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Asunto:[RedLuz] October events
Fecha:Jueves, 29 de Septiembre, 2005  16:59:47 (-0500)
Autor:Interredes <redanahuak>

From: Programa Interredes <redanahuak@...> 
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 16:41:33 -0500 
To: Foro Interredes <interredes@...> 
Subject: [interredes] October events 
From: Barbara Wolf <bjwolf@...> 
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 02:41:33 -0700 
Subject: October events 
Hello from my heart, everyone, this is Barbara Wolf. 
Global Meditations Network. 
1.  Archangel Michael October message. 
2.  The Victory Is Ours! by Patricia Cota-Robles. 
3.  Here are October events posted on the Calendar of Events page, 
Oct. 1, begins 4 pm, Pacific Daylight Time. Conference Call, Washington 
D.C. Crystal Grid Meditation to offer Light to heal, realign, and 
rebalance the grid structure. Organized by Christan Hummel. 
Dial in Number, 1-702-835-5000 (Las Vegas, Nevada). 
Participant Access Code: 108805. Organizer Access Code: *700150 
(you must include the leading star key). Contact: Christan Hummel, 
EarthHeal99@...; Tel: 760-722-5555. for registering. 
Oct. 1-2, Near Asheville, NORTH CAROLINA, Crystal Visions Bookstore, 
5426 Asheville Hwy, Naples. The Great Shift Workshop with Kahu and 
Kirael. Contact: Moya Burns, Asheville@...; Tel. 828-698-6392. 
Oct. 7-9, Crestone, COLORADO, Sacred Peaks Enlightenment Conference 
with leading teachers of Tibetan Buddhist, Hindu, Zen, Christian 
Mysticism, Japanese spiritualism and Native American spirituality. The 
program also includes tours of Crestone spiritual centers, ceremony, 
yoga, meditation, and community meals. Contact: cava@...; 
Tel: toll-free,  1-866-351-2282. 
Oct. 7-9, Sedona, ARIZONA, Creative Life Center. Sedona Angels 
seminar for the Balancing and Harmonizing of the Feminine Energy for 
Personal and Planetary Growth. 
Contact: Deidre Madsen, sedonangel@... 
On Oct. 7, a special tour to the Arcturian corridor on Schnebly Hill. 
Contact: Tel: 928-776-1717. 
Oct. 7-9, Hot Springs, SOUTH DAKOTA, The Mueller Civic Center, 
801 South 6th Street. Healing Waters Conference and Festival to 
celebrate healing with a gathering of Western Medical professionals, 
Integrative healing practitioners, Christian-based ministries, and those 
practicing the Native American Way who will share knowledge and 
wisdom through lectures, seminars, workshops, exhibits, and vendor 
booths. Contact: Ebun Adelona, ade1008@...; Tel:-745--745-7262. 
Oct. 8-9, Santa Clara, CALIFORNIA, Biltmore Hotel and Suites, 
2151 Laurelwood Road. The Great Shift in Consciousness workshop 
featuring Kahu & Kirael. Contact: Cheryl Magil, SantaClara@...; 
Tel: 408-247-4843. 
Oct. 9, 10 am-3:30 pm, Burlingame, CALIFORNIA. Embassy Suites, 
San Francisco Airport Burlingame,150 Anza Blvd. FREE SEMINAR. 
Create The Life You Want Now! presented by Patricia Diane 
Cota-Robles. Contact: Eraofpeace@...; 
Toll free tel: 888-310-4488 and Tel: 520-885-7909. 
Oct. 9-15, Byron Bay, AUSTRALIA. Visionary Voice Sound Healing. 
Power of Sound Training, Level 1, with Chris James. 
Contact: Sounds Wonderful, cjames@... 
or admin@...; Te : + 61 (0) 3 9844 3933. 
Oct. 14-16, Scottsdale, ARIZONA, Scottsdale Plaza Resort Hotel. 
Prophets Conference, What the Bleep Do We Know!, 
with Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, Ronda Britten, JZ Knight, Joe Dispenza, 
Stuart Hameroff, John Hagelin, Micheal Ledwith, William Tiller, 
film producer William Arntz, and the star of the film, 
Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin. Oct. 17, workshops 
with Dr. Quantum, Fred Alan Wolf, and Ronda Britten. 
Contact: axiom@...; Tel: 888.777.5981. 
Oct. 14-19, 8 am-8 pm, Rimrock, ARIZONA. Earth Dance8 Ceremony. 
Sponsored by Institute for Cosmic Awareness, c/o Earth Dance Council. 
Hosted by Runes at Talking Waters and Luna Vista Bed and Breakfast. 
Earth Dance8 is an international multi-cultural event bringing all 
tribes, races and faiths together to come and share their dance. This 
year will be a unique experience where representatives from the four 
races will dance in from the four directions and unite in the center of 
the circle.   Contact: info@...8el: 928-l: 928-646-3000. 
Oct. 14-25, Morray, SCOTLAND, Newbold House. 10 Day Retreat: 
NORTH SEA LOVE PORTAL, part of a World Healing Program 
of Healing the Lovebody of Humanity and Planetary Waters, 
with Dr. Lilliana Corredor, who says, the Star-Dolphins explain 
that Water is the carrier of the Love energies from Source, 
which provide the Vital Force to All That Is. Water is also the 
carrier of discordant energies generated by a soul or group of 
souls, both in their own bodies and the planetary ones. Clearing 
the waters in our bodies and on earth from accumulated 
discordant energies is essential to the Activation of our Lovebody 
and hence to the shift in consciousness of humanity. 
Contact: Dr. Lilliana Corredor, 
Also, Oct. 17, GLOBAL MEDITATION to heal and activate 
the ankles chakra/North Sea Love Portal. Dr. Lilliana Corredor 
asks all to join their hearts as One with the Lovebody and 
Water Healers in SCOTLAND who, in turn, are a vehicle to 
the Emissaries of Love for this earth service. By mid October, 
the meditation can be downloaded from 
Oct.15-22, HAWAII. Cruise with Kahu Fred Sterling and and 
Master Guide Kirael to experience on the Norwegian Cruise 
Line Pride of America, the Magic of Lemuria, the healing 
waters surrounding the former Lemurian mountaintops. 
Seminars, sacred site tours, and more. 
Contact: wethepeople@...; 
Tel: Mary Ellen at 888-244-8104 toll free for U.S. residents. 
Oct 15-16, Ascutney, VERMONT, The Center of Light, Hidden Glen Road. 
Workshops: The Five Elements and Sound, with sound healer Zacciah 
Blackburn and polarity-sound therapist Miriam O'Mahony. Uniting the 
concept of The Five Elements used in the Ayurvedic tradition with the 
Principles of Polarity and Sound as they relate to each element within 
the body, mind, spirit and etheric fields. Contact: Zacciah Blackburn, 
sri@...; Tel: and Fax: 802-674-9585 
Also: Oct 20-23, 4-day workshop with Zacciah Blackburn. 
The Application of Sound Therapies with depth experiential 
training, comprehensive practical skill development, applying 
 therapeutic sound healing skills, voice, and instruments for 
personal and professional use. Contact information same as above. 
Also: Oct 29, Messages from Mary: Sacred Sound Initiations. 
Embracing the Sacred Feminine as brought forward through 
the hearts, voices and messages of Mary and Magdalene, 
and the Egyptian lineages which they embrace. 
Oct 30: Initiations into the ChristHeart, journeys with the star nations. 
Contact: The Center of Light for more information. 
Oct. 21-23, King of Prussia, PENNSYLVANIA, Valley Forge 
Convention Center. The 8th annual Mind Body Spirit Expo. 
Largest alternative health expo in the U.S. Northeast. Yoga, 
fitness, weight management, alternative medicine, meditation 
presentations. Contact: info@...; 
Tel: 215-627-0102. 
Oct. 22-29, AUSTRALIA OUTBACK - ULURU tour. 
The Sacred Red Centre. Accompanied by master healer, 
Dr Didge aka Arpana Geeta. Come be a celebrant in the 
communiun of Heaven on Earth! Contact: In US & Int'l, 
Rebecca Bolow, theheart3352@...; 
Tel: 530-823-3352. In Australia, contact: Shamana, 
shamana_tara@... Tel: 0414 532 481. 
Oct. 23-28, In the Ozarks, ARKANSAS, 90 minutes NW of 
Memphis, Tennessee. Into The Silence: coming together in 
peace, serenity, and humility, filled with gratitude. 
Organized by Wind Daughter, Medicine Chief of The Bear 
Tribe, who invites you to come and seek your personal vision 
through her holding of the Sacred Space as you go..... 
Into the Silence. Contact: Pat Ross, PTRoss@...; 
Tel: 772-225-0920, or Wind Daughter, Tel: 251-583-5984. 
Oct. 26, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA. The Big Sing, with sound 
teacher Chris James. Contact: Sounds Wonderful, 
cjames@... or admin@...; 
Tel: + 61 (0) 3 9844 3933. 
Oct. 28-30, Plainfield, VERMONT, Goddard College. 
Crop Circle Conference. Presenters: Glenn Broughton, 
Bearcloud, Andy Thomas, Jeff Wilson, Barbara Lamb, 
Lucy Pringle, Freddy Silva, Brian L. Crissey, and 
Pamela Meyer, and others. Contact: enquiries@... 
Peace, Love, and Light, 
Barbara Wolf 
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