way of life" and the paradigm of "the winners", 
"the whites". This "cultural envelope" is destroying local identities. 
Information and Imagination are now key functions reserved to technocrats 
and "cultural workers" manipulating the consciousness and potential 
creativity of the people in favor of private and exclusive economic 
interests. Culture, leisure and knowledge are now unidirectional commodities 
and people are becoming dehumanized robots. Illusion vs Awarness. 
Weapons. There is today only one sophisticated and powerful army in the 
world. It belongs to the USA. A huge layer of weapons covers the planet. 
Space, continents and oceans are saturated of military equipement with high 
technology and well prepared to spy or to kill. Russia is entering to the 
NATO forces and China is now the new challenger. The Security Council of the 
UNO is always talking about "Peace" but the five big countries with veto 
power are at the same time the biggest producers of weapons. The USA refuses 
to sign the international agreement against landmines. At the Monterreyšs 
Summit on "Finances & Development", president Bush offered to increase by 5 
billion dollars the US aid (presently 10 billions a year) to alleviate 
poverty in the world. But next year the US will have a military budget of 
400 billions because security now is a priority. Weapons and business hand 
by hand. Might vs Right. 
Money. Trillions of dollars circulate every day in the world but only a 
minimal percentage of this money is producing real value. The rest, the 
biggest part is producing only more money. Greed not good is the aim of this 
decaying civilization. Because centuries of legitimization, it is difficult 
to realize how embedded and enslaved are we on the banking and monetary 
capitalist system. All the world is indebted to very few banking 
corporations. Even in the USA, the richest country, all american citizens 
are indebted and pay for generations the "service" for biggest debt in 
history. We were taught that money represents value but, if it was 
relatively true in the old past, during the XX century -and its wars- money 
was delinked from the malleable and attractive good produced by workmen: 
gold. During 25 years (1946-1970) the USA issued and spent in the cold war 
billions of dollars without material support (no taxes, no loans) for an 
equivalent of the entire productive infrastructure of the USA! President 
Nixon culminated a global strike announcing (August 15th, 1971) that the 
dollar would be not any more supported by gold. Since then the american 
dollar has been supported only by the convenience of banks and the western 
armed powers plus the credulity and fear of those submitted to them. 
Conventional money has been always a huge and unethical business for 
moneylenders but now it is the greatest business for speculators beyond 
amounts any decent mind may imagine. As an example, Soros made 2 billion 
dollars in one night speculating with the pound and empoverishing a whole 
country. Accounts vs Value. 
Present scenarios. 
Three scenarios combine today and more clearly in the near future: 
Collapse. Local and regional crisis erupts surprisingly and multiply in a 
faster way. This civilization is unsustainable and will collapse as a whole 
(environmentally, culturally, economically and politically) sooner or later. 
This event will bring hunger, disease, war and the reduction of human beings 
into the law of the jungle and new kind of disarraying dictatures. The key 
words are Collapse and confrontation (anomie and disfunction). We must learn 
how to defend our lives and survive. 
Reform. The functional institutions created in the past (for education and 
training, for work and business, for citizenship and democracy, for culture 
and leisure) are trying to avoid this nightmare by adjustments and "new 
initiatives" but unfortunately many of them are naive or foxy reproductions 
of "business as usual" with new envelopes. Many projects to alleviate 
poverty are in fact projectiles insiduosly seeding unfair competitions and 
mining the social tissues. The key words are Reform and Adaptation. We must 
learn how to throw away the straw, keep the grain and recompose 
Mutation. Paradigms of love and solidarity are practiced by millions of 
small social entities overcoming fear and greed, saving human and natural 
energy, networking among them in different layers, regions and the global. 
The key words are Mutation and Innovation. We must learn how to catalyze 
synergies and processes with diversities. We are not any more in the middle 
of mechanic raw forces, now we deal with subtile qualities permeating 
conventional structures. It means more awarness than activity, more 
compassion than passion, more freedom than compromise, more perseverance 
than success, more dignity than gain, more communion than leadership. The 
tempest and the vessels are there but not enough pilots. In the midst of 
unpredictable changes we must nurture a firm change of epoch. According to 
the chaos theory, a minimal but deeply significative action here and now may 
change the whole: the butterfly effect. 
The three scenarios are already combining, mixing, blending, and the 
proportion of each one depends of circunstances and your options. Asume 
Flags, shields and vital values. 
Underscoring the key role of mutation, I will continue repeating part of my 
contribution to the "Symposium for the Third Choice", convened by the 
People´s Plan Study Group, Tokyo, September 1999: 
Mutation means to change the codes of life at the common peoplešs level, at 
the grassroots, in order to overcome fragmentation and fear, seeding 
confidence and trust, becoming collectively creative in communion with new 
generations and nature. It implies to rediscover and invent healthy cohesive 
symbols, devices and practices in order to convene the collective efforts in 
a way not nurturing the usual mechanical codes and vicious devices. We call 
this strategy a process of "autopoiesis", self-poetry in grec means here 
"realization". Autopoiesis is a biological concept inaugurated by Humberto 
Maturana (Chile) and developed since the 60šs. Mutation means to work with 
people at the "molecular" level, persons, families, common undertakings, 
neighborhoods, guilds, mutualities, and to try to convene fundamental 
energies and to reproduce them thanks to a multiplier of vital exchanges. 
This multiplier implies to network through a systemic approach, today more 
feasible thanks to Internet. 
This mutation implies multiple laboratories at the grassroot level all 
around the world. We have the following strategy based on three challenging 
points that we must underscore in a common life: 1) Identity, 2) Security, 
and 3) Sustainability. 
