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Asunto:[RedLuz] Meditation Focus #139: Being All The Joy That We Can Be
Fecha:Domingo, 23 de Octubre, 2005  13:26:36 (-0500)
Autor:Programa Interredes <redanahuak>

From: Jean Hudon <globalvisionary@...>
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2005 06:20:41 -0400
Subject: [focus-group] Meditation Focus #139: Being All The Joy That We Can

What follows is the 139th Meditation Focus suggested for the next 2 weeks
beginning Sunday, October 23, 2005.


1. Summary
2. Meditation times
3. More information related to this Meditation Focus
4. Status of Hurricane WIlma
5. Request for prayers on behalf of earthquake victims in Pakistan


After being offered previously with four gifts - love, compassion, harmony
and Light - a fifth sage is stepping forward to also bring forward his
invaluable contribution to humanity's global awakening.

As all humans progress on the path to spiritual enlightenment and as an ever
greater number of souls remember who they are, a sense of permanent joy is
gradually seeping through their consciousness from the realm of eternal
bliss where they originally came from. It is important for each one of you
to become ever more acutely aware that allowing this heavenly feeling to
blossom freely is a key to further accelerating your progress. You have to
literally make a conscious choice, each and every waking moment of your life
to enable the healing power of Life to act through you and in you by
accepting joy as your natural state of mind, no matter how difficult the
circumstances you may be in at any given moment, no matter how great the
challenges you may face.

Anchoring your basic feeling about life in deep, unrelenting joy will
catalyze in a much more direct and efficient way than any other means your
spiritual awakening and, in so doing, you will be able to tap within you,
from the Source of your very existence, the tremendously potent Forces of
Light and Love that have remained dormant for most of the times when your
consciousness was embroiled into the travails and tribulations of physical
incarnation, over numerous lifetimes. This growing and yet innate sense of
blissful joy can express itself through laughter or simply as a subtle
smile, but it is much more than such superficial expressions. Joy as an
enduring attitude towards all experiences in life will unlock the
unexpressed potential for spiritual clarity, relaxed contemplation and hyper
focused attention that are necessary to ascend into the higher dimensions of
existence which is the true Promised Land towards which all are striving.

As you join in synchronous meditation with all other participants,
worldwide, simply Be All The Joy That You Can Be, for the Highest Good of

This whole Meditation Focus has been archived for your convenience at

To review the previous three Meditation Focus of this 20 week series, please
go at

"In expression, love is treating others with kindness, fairness, honesty,
compassion, helpfulness, caring. If love can be said to have "ingredients,"
then those are some of the ingredients of godly expression in action.
Realizing that no one can know others at soul level and therefore does not
judge them but rather does not condone an action seen as injurious, is love.
Listening to one's Godself is love. Knowing that you are a part of God is
love, and loving self is an expression of His love for you. Knowing that
Earth is a sentient, conscious life herself and respecting all of her life
forms is love. Feeling joy yourself when you see it in others is love. Doing
something that brings joy to another is love. Forgiveness of self and others
is love. Doing "good deeds" without attaching expectations is love. Sharing
your resources with full heart is love. Feeling peace of heart and mind is
love. The quiet thrill of seeing a sunset or hearing a songbird is love, and
a smile is one of the simplest and most radiating expressions of love. In
any or all of these instances and many others that you may encounter that
instinctively you know are love in action, you are manifesting your love for
and of God."

- Taken from a message from Matthew dated September 22, 2002 and archived at

"With Earth's quickened pace into higher vibrations and your space family's
resounding YES! to your request for their help, considerable drama will be
unfolding. Light beings throughout the universe-some physically, most in
spirit- are with you on this exhilarating, unprecedented journey. Go in joy
knowing that you consciously are co-creating the world of love and peace
just as your souls chose to do in this lifetime."

- Taken from a message from Matthew dated December 13, 2004 and archived at

"I want to add something else that's VERY important: SMILE. Think of
something heartwarming, anything from a puppy's or kitty's antics to a scene
of glorious pristine beauty, and rejoice that you have those images to
uplift your spirits even for that moment. Then smile more. SMILE AND
BREATHE! Those two simple acts NEVER can be ineffective in releasing tension
and in sending forth a LIGHTer consciousness into the atmosphere, where it
is drawn to others who also are seeking that uplifting aura. Energy
LIGHT-ening in this way is desperately needed right where you are, Everyone,
and you can consider this the reality it absolutely IS."

- Taken from a message from Matthew dated August 30, 2001 and archived at

"Most likely everyone who is reading these words understands what is
happening on Earth and therefore is not caught in helplessness, hopelessness
and despair. It is understandable that you may indeed in moments feel
disheartened and discouraged, or wish for more detailed explanations of
certain situations or a forecast of events, a timetable for their
completion, a road map so that you may travel in full knowledge to the
lighter density where you are being led. Please know that it is a high honor
to me that you seek my comments about your personal directions and the
direction of the world and that you trust my responses. Please trust what I
am telling you in this moment: You already are among the most aware, the
best informed, the most light-receptive -- you are the light-working souls
on Earth! If you feel you need more reassurance, go to your MOST trusted
source: your Godself. Look within for the steadfastness of the love and
light of God to prevail. Look within for the certainty that the powers of
the darkness are being vanquished by the light. Look within for the
confirmation that feeling calm and optimistic is invaluable light service in
itself, for your highest good and the highest good of others, of Earth
herself. Look within and you will know YES! the light is stronger than ever
and is increasing with every smile! YES! the lightworkers must stay the
course in the dark hours ahead! YES! Earth is on the fast track to the
promised era of peace, love and harmony! KNOW this and exalt in your willing
participation in this journey to the wondrous era soon to bless Earth and
all of her light-filled lives!"

