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Asunto:[RedLuz] Global Leadership News - Dec. 1, 2005
Fecha:Domingo, 4 de Diciembre, 2005  00:35:50 (-0600)
Autor:Ricardo Ocampo <redanahuak>

From: Lightweave@... 
Date: Sat, 03 Dec 2005 09:29:22 -0500 (EST) 
International Institute For Global Leadership 
Issue #48 * December 1st, 2005 
Asheville, NC. USA 
The newsletter this month will be relatively brief.   We have a detailed 
progress report that will be going out to contributors within the next few 
days and a set of announcements of new developments which will be sent to 
students within the next week.   So we are limiting this issue of the news 
to a recognition of our new students and the progress being made by our 
other students. 
At the bottom of the newsletter I have included an email from one of our 
students from Jordan. She wrote this the day after the bombing in the hotel 
in Amman on November 9th.   She shares some very valuable insights and heart 
thoughts which were born out of her own pain. 
Meet Our New Students 
We are pleased to introduce two new provisional students who became active 
in October after completing their two introductory books 
Kehinde K. Agunloye   (Nigeria) 
Born into a family of nine, and losing his father at the age of six, Kehinde 
became a wage earner and source of support for the family at a very early 
age.   In spite of this, his passion for education kept him in school until 
he successfully received his MA degree in Banking & Finance in 2004 and is 
currently working in the aviation industry.   He is married and has three 
children and is involved in various volunteer endeavors on behalf of helping 
those in his community. 
Lilian Hoguaica Rodrigues Caceres (Venezuela) 
Lilian, who is 29, is our first student in the new IIGL Spanish Division. 
She is employed as an Industrial Engineer.   Lilian sees that the biggest 
problem the world faces today is that of   our attachment to values and 
beliefs that no longer work and expecting others such as leaders, to rescue 
us from our problems rather than taking personal responsibility.   Also our 
false belief that money can solve all our problems.   She sees real change 
beginning within ourselves and our waking up to our true potential.   She 
describes how her personal journey to freedom began with reading the book 
"The Alchemist" by Paulo Coehlo.   This was the beginning of her journey of 
reading many other books which have played an important role in her journey 
of personal transformation 
Student Progress 
Thirteen of our students completed a total of 19 books and assessments this 
month. Our congratulations to: 
Sammy Jacobs Adams (Ghana) 
* The Leadership Pill 
* The Power of Failure 
Linquist Asiebela (Kenya) 
* PsychoCybernetics 2000 
* Your Sacred Self 
Masiga Asunza (Kenya) 
* Seeds of Greatness 
Rose Njihia (Kenya) 
* Success Through Positive Mental Attitude 
Luke Chigozie Ekeocha  (Nigeria) 
* Success Through Positive Mental Attitude 
Joel Ebute (Nigeria) 
* Success Through Positive Mental Attitude 
Christine Ezichi Festus   (Nigeria) 
* Success Through Positive Mental Attitude 
* Real Magic  
Onoh Gabriel Obinna (Nigeria) 
* Your Sacred Self 
Kehinde K. Agunloye (Nigeira) 
* Jonathan Livingston Seagull 
* As A Man Thinketh 
Akinkunle Akinloye   (Nigeria) 
* PsychoCybernetics 2000 
* Seeds of Greatness 
Mark Mazadu (Nigeria) 
* Grow Rich With Peace Of Mind 
Oluranti Blessed Efunwoye (USA) 
* Unlimited Power 
Lilian Hoguaica Rodrigues Caceres 
* Jonathan Livingston Seagull 
* As A Man Thinketh 
Global Resources 
The Global Resources Links at our website put enormous internet resources at 
your fingertips. Each month we highlight three of these.   You can access 
the whole list at 
Foreign Aid  
Founded in January 2003,'s mission is to build the capacity 
of high-impact international development nonprofits by providing information 
to connect nonprofits with donors and resources worldwide. 
provides detailed profiles, analysis, certifications, and ratings for 
grassroots nonprofits worldwide. Our mission is to bridge the information 
gap between high-impact grassroots nonprofits worldwide and donors by 
providing donors and nonprofits information they can trust. 