Identity. Identity deals with "life & dead & beyond" options, beginning 
within family or convivial cells, but also with religious, ethnic and 
cultural immediate bonds at the personal and collective dimensions 
-language, history, social rituals, geography and environment, etc.- 
Traditions, religions and churches have a heavy responsibility on this issue 
because they are the source of many organizations, visible or invisible, and 
also of ideologies and artistic manifestations. There is an official history 
with patriotic values but there are also personal and communitarian 
histories and values almost always forgotten, erased and even repressed. To 
foster the identity of people is to recover roots, courage and vision in 
order to define a proper and more free path. It means to remake history 
searching the inner truth. Mass media and the Nation State conspire today 
against the diversity of cultures and peoples. There is the hegemonic 
consumerist society dominating almost 200 nation states but there are 10,000 
different cultures claiming for different options to life. We need to 
recreate our flags. 
Security. Security deals with power, conflict and violence, normally in 
relation to the State and governmental institutions but also with 
overwhelming criminal and outlawed threats. In two extremes, facing armies 
and weapons. The individual and collective protection of the community and 
its intergenerational life -children, adults, third age- is a basic right of 
the peoples and also the search for a basic might. Property rights must be 
considered on this perspective not as the right to an unlimited accumulation 
of goods and resources of different kind. Sovereignity in terms of real 
people -not in terms of concepts manipulated by a few leaders- reaching more 
autonomy of urban and rural communities. Liberty of expression, movement, 
association, labor and creativity must be guaranteed in an organic and 
consistent way. A civic agreement based on tolerance with the exercise of 
non violent means must help to peacefully resolve every controversy. 
Violence must be prevented by a permanent exercise of grassroots 
organization. Caution, care and internal strength must be trained by circles 
of awarness and vigilance. Physical, mental and spiritual health is at the 
base of any security. We need to recreate our shields. 
Sustainability. Sustainability deals with a combination of economy & ecology 
("ecosophy"?), dimensions usually delegated to the powerful but very 
destructive Market. There is a totalitarian market (disguised as a "free 
market") where the big swallows the small. In order to change it we need to 
recreate sustainable livelihoods practicing a behaviour of dignity, proud 
and selfreliance. A device that is the key to perform this challenge is 
Money. This concept, tool and practice is so rooted after millenimus in a 
daily life that almost nobody can rethink the tool as a social mean and not 
as a private end, as communal almost sacred token and not as a materialistic 
but now aetherial commodity. 
If money is basically information and credit (confidence generated through 
work, responsibility and solidarity) in order to overcome barter and to 
facilitate the exchange of goods and services among the members of a 
community or a nation, people should not depend of historical structures 
like the present forms of "State & Market Company". These forms invent today 
money (without social support), exploit with it (usury), speculates with it 
("money creates money"), puts it where there is no need (white elephants in 
front of impoverished people) and mixes all without distinction (with money 
originated by crime, narcotraffic, fiscal paradises, etc.). Facing these 
huge abuses, people must start creating their own devices (in essence, 
ritualistic symbols) to resolve human needs in a circulatory way of communal 
vital exchanges of products and services. The strategy is to build 
horizontal chains/networks linking producers and consumers -with alternative 
money or, if you wish, with "no-money" giving priority to the local 
interests instead of the transnational corporations. 
These appropriated devices deal with quantitative dimensions, important when 
there is natural scarcity. They deal also with the complex and many times 
artificial issue of prices. But they should deal also with qualitative 
dimensions -important when there is an exhuberance of material and spiritual 
values, not envisaged as commodities producing money to accumulate,- where 
giving and lending without profit is better than taking and excluding. We 
need healthy money to recreate and circulate vital values. 
All this strategy based on three paradigms implies not to try to escape 
utopically from the present dominant mainstream. It implies brave delinking 
steps but a the same time it implies hard non violent confrontations and, 
mainly, a new sort of creative diplomacy looking to reach the scarce morally 
solvent leaders of the establishment who may be open (thanks to the collapse 
syndrome) to exercise hopeful alternatives. It implies to be fitted to 
become catalyzers looking for innovative and even astonishing synergies. 
I like to underscore two paragraphs in the Sagarmathašs Declaration (The 
Mount Everest Declaration, Kathmandu, Nepal, 1996), focusing on economics 
"While struggling to make the state and other institutions of power 
accountable to the people, we empower ourselves to begin building 
alternative systems of production, circulation and consumption of goods and 
services under peoplešs control, and encourage the gradual emergence of 
people-based economic, social and cultural systems. We shall work to build 
linkages for the circulation and devlopment of peoplešs knowledge and 
peoplešs governance at all levels"... "We commit ourselves to strengthen and 
regenerate local production and economies which act as the basis of 
life-support systems of a majority of people... We commit ourselves to 
resist imposition of large-scale destructive projects (such as huge 
supermarkets at the cost of local shops, or large dams), and to protect and 
conserve natural resources through practices of sustainable use, to promote 
and strengthen the diversity of cultural and social practices, to strengthen 
empirically validated traditional wisdom in areas like health care and 
community health, artisanal technologies and agricultural practices, and 
above all, we commit ourselves to facilitate and restore the democratic 
control of resources, production and markets to the primary producers". 
(*) I invite those interested on this issue to consult my paper "A LOCAL 
Conference (Asian Regional Exchange for New Alternatives), in Colombo, Sri 
Lanka, March 2000. In the paradoxical near/long term, the "peopleness" 
underscored by PP21 should have its proper Alternative World Bank! 
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