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Asunto:[RedLuz] New Earth Circle // The 17 Chakra System // Global Calendar Reform // BREVES EN INGLES
Fecha:Sabado, 3 de Septiembre, 2005  13:29:18 (-0500)
Autor:Red Anahuaka <redanahuak>

From: Jean Hudon <globalvisionary@...>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 20:23:33 -0400
To: EarthRainbowNetwork@...
Subject: [earthrainbownetwork] The Writing on the Wall Series #43 (PART 1):
Has Katrina Blown Away The Bush/Oil Cartel Stubbornness?

Worthy of Your Attention

New Earth Circle
The New Earth Circle is a wonderful service to humanity and to Mother Earth.
The Spiritual Light Realms are calling on all souls to join their energies.
Here's how it works: On a planetary level, an intensified, healing Force
Field will be generated to assist the Earth and all its inhabitants in the
process of inner-healing and elevation to a higher Dimension.     Every
spiritual soul intuitively knows that we energetically are all connected to
one another  ('one mind, one heart'). In this CONNECTION lies the seed for
transformation of the Heart.  If enough people can bundle their
heart-energies, the earth will be bathed in a gigantic field of Light. Then,
miracles of positive change start happening all over the world ...  CLIP
(see also Patrick Brusselaers' message in the ERN guestbook at

Global Calendar Reform
To: United Nations - The worlds civil timing standard should be a fair,
accurate and harmonious standard of measure. Replacing the Gregorian
Calendar with a 13 Moon Count will equalise and restore the balance between
humanity and planet and help co-ordinate the creation of a globally
sustainable society. One Time! One Planet! One People!

The 17 Chakra System
id=13&Itemid=31>   The 17 Chakra System was channeled and received from
the Elohim by Jhadten Jewall the day after the Conclave of Lord Michael in
Banff Canada in March 1994.  It is the foundation of his work in the world,
activating the Cities of Light and the Lightbodies of Mankind.  Born in
Canada, he is one Heart with the Mission of Canada: to breathe the Breath of
God into the crystalline structures of Reality, activating the Lightbodies
of Earth and Mankind for the New Millennium of Peace on Earth. The following
diagram will illustrate the transpersonal and Earth chakras as well as how
they are integrated into the body. The Elohim explained that during this
time of an expansion of our localized consciousness to a place of global
consciousness (media, internet, satellites etc express the outward
manifestation of our global consciousness), a new system of energy awareness
would be needed. Up until this point the traditional 7 chakra System as we
have inherited it from India and other cultures, has served us well in
understanding our energy fields. In this time of transition from 3rd through
4th into 5th density realms of energy and awareness, we need to be aware of
more aspects of our energy fields. As everything in our lives has become
more complex to make life easier, so our understanding of our energy fields
becomes more complex in order to live with ease and grace during these times
of transition. The vague idea or visualization of grounding now becomes a
science of clear levels of awareness. As the Earth has definite geological
layers and levels, so too our body consciousness. Grounding into each
successive layer of the Earth is creating a definite connection to a level
of body awareness, being conscious of a level of energy in our bodies; this
is absolutely necessary in order to know where to ground, embody the higher
vibrations of our soul energy, the transpersonal chakras. Becoming familiar
with the Earth Chakras means creating the space and possibility to actually
embody the higher frequencies of your soul: the deeper the grounding, the
higher the frequencies that can be embodied. Becoming familiar therefore,
means to embody a level of energy awareness. This is the step from 3rd into
4th density reality. This is the step from an instinctive and reactive
reality based on fear, separation and romance to a reality of inner freedom
through detachment. Here we begin to become 'we' instead of 'me'. As the
integrated, embodied chakras fuse with the traditional chakras and lift the
vibration even higher, shifting the centre of the chakra higher to a more
precise centre (crown and base), we experience the shift from 4th to 5th
density realms of energy: this is the shift from inner freedom to realizing
that nothing can be more fulfilling and satisfying than becoming pure
channels of divine will. This is a movement towards enlightenment and the
'we' now becomes 'one', unity in diversity, global peace and harmony, a
golden age is born.   This is an alchemical process, that is described by
the Elohim in Jhadten's channelings. CLIP
More on Jhadten  at
id=12&Itemid=31>  Recommended by "Adi Gaia" <>



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