Alliances For Africa  
An African non-governmental peace, human rights and development 
organisation. Through strategic partnerships with local, national and 
regional organisations, AfA undertakes programmes to enhance or reconstruct 
the interface between civil and political rights and economic and social 
Non-Violent Communication  
Nonviolent Communications (NVC) is a process that strengthens our ability to 
inspire compassion from others and respond compassionately to others and 
ourselves. NVC guides us to reframe how we express ourselves and how we hear 
others by focusing our consciousness on what we are observing, feeling, 
needing, and requesting. It is a language of empathy and honesty, and is 
sometimes described as ³the language of the heart.² 
Michael Lightweaver 
International Institute For Global Leadership 
PO Box 18909, Asheville, NC. 28814, USA 
By Nahla Rifai 
A number of 'terrorist attacks' took place in Amman last night.   Appalling, 
depressing, sad. A Jordanian friend here had immediately informed me of the 
incidences over the phone. I'm in Geneva, Switzerland, by the way. So it 
seemed even sadder that I was so far away from home at such a miserable time 
when one needs to comfort family and friends. I then switched on CNN to see 
that the first two out of three hotel attacks were a mere 5 minute-drive 
away from my home. So close yet so far. That indeed seems to be the 
psychological state many of us in the world today possess during incidences 
of grotesque violence and death. Violence and terror seem to have become 
abstract images we see on television and newspapers that touch us for a 
moment then icily make their way to our political and social jargon. 
The numerous deaths and injuries caused in Amman last night are truly 
atrocious. Jordan has now officially joined what I call "the territories of 
the terrorised." Despite being one of the forerunner countries in the fight 
against "terrorism" we now suffer what we have struggled against. But the 
truth of the matter is that our struggle, both as Jordanians and 
international citizens, has not been conducted wisely or comprehensively. 
The governments of the world, the United Nations and societies everywhere 
have relied more on their eyes and ears rather than on their hearts and 
minds in digesting the phenomenon of "terrorism." The media's dramatised 
coverage that constantly bombards us has terrorised us more than the 
terrorists themselves. Yes I am flooded with emotion as I hear news of these 
atrocities, but the notion of fear will not advance us on the path to 'human 
security.' Another politically fashionable word there; 'human security.' But 
what does it really mean and how can we achieve it? Is it simply the 
physical security of our bodies and organs within, or the broader security 
of our psyches and soulsŠ? 
Violence breeds violence, and likewise with fear. We as a world community 
seem to be dealing with "terrorism" from a fear-based perspective that does 
not always take into account the long-term moral and psychological damage it 
is inflicting on us. Some of us are demoralised and depressed when we see 
news of violent attacks on television. Another group of us become numb and 
void of any emotion as a self-defence mechanism to keep out feelings of 
sadness and frustration. And yet another group of us resolve to do something 
about it all, but howŠ? 
Many of the great spiritual traditions of the world remind us that true 
peace comes from within ourselves. If we really study this very simple rule 
of thumb of the ancient mystics we find it has all the solutions within it 
to our postmodern dilemma of "terrorism." 'Human security' is not only a 
United Nations phrase to be read or a CNN headline to be grasped. It is a 
very real condition that we as societies of the world can build on in our 
so-called fight against "terrorism." Our worst demons are within our minds 
and it is there that we need to begin our reconstruction work. Our lack of 
faith in the process of life, our mistrust of everyone around us, and our 
racist tendencies that are based on the fear of the 'other' are all root 
problems we need to urgently deal with. All of us. How can a peacemaker make 
peace if he has unharmonious relations with his family, at work or with 
friends? Peace is not an outer concept, but an inner feeling and perception 
that extends outwardly to the world around us and not vice-versa. A flower 
cannot blossom without a well-nourished seed. So perhaps we need to roll up 
our sleeves and take a good look at the seeds of "terrorism" and fight it on 
higher ground rather than stoop to its violent, fear-loaded level. Our eyes 
and ears frequently trick us about the realities of our world. Since our 
methods so far have failed us in combating "terrorism" and indeed have 
exacerbated it, maybe it's time to take up a new direction. Perhaps 
employing our hearts and minds to find strategies for sustainable human 
security and peace that begin with ourselves first can offer a solution? And 
why not? We can start off by calming our minds and taking action tranquilly, 
and remembering that what took us human beings to the moon and back can 
equally take us to peace and back! 
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