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Asunto:[RedLuz] Spiritual Awakenings, Glimpses into the Higher Realms
Fecha:Jueves, 29 de Septiembre, 2005  00:12:56 (-0500)
Autor:Interredes <redanahuak>

To: LuxWeb <LuxWeb@...>
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 19:54:42 -0500
Subject: [LuxWeb] Spiritual Awakenings, Glimpses into the Higher Realms

From: Maggie Erotokritou <surya@...>
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 18:29:03 +0300
To: pan@...
Subject: [Pan] Spiritual Awakenings, Glimpses into the Higher Realms

Spiritual Awakenings, Glimpses into the Higher Realms

I am excited to share with you the information that my new book, Spiritual
Awakenings, Glimpses into the Higher Realms has just been published. It is a
wonderful book and the energy of it is tremendous. This book was ordained
from above, the idea for it and the people who should be contacted to
participate in the book was given in meditation. This was before I became
the new co-ordinator for Pan. At the time I had no idea who else was on the
network, later I discovered that almost all the contributors were members of
Pan, not surprizing considering they are all lightworkers.

Spiritual Awakenings, Glimpses into the Higher Realms, is a unique
compilation of 21 different accounts of spiritual awakening. Each of the
authors is well known and respected in their own specific field. Through
sharing their experiences of the spiritual path and their individual
unfoldment, they offer inspiration and teachings, and an awareness of the
possibilities that are available to all of us.

These 21 Lightworkers from around the world come from different backgrounds,
traditions and religions, yet each one recognizes the unifying threads that
connect and bring us together in unity consciousness. They are all people of
vision, empowered through their experiences with the Divine Presence, who
have shown unfaltering strength in their desire to be of service to
humanity. They give us glimpses into the higher realms as they share their
amazing journeys of awakening and the revelations they have discovered and
embraced on the path.

Contributors include Barbara Wolf (from the Global Meditation Network)
Patricia Diane Cota Robles, Michael Lightweaver (founder of the Planetary
Awakening Network) Sharon Shane, Silverstar, Maria Yraceburo and many others
and of course I have also written a chapter) It is an extraordinary book
full of experiences, teachings, revelations and food for thought. Below is
the introduction entitled Awakening.

Enjoy, this is a gift from the higher realms, love and light, Maggie


           Spiritual Awakenings, Glimpses into the Higher Realms, will take
you into the realms of unlimited potential that exist within every human
being as well as the unfolding of a greater Divine Plan to bring about
peace, joy and a deeper reverence for life on earth.

           World wide, people are awakening spiritually. The call is being
sent out and people are responding to a great spiritual transformation.
There is no one way, one religion or one teacher who has all the answers,
for ultimately the answers lie within. At times, different people can help
us open to our truth and to our deeper purpose in being here as well as help
accelerate our process. However, it is our own choices and decisions made
moment by moment that make the difference and can greatly change the
direction of our lives.

           Once spirit or those in the higher realms watching over us
observe that we are truly sincere and committed to our process of spiritual
awakening, and we are willing to be of service to humanity, then assistance
to bring this about will be given. More synchronicities will occur as the
intuition is sharpened and the guidance becomes clearer.

           Each of the 21 chapters of "Spiritual Awakenings", written by
different authors, is unique and has its background in different traditions
that will assist in expanding and enriching your own personal journey. Some
experiences you may easily identify with; others may be new and as yet
unknown, but all of these will encourage the opening of your mind to go
beyond what you already know. Each chapter is profound and revealing and
contains within it seeds to be planted in your consciousness as each author
takes you deeply into a journey of awakening and liberation.

           May your personal journey be blessed and full of light as you
awaken to the depths of who you truly are, a divine being here to assist in
this global awakening.

Maggie Erotokritou 
Cyprus June 2005 

Spiritual Awakening can be ordered from


The Planetary Awakening Network <>
co-ordinator Maggie Erotokritou

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