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Asunto:[RedLuz] Planetary alert for Pakistan
Fecha:Domingo, 23 de Octubre, 2005  12:39:52 (-0500)
Autor:Programa Interredes <redanahuak>

From: Programa Interredes <redanahuak@...>
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2005 11:53:01 -0500
To: ACTIONalert Forum <ACTIONalert@...>
Cc: LuxWeb <LuxWeb@...>
Subject: [LuxWeb] [Pan] Planetary alert for Pakistan

From: Maggie Erotokritou <surya@...>
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2005 11:34:29 +0300
To: pan@...
Subject: [Pan] Planetary alert for Pakistan

Please pass this message on to your networks.

This is a planetary alert, for prayers and to send light in meditation for
relief to help the situation in Pakistan, which is tragic. The earthquake
which jolted Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Azad & Kashmir on Saturday, Oct 8th.
with a magnitude of 7.6, has left in its wake not only devastation and the
death of at least 50,000 people but also the awareness that thousands more
may die of starvation within the following days if adequate help and food
provisions does not reach them in time.

Pakistan-administered Kashmir was the region hardest hit, with much of the
capital, Muzaffarabad, destroyed. The head of United Nations relief
operations, Jan Egeland, said he had never seen such devastation.

Pakistan says three million people are left homeless in the quake zone and
lack adequate shelter and that the aid pledged for reconstruction is
"totally inadequate". A massive airlift is needed to bring people out of
remote areas. 

The World Food Programme says some 500,000 people in remote areas have
received no aid at all. One of the biggest problems is meeting the demand
for tents that can provide shelter as the cold weather worsens. Fears are
mounting of a second wave of deaths from untreated injuries and exposure.

Please let us hold the light for this area and for them to receive the help
that they so desperately need. Please pass this email onto as many people as

The Planetary Awakening Network <>
co-ordinator Maggie Erotokritou



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