- Taken from a message from Matthew dated 24 Nov 2002 and archived at

"How often have I mentioned that a smile sends incalculable ripples of
light? A kind word has the same effect. Watering a thirsty plant, an extra
pat to your pet, a loving thought of a friend, the enjoyment of hearing a
bird chirp-all of these simple expressions are LOVE-LIGHT flowing and
healing your world!"

- Taken from a message from Matthew dated June 18, 2004 and archived at

"(...) Rejoicing and celebrating the emerging grace of a global, spiritual
conscious field of loving harmony is the only sensible option for a soul
dedicated to serving the Higher purpose of his/her incarnation. Dark deeds
and those who accomplish them thrive best in the penumbra of unexposed
concealment and by exposing as much of them as possible, we can enable the
healing process of these suffering - and yes beloved! - souls to be
catalyzed to a higher order of purification and spiritual upliftment.
However, this quick healing process can be achieved only if those of the
Light among us consent in holding those deeds and the initiators/makers of
those deeds in the purifying light of Love and compassion within the secret
alcove of their heart where the alchemical transformation of dirt into gold
through the sacred omniversal vibration of God/Oneness in All That Is - the
symbolic holy philosopher stone - is being done at this very moment, now.
Just as when the illusion of separation is dispelled during the awakening
process, so we can behold the unfathomable Reality that We Are All One with
the Almighty Universal One, those who have turned away from the Light and
are hold spellbound into a fear-filled miserable existence of their own
mayic making, are also part of us, our spiritual brethren, one with the
Universe. They just don't remember it yet. And it is as much our common
responsibility to help them achieve, in loving service and dedicated
compassion, the quantum shift into higher consciousness so many of us are
experiencing these days, as it is their responsibility to listen within
themselves to the growing chorus of heavenly voices calling them up from
within towards the lightning liberation from fear and darkness. So yes let
us all rejoice and celebrate our emerging reunification and, in so doing,
radiate the healing/appealing/enabling Force of Love we are meant to express
from the very moment we are born into earthly existence until the last
breath of our transition back into nirvanic bliss and activity. May we all
give thanks for the grace of living in such a momentous time of the Life
continuum. Now and forever...

- Taken from Light Series #7: It Is The Time To Be In Joy

30,  FROM SUMMER TO WINTER TIME, AND VICE VERSA - depending if you are
located in the Northern or in the Southern hemisphere. TO VERIFY WHICH TIME

i) Global Meditation Day: Sunday at 16:00 Universal Time (GMT) or at noon
local time. Suggested duration: 30 minutes. Please dedicate the last few
minutes of your Sunday meditation BOTH to the healing of the Earth as a
whole and to reiterate our willingness and desire - if we so choose - to
receive assistance from our
space family in order to help set things on a path towards a new era of
global peace, love and harmony for all. See the Earth as healthy and vibrant
with life, and experience the healing of all relations as we awaken globally
to the sacredness of all Life and to our underlying unity with All That Is.

ii) Golden Moment of At-Onement: Daily, at the top of any hour, or whenever
it better suits you.
These times below will correspond, this Sunday October 23, to 16:00
Universal Time/GMT:

Honolulu 6:00 AM -- Anchorage * 8:00 AM -- Los Angeles * 9:00 AM -- Mexico
City, San Salvador & Denver * 10:00 AM -- Houston * & Chicago * 11:00 AM --
Santo Domingo, La Paz, Caracas, New York *, Toronto *. Montreal *, Asuncion
& Santiago 12:00 AM -- Halifax *, Rio de Janeiro & Montevideo 1:00 PM --
Reykjavik & Casablanca 4 PM -- Lagos, Algiers, London *, Dublin * & Lisbon *
5:00 PM -- Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Geneva *, Rome *, Berlin *, Paris * &
Madrid * 6:00 PM -- Ankara *, Athens *, Helsinki * & Istanbul * & Nairobi
7:00 PM -- Baghdad *, Moscow * 8:00 PM -- Tehran * 8:30 PM -- Islamabad 9:00
PM -- Calcutta & New Delhi 9:30 PM -- Dhaka 10:00 PM -- Rangoon 10:30 PM --
Hanoi, Bangkok & Jakarta 11:00 PM -- Hong Kong, Perth, Beijing & Kuala
Lumpur +12:00 PM -- Seoul & Tokyo +1:00 AM -- Brisbane, Canberra & Melbourne
+2:00 AM -- Wellington +4:00 AM

+ means the place is one day ahead of Universal Time/Greenwich Mean Time.

* means the place is observing daylight saving time (DST) at the moment.
You may also check at
p;year=2005&hour=16&min=0&sec=0&p1=0>  to find your
corresponding local time for tomorrow if a nearby city is not listed above.


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blank email to focus-group-subscribe@... (English) or to
groupe-focalisateur-subscribe@... (French - inactif en saison
estivale) <mailto:focus-group-subscribe@...> or to
alertas-alta@... (Spanish).

For more information, please review the material posted by the Global
Meditation Focus Group at